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Chapter 3: Hate

April 20, 1999

"But Nicky called him a Nigger too," December explained.

"Yes December, but you're not listening to me. That is a really bad word. It's also a really mean word."

Her mother tried to explain the racial word to December, hoping to make her never say it again. During at their school, she and a couple of other kids had called an African-American student the "N" word, and would just not stop. They persisted, and the teachers of course heard. It was not something they felt that kids should be saying. As a matter of fact, they believed no one should be allowed to say that word.

"But that Nigger was mean to us to; why can't I be mean to him?"

Her mother cringed again. She almost broke down right there, but kept steady. If she wanted her daughter to forget about that word, she had to tell her clearly.

"Where did you hear that word anyway?"

"Mrs. Peterson was calling someone on her phone a Nigger."

No wonder. As much as she did not want to think negatively to this Mrs. Peterson, she had to say it to hopefully clear it through with December.

"Yes, but Mrs. Peterson is Black. She can say it." As soon as she said that, she tried to take it back. She wondered if there was an easier way of explaining it.

In December's mind, she could not grasp what her mother was saying at all. There was nothing wrong with the word to her; to her, it was just a word, ranging from the likes of "the" to "stupid."

"Hon, have you seen the news today?" The voice had come from Miguel. Or at least, that was what December's mother would call him. To December, she was supposed to accept him as "Dad."

Interesting history about him; originally, Rene was adopted by December's mother. This Miguel is the original father of Rene, but lost him in a divorce against his previous engagement. The mother gave Rene away, and December's mother adopted him. Miguel, just a couple of months before, had finally been able to reach Rene, and found out where he lived. And thus, spark sparked between December's mother and this Miguel person, causing some sort of relationship.

December did not really know much about that though. All she knew was that Miguel was now living with them, and most likely would be for awhile now.

"No, what's going on?"

"There was a school shooting in Jefferson County!"


It was an apparent shock to them both. It had happened so close to their location in Denver; who wouldn't be shocked?

December did not want to listen to this though; she left the room and into the living room, where Rene sat, watching TV. Digimon.

Although she did not find this show amusing, she sat next to her brother and watched. She overheard a couple of words that her parents were saying, the loudest one being "Column" or something, but she did not think too much on it.

Then they entered the living room.

"Rene, mind if I change the channel for a bit?"

"But I'm watching Digimon…" Rene argued with pleading eyes. It was those same eyes a dog would give you; who could actually still act when you were given those eyes?

Apparently, the answer was "Miguel."

The channel was changed to that of news. As much as December did not want to watch this, there was nothing else she had to do. She decided to stay there and just sit; she knew for a fact that it was going to be better than whatever it was that Rene was going to do when he left the room sad.

Videos of the outside of a large school were shown. There was nothing that interested her about it, but she knew that there was sometimes something interesting in things such as the news; Miguel had told her that, and even showed her some things that she did in fact find interesting.

"What's happening?" she asked.

Neither her mother nor Miguel answered. Finding this boring, she left the room. If there was going to be something interesting to her, then it would have caught her attention then and there.

So she found herself walking right into Rene's room. He was on the floor with a couple of Lego's thrown around. And next to him were completely un-readable instructions on how to make a Star Wars ship. Or, at least they were un-readable to December. She honestly could not figure out how her brother understood words so tiny. If it had been her, she would have given up already.

She sat next to him and picked up a Lego piece.

"Don't touch it!" Rene yelled, grabbing the piece away from her.

December pouted, anger on her face. There were two things that she did not like about boys; one being the fact that they did not like it when girls touched their stuff, and the other being that they always thought that girls did not know how to use things like a Lego puzzle.

"I know how to use these!" she yelled back at him.

"No you don't," he argued.

This went on back and forth for quite some time. In the end though, Rene had his piece back and was sticking it with other pieces. Already, the bottom half was showing. It was noticeable of what it was going to become.

"I can do this; why don't you let me try?"

"Because you're a girl."

"But I can do this!"

The white paper was tossed at December. She grabbed it and was about to throw it back, when Rene said, "Read it and try to make Star Wars."

She looked at it for awhile. The words looked like scribbles. She shuddered.

"Nigger, I can do this! Just give me a chance already."

Rene was about to say something to her along the lines of "no you don't," but the new word intrigued him. He thought about it for a moment, then asked, "What does Nigger mean?"

"I don't know." There was a short silence as Rene thought about what it could mean. It occurred in his mind that it was most likely an insult; why else would December call him that?

"Well, try doing it then," he said, trying to avoid talking about the new word. He would ask his mother about the word later.

Quickly, December thought about the Lego blocks, trying to organize them in her mind. She saw the box next to Rene, and reached for it. She looked at it for a long while, the shape of the spacecraft.

She used it as a reference and began to take away some of the pieces added on. It was not a lot, but Rene was worried. She was taking apart the little that he had put together.

