Watcher looking at? - Part two.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the BtVS or Ats characters used in this fanfiction and I make no money from the hobby.

Rating: M

Pairings: Buffy/Faith, Willow/Kennedy

Warnings: Femslash pairings obviously means femslashy situations, also het and slash pairings to come.

Summary: The conclusion to Watcher looking at? Faith's on the run, sort of, with only a day left until her parole officer comes to town. While Buffy would like to worry about that, she's too busy worrying about the invasions, kidnappings and attacks going on at home.

Previously on House of the Setting Sun:

Faith started to inch towards the open doorway, but then sighing impatiently, she gave up.

"Okay I'm too damn tired to play cat and mouse with you. If there's someone here come on out so we can be introduced."

A pair of yellow eyes appeared in the darkness of the open doorway.

Faith nodded to herself. "Not kids then."

'Guess one vamp isn't gonna cut into nap time too much. Better not make me hungry though; can't afford to eat again until I hit the road outta here tomorrow.' Faith thought as she reached for the stake tucked inside her jacket.

"Come on then, let's get this…" Faith's voice trailed off when she noticed the second and third pairs of malevolent glowing eyes. Her body shifted into a tighter stance of defence and she sneered. "Okay so this is gonna be a nice little bedtime work out. It'll beat the hell out of doing a thousand crunches on a cold stone floor."

There was a vicious snarl behind her and before she could even turn her head, a fourth vampire attacked from the kitchen.


"Holy shit!" Faith was forced forward as a vampire landed hard on her back, claws of one hand digging into the shoulder of her denim jacket and the claws of the other gripping her hair to stay in place. The sudden unexpected weight had her staggering backwards again.

Growling reverberated inside her left ear and she could only assume that the sticky wet shit running down her cheek was drool.

Great, she was gonna get killed and she was gonna puke doing it! So not the way she wanted to go.

Ignoring the pain from the hair pulling, Faith twisted as best she could with a devil on her back and rammed her shoulder into the corridor wall, crushing her attacker.

He or she screamed and Faith felt a handful of hair come loose from her scalp. "Ow, that friggin' hurt." Standing free again, she pulled back her arm and socked the vampire, male as it happened, hard in the face.

Any pain he felt he shook off easily and came back at her and the two started exchanging blows in the narrow hall between the kitchenette and the empty shop. Faith had the upper hand, but only just slightly and she was only too aware that another three vampires were watching openly from the dark doorway halfway up the corridor.

They weren't attacking yet though. Maybe they were just enjoying the show or maybe they knew that there just wasn't enough room for all four of them to have a go at her at once or maybe they were just too lazy to lend a hand in the killing and were gonna let their buddy do all the hard work before sitting down to eat.

Yeah well they'd bitten off more than they could chew this time. Faith grimaced at her cliché and put extra force into her next punch to make up for it. Her strength was down, she knew it, it would be a couple of dozen hot meals before she got it fully back, but what she was missing in muscle mass she could make up for in sheer anger.

"All I wanted to do was sleep." She grunted between punches.

"Hey, yuh know, I think she's a Slayer." She heard one of the watching Vampire's say conversationally.

"You don't say." Faith's vampiric punching bag growled to them. He was still on his feet, but he was pretty much just dodging blows now. "How about a little help?" He ground out between his fangs.

"Sure thing." Faith switched tactics and shoved her stake into his heart.

She spun for the dark doorway as he dusted just in time for the three remaining vampires to land on her.