Summary: Lily Evans returns to Hogwarts this year with huge news! One she is Head Girl, and two she's – engaged! Everyone knows that she hates James Potter with all her being, but James will never let her go without a fight. What'll happen when Lily's feelings start changing and she starts falling in love with James Potter – and falling out of love with her fiancé?


Define Love For Me by AllieFelton

Chapter One: Engaged


Lily Evans walked through the Hogwarts Express, looking into all the compartments to check which one held her friends. She let out a loud groan as she gave up and decided to just go to the Heads' Compartment early. At this rate, she would never find her friends. As she started walking towards the front of the train, she heard a shrill shriek behind her that she recognized.

"Lillian Abigail Evans," said Lily's best friend in the whole entire world, besides Genevieve Wilkes and Chloe Emmett, Nikki Pennington (yes, it is quite a mouthful to say! Try saying it three times fast, wink).

"I've been looking for you forever," Lily sighed happily, walking quickly to enter the compartment. When she stepped in, she saw Genevieve and Chloe was in there also, along with Genevieve's longtime boyfriend, Gregory Thompson.

"Well – we've been waiting for you forever," Genevieve giggled. She was always turning things around so that she was never blamed for a thing. Do you know of any people that always make you feel guilty, even when you haven't done a thing wrong? That was Genevieve in simple terms.

"Help us, please," Chloe begged jokingly. She nodded towards the corner of the compartment where Genevieve and Gregory were locking lips as if there were no tomorrow. Chloe made a vomiting motion and mocked Genevieve by making kissing faces.

"Even though I may have my eyes closed, I can still hear you," Genevieve snapped.

"Sorry," Chloe sighed. As soon as Genevieve went back to kissing Gregory, Chloe whispered so only Lily and Nikki could hear, "How can anyone possibly hear anything when she's making noises that can compare to that of a fully grown wooly mammoth?"

Lily laughed. It was good to be back with her friends. She sighed heavily. Now that she was entering her final year at Hogwarts, she found herself thinking more and occasionally became depressed to think she wouldn't be coming back to Hogwarts next year for another year of magical learning.

"Lily?" Nikki poked Lily hard on her shoulder. Lily snapped out of her thoughts and stared blankly at Nikki and Chloe, who both were looking at her strangely.

"Sorry?" Lily looked up.

"Honestly," Nikki sighed.

"We just asked you what you wanted to tell us? Remember that, and I quote, 'mind blowing, butterfly twittering, hard core, action packed' news you wanted to tell us?" Chloe rolled her eyes and gave a lighthearted laugh.

"Well . . ." Lily smiled.

"Oh, let me guess," Nikki butt in. "You got the position of Head Girl?"

"Yes!" Lily shrieked. She quickly pulled out her wallet, filled with muggle money that needed to be exchanged for wizard money, and pulled out her Head Girl badge she kept in there for safekeeping.

"Well, that's hardly exciting because it's so predictable," Chloe rolled her eyes. Then she smiled and leaned in for a hug, "But congrats anyway, Lily."

"Yeah, congratulations!" Nikki smiled. "But there must be some other news. Isn't there? I mean, