Disclaimer I: I don't own anything but my plots, ideas and characters.

Disclaimer II: I don't own the song Sunset Borderline. That belongs to Sandi Thom.

A simple scent of summer stole my heart for the last dance
The smell of two-stroke petrol from a motorbike we used to have
Those playing fields of cut grass, you know high school left me kind of blue
Now with every sweet summer breeze, I'll be thinking of you
"Sunset Borderline"

Dear Reader,

The words you are reading right now are the first of many because in your hands you are holding something very precious. It's our high school life. We collected every single napkin, parchment piece, photograph, diary and journal and the two Marauder Books to make this one, so I hope you, Reader, will appreciate it's specialness. The song at the top of this page before my writing is also dear to us, because it was written by one of us, for us. It's dedicated to our high school life and us…


Lily, that's crap. Don't be so mushy. -JP

You might have noticed, that my boyfriend James just grabbed the pen from me. I know; I'm still a huge Muggle at heart, because I can't give up pens, still photographs and sweets that don't jump. -LE

Aw, Lily. Shut up. I love pens and I'm not a Muggle. -RL

I know, but you're a bloody artist, Remus. -LE

Ooh, who's been talking with Andromeda? -RL

Shut up you big twerp. It's ANDIE! A-N-D-I-E. -AB

Can we please get back on topic?

The precious book starts in fifth year because actually that's when everyone's life at Hogwarts starts. -JL

EXACTLY. They teach you about sex, so it means you're allowed to do it! And you get a prom, so you can have sex after that. -SB

Shut up Sirius. You didn't even have sex in fifth year. - JL

Did you? Because you know I've always wondered, Jenna… -SB

Shut up! The reader can find out but you can't. -JL

Why can't I? -SB

Because you're not exactly going to read this book.

So. If I can just wrap this up… JL

Actually I think everyone should get to say something and I haven't yet. -CRF

Neither have I. -PP

Well now you have. And the reader has met all of us, so maybe she can read the story. -LE

Who says it's a girl? - JP

A guy isn't going to read this huge manuscript. -LE

Actually he will, because like me he'll want to know if Remus Lupin is gay or if he actually had sex with… -SB

OK, you can shut up now Sirius. -RL



OK- so it's the Femme Marauders, Lillian Evans, which is me.

And Jennifer Rosa Lurenz.

Me, Carrie Rose Fox.

And last and never least, Andromeda Lynette Black.

And the ones who started off the Marauders (the best- the guys!)

ME, James Potter.

The one, the only, Sirius Lee Orion Black.

And Remus John Lupin.

And always last, Peter Pettigrew.

This is our high school story and whether you like it or hate it, its all true. -RL

Oh and I think I should mention that I stole Severus Snape's random bits of papers, because he was actually an important part of my life- no stop ripping that James… -LE

James and Lily are fighting over Snape's papers, so I have some advice for you, if you are still reading this. I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't, we are all nutcases. -RL

Here's the advice.

Turn over the page.

From, Remus, Sirius, Peter, James, Lily, Jenna, Andie and Carrie Rose.

PS: I went back to this page and added our initials so that you wouldn't be confused. How thoughtful am I? – LE

PPS: And modest too. -JL