Reds and whites were added together, guns were pressed into right and wrong places. After awhile, Rene got his own little pile and the paper that his sister was not using.

He read off of it, and began to build again, his sister way ahead of him.

And so they raced to see who would finish it first.

A very long time passed, but soon, December finished. A few minutes later, Rene finished.

When compared, it was obvious that Rene's near perfection was neater than December's slightly slanted and curved ship.

"Mine's better, see?" Rene began.

December picked up the box and looked at it for a long while again, and then answered, "But mine looks like the picture…"

Rene looked at the picture, then at December's creation. He had to admit, it did look like a ship. It was probably not the one in the picture, but it looked like a ship. That was all he could think of saying to her, so as he was told while growing up, he reluctantly complimented her.

"It's okay, but it's not Star Wars," he said.

December smiled. It was all she needed to hear.

Later that night, December's mother called her into the kitchen. She was busy in her room, but decided that it was better if she did not get on the bad side of her mother. She walked in, a questioning look on her face.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Rene stood next to her mother. And her mother just stared at her. "What did I say about using that word?"

Oh, so that was what it was about. She had no clue that Rene was actually going to tell her about that little word she had openly spoken to him. She did not think he would do that. She wished to bring up the talk she brought up before, and say that it was just a word like any other word, but her mother persisted to believe that it was bad.

"December, you can't just go around saying that word. It's very mean and could hurt someone."


"Just like the word 'stupid' hurts people, the 'N' word does the same. Except, the 'N' word is worse than the 'S' word."

"Why? It's just a word."

December's mother picked up the nearest plastic plate and slammed down hard on the counter. It made December jump, shocked. "Damn it December; it's just bad to use the word!"

"Wow, what's going on in here?" Miguel asked as he walked in sleepily. He was resting on the couch a moment ago; he was sure fast.

December did not say anything; neither did Rene.

"Honey," December's mother began, "tell these children how wonderful the word Nigger is." She was, of course, being sarcastic.

Miguel just stood there for a second, unsure of how he should react to that. He tried to say something, but all that came out was mumbles. So instead, he started with, "Who was saying the word?"

All she did was point at December.

"December?" Miguel wondered, shocked. "I'm surprised." He was now looking at her, expecting an answer from the young girl. "I thought you would be better than this; what's going on December?"

It was getting much harder to explain; it was much easier to say it more before, but the voice that Miguel would give her was just so…she could not describe it. It was as if an angel was asking her why she was being a bad girl, only she didn't know it.

"Some of my friends were saying it at school…" she tried explaining.

Miguel just stooped down to her eye level, holding her shoulders. "December, that's a really bad word. If your friends are saying that, then they aren't your friends."


"It doesn't matter anymore," her mother cut in, "you're not going to see them again anyways."

Miguel flinched a bit. They had discussed that they were going to break it to the kids, but not in that fashion. And this went all the wrong way.

"What?" December asked, a devastated voice coming from her. Even Rene was shocked. "Why?"

Miguel immediately tried to get out of this one. "Not right away December; it's going to take some time. We aren't going anywhere just yet."

"But why are we leaving?" her voice was going high, and her eyes were becoming watery. "I have friends here…"

As much as Miguel did not want to explain why they were leaving, he knew that he would have to. If he were December, then he would not stop asking why until the truth was revealed. He did not want this to happen, especially when the truth would come eventually. Heck, she would probably hear about it when she went back to school.

"There was an accident at a school nearby here today," he started.

"What happened?"

"…these two kids…they used…guns…and sh—hurt a lot of people. Your mother's scared, and I agree with her when she says that we should move somewhere safer."

"But it's safe right here!"

"No it's not, December," her mother cut in. "You are learning some nasty things right now; I can't imagine what you would learn when you are grown up here. This place is too dangerous. We're going somewhere quieter."

"Quieter?" December wondered.

"Yes, quieter. We're leaving as soon as we find a new house wherever we are going."

So the place they were going to was not decided yet. December did not know the ways of buying houses, but she felt that she had some time with this little delay of not knowing where to go. Maybe, as time passed, she could convince her parents that they should stay there, in Denver.

She looked at Rene, pleading for something from him. She expected him to be able to change her Mom's mind; if anything, he would be able to do that. He was innocent to her mother.

But he had nothing to say, and kept quiet.

"Why do we have to go?" December asked one last time.

"Because it's too dangerous here," her mother simply answered. And so, the conversation was closed. They were going to move soon; December was not sure where and when, but she knew that it was soon.

She left the room and headed for her own room. She did not cry; instead, she felt…anger. Anger towards her mother. It was probably the first time that she had felt something this way, and something deep inside of her was afraid that this rage would turn to something more…

But she could not feel this voice's plea to not have this rage, and she kept it.

Rage for House.