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Couples: Mainly SokkaxZuko, but also JetxZuko

Warnings: Yaoi, M-preg, and language

Chapter 1: Secrets

Zuko's POV

It's morning and I'm working in the tea shop with Uncle, still worried that maybe someone is on to us. I don't like working in this damn tea shop, actually I don't like being here at all. Uncle is always trying to get me to look on the bright side of things. I pour a customer another cup of tea, before heading back to the kitchen were Uncle is.

"You look exhausted." He points out, I just roll my eyes.

"I'm sick of working here." I say plainly.

"Well maybe a cup of tea will make you feel better. You look positively pale, and tiered." The old man says in his caring voice.

"I'm sick of tea, and I sure as hell don't feel like drinking it." I snap back. I brush my fingertips over my forehead, I have a headache. I close my eyes taking in a deep breath, and when I open my eyes again the room seems to spin. And then it came over me, I turn and throw up in the sink behind me. I let out a moan, that wave of nausea came out of no were.

"Are you ok?" Uncle ask, I glare at him.

"What do you think?"

"You should go home, and rest." He suggests and I waste not time doing as I was told. I take off my apron, and head out of the shop. "Get better soon." Uncle calls from behind me. I walk to our home here slowly. During the walk to more waves of nausea came over me, and I had the strange feeling of being watched. I shrug the feeling of though. I lay down the minute I reach the little hut we call 'home'.

I feel better now that I'm not moving, and soon my eyelids become heavy. I drift of to sleep, I don't know why I'm so tiered.

I am on a boat, a familiar boat. Yes it was the boat me and Uncle took to get to Ba Sing Se. I wasn't with Uncle though, I was with Jet. A boy I met on the boat, someone my own age. I don't remember the last time I talked to someone my own age.

So I was glade to help with the boys little plane, and I found it amusing too. Though I could always feel his eyes on me. It bothered me, I thought maybe he knew. Knew that I am a firebender, but I soon found out that wasn't the reason for him eyeing me. No, Jet was taking in my features, and there was lust in his eyes. When I had noticed this, I almost blushed. But, of course didn't. I would never let myself do that.

We were alone, his other little friends had gone of to sleep. The moon was bright and the stars were all visible. I listen to the sound of the sea, a sound that I was use to. One thing my Uncle didn't know, and that I wish to keep secret form him, is my attraction to males. Maybe it was all those years on the sea with other men that turned me. But, either way I do not find women appealing at all, sometimes I find them annoying. It's not that I wouldn't talk to one or something, I just don't see myself in a relationship with one.

It was quit, and out of the corner of my eye I could see the little twig being moved around by Jet's lips. The boy then laid back and stretched out letting a sigh escape his lips.

"Did it hurt badly?" He asks, I stare at him in confusion. "When you got that scare." He points out only making eye contact for a split second.

"Yes…a lot." I explain, thinking back to the day my father gave it to me .The dishonor hurt more then the injury itself.

"They are a cruel people." He says venom in his voice. I say nothing back, and just look out over the ocean. Then his hand touched mine, I look at the boy next to me. Our eyes hold each other, and I didn't even notice that we had moved into a kiss. I didn't pull away, after all it's been long since I've had any kind of pleasure. And I never had the chance to do anything with someone my own age. I wasn't going to protes. He wasn't half bad looking, and hormones can be a bitch sometimes.

Jet pulls away, our lips still close. "Who ever did this—" He touches my scare—" to a face like yours should be killed." He whispers, this is the first complement I've ever gotten on my looks. I never tough myself handsome, and never really cared that much about it.

We kiss again, and that kiss soon turns into more…..

"Zuko." I open my eyes to see Uncle looking down at me. "How are you feeling?" He asks. I look out the window and notice it was dark out. I must have slept for a long time.

"Better." I mumble, sitting up in the bed.

"That's good, but you should stay in bed. I'll make you some tea." He explains getting up. I don't say anything just look out the window, remembering the dream I had just had. Shame came over me as I look in the direction of my Uncle. Would he look at me any different? I tell myself to stop thinking about this. I sound like some stupid teenage girl.

I take the cup of tea that Uncle offered me, and take a sip.

Sokka's POV

"What is wrong with these people!" I yell out to anyone who cares to listen. Of course no one dose. I sigh, this city is weird, and I don't like it here. Everyone is going about their business. Katara is combing her hair, Toph is eating, and Aang is out looking for Appa.

I sigh and rest against a wall. It's so boring here. Momo comes up to me yawning and makes himself comfy on my lap. "You know maybe tonight we could go see a play or something. Have some fun, it's boring just sitting in the house." Katara points out.

"Oh yeah a play, what fun." Toph says sarcastically. Katara feels kinda sorry for saying what she did, since Toph wouldn't be able to see the play.

"Well, we'll find something to do. I mean you don't want to be stuck in here all day do you?" Katara asks.

"No not really." Toph answers back. The girls then get into a conversation. Katara names all the things they could do, and Toph shoots down everyone of her ideas. Not wanting to hear them argue, I push Momo off of me and head out.

"Where are you going?" Katara asks me.

"Just ganna take a walk." I say leaving the house. I walk around taking in all the sights. I sigh it really is boring here. I was hoping to get in and out of this city fast. Just tell the king what I wanted to and then get out of here. But no, there are a bunch of crazy people here that have to make everything complicated.

I go around to places I would think girls would hang out. I wouldn't mind picking up a nice girl, after all I'm quite the ladies man. Traveling around with the avatar has made starting a relationship hard though. I'd like to meet someone, to get my mind off of other things. But….I don't know. I still have feeling for other girls, so maybe I shouldn't.

Aw who cares, I'm a guy! I'm not ganna make this to complicated, I'm going to go pick me up a hot chick!

After about an hour I reach the house we are staying at. Aang and the others are in there. "Sokka there you are, we picked something to do." Katara announces.

"We're ganna try a restaurant, see how traditional Ba Sing Se food taste like!" Aang says happily. It was a good idea, and we head out to look for a nice restaurant. I'm hungry anyway. Once Katara finds a nice restaurant we go in, and take a seat.

"It's beautifully decorated." My sister says in awe.

"Who cares, the food better be good." Toph says, Katara reads the menu to the blind girl. I've never been in such a fancy place, I pick up the menu too and look at what they got. My earlier hopes of finding a hot chick didn't work out. I did find one, but her older much stronger then me brother kicked my ass for even flirting with her.

There aren't that many good looking girls here, in my opinion anyway. Maybe it's cause they all were to much make up or something. But now I'm going to concentrate on food. A couple of minutes later a waitress comes up to us. For once a girl who's not wearing that horrible make up. She's cute too, hairs kinda short but cute none the less.

She asks us what we'd like to have, in a soft voice. We all tell her and when she walks away, Katara's eyes follow her.

"Toph you should have seen our waiter, he's so cute." I could hear her whisper to the blind girl.

"He sounds like a pussy." Toph point s out. I only look at them stunned, waiter? "Ew! Gross, no way!" I accidentally yell out. Aang Katara and Toph stare at me.

"What's your problem?' She asks. The waiter comes back with our drinks, and I take another close look at 'him'. It is a boy! And I said, or thought he was cute! For the rest of the evening I say nothing. Toph seemed happy that I wasn't talking, and made endless jokes about me shutting up for once.

But every time I see the waiter I can't help but think, he's cute. What is wrong with me!

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