(A/N: Another product of the nightly hours. Please enjoy! Warning CHARACTER DEATH!)


Are You Gone?

Silent Ravencroft

Summary: After a disastrous battle with Slade all of the Titans are proclaimed dead. Their children, who are mostly teens, are left with the tower and sadness. Melody, Daro, and Brett, the children of Beast Boy and Raven, sense that their mother and father are not really dead. When a series of unexplained crimes break out in the city the three children begin to wonder, are their parents really gone?



A loud cry ripped through the abandoned warehouse. Slade smirked. He seemed to be winning. Robin lay gasping on the ground. Blood trickled from a cut on his head into his eyes. This time Slade had no dangerous weapon or ray gun. He was armed only with a knife.

"Robin, when will you learn? You cannot win against me", said Slade and he went forward slashing Robin's wrist. Robin flinched and reached a hand up to stop the flow of blood but it slipped through his fingers in a steady stream.

"You are evil Slade", he called after the figure's retreating back. Robin began to feel dizzy and he staggered to his feet but fell again. Too much blood had been lost.

"I know", Slade replied and smirked as he left. Robin, the thorn in his side, would be dead soon. And so would the rest of his team.


Raven and Beast Boy meanwhile were battling a group of Slade's robots. Beast Boy charged into the mess of robots as a rhinoceros while Raven shot blast upon blast of dark energy. Both of them returned to the middle of the fray and stood back-to-back ready to fight to the death.


On the next floor above them Cyborg and Starfire were fighting their way through a large group of robots as well. Starbolts and sonic blasts zapped through the air as the pair fought for life. A little blood trickled from Starfire's mouth where Slade had punched her earlier. Both fought hard in their final battle.

Suddenly an explosion racked the building. The supports began to crumble and all of the Titans now knew what Slade's plan had been. They were to fall with the building. The floor beneath Cyborg and Starfire's feet began to crumble as below them Beast Boy and Raven were struck down by the falling ceiling.


Robin looked up weakly only to see a heavy chunk of the concrete above him falling swiftly. He did not make a sound as the large boulder crushed him.


At that same moment, Starfire was brought down by a heavy ceiling piece that pushed her to the ground floor. Cyborg soon followed and then the entire building collapsed.