October 31st, 1999

Today we learned what a fear demon was.
Okay, please don't hold what I'm about to say against me. I'm not usually like this, but it really applies to a fear demon.

So. Cute.
He really was. He stood there and told us to fear him and I just wanted to take him home and keep him. He'd be so much fun. He'd be like my pet fear demon, and I'd show him to all my friends and brag about how their dog doesn't compare to my demon.

But Buffy had to step on him, so he's just demon mush now. Less fun.

Turns out I already have a demon anyway. Anya ambushed me this morning and explained that it was our "copulation anniversary."
She really is like no one I've ever met before.

So I asked her to the party and told her to wear something scary. She put on a bunny suit, saw that I was in danger, got Giles who saved us with a chainsaw, and then there was the fear demon.

But really. A bunny suit. I tell her to wear a scary costume and she wears a bunny suit. I am shaking my head.