What do you know, a new story. And what do you know again, it doesn't contain much action like my other two.

Here's another story I thought up one day while reading one of my favorite fanfics. At first, I didn't like it because it sounded to cliche to even me. But, I got entangled in it and I soon just had to write it, which is now. I want to give thanks to someone though, and that's Ryu the Weredragon.

showed me something in that conversation on Tuesday that really made me think once I had thought more and more about this. I toned it down a bit, but it's still M. Not because language though, and not because violence. It's M for racism in later chapters.

Then, now for the reason why I think this one is special. I dedicate this story to one of my favorite writers here: Coldfire323. You're awesome.

and finally, I don't own Pokémon.


The date was December 24, 1990, nearing midnight. Everything that could possibly be imagined was being closed, and everything you wouldn't expect full would be alive. Today, a hispanic woman would've been at home, with her love and her child. But it was that day that fate decided to cheat her.

She was at the hospital. It was full of the bad side of Christmas: rapes, shootings, teenage drinking parties, accidental Christmas car crashes, victims of ice left wondering in snow…the list would go on and on afterwards. And of course, there was one thing that really crowded the hospital that Christmas night. Babies.

Yes, everyone was having a baby right before Christmas Eve. Or at least said so. This caused all doctors to be full with them and have to ignore some of the more serious incidents of Christmas on that Denver Christmas morning.

And this is what the woman was doing there.

She was in her early forties and still in love mad with her husband. They had already had a child, male, and now they've gone for another round after a couple of years. Her husband made a promise to her that he would be there for the entire time. He would make sure. But for some reason or another, he was not there.

This had made her nervous, but the helpful hands of the little amount of doctors able to be in the room at the moment tried their very best to calm her until she had the baby.

The lights began to flicker, everywhere. A thunderstorm was beginning to brew in outside. Thunderstorms couldn't possibly be strong enough to do that. It'd have to be pouring or at an extremely high pitch. This wasn't calming the woman.

After another strike, the lights, and electricity, went off. Everywhere. All around the city. Some Christmas surprise, eh?

Feeling the sense of claustrophobia, the woman cried. And at the same time, another voice, much smaller, cried in unison. It was the birth of her child.

And at the moment of the cries of joy in the room, the clock that currently was not working in the room would've reached 12:00 AM. Christmas miracle.

The woman received her baby, pleased. But the news was to only get worse.

The lights came back on. Waiting at the door, were officers. She looked at them, confused for a moment. They came into the room, despite the doctors telling them to leave. But they didn't.

When they were at the foot of the bed, they looked very grim. They were afraid of revealing the truth to the woman. But she had a right. So they told her.

Her husband and other child were dead.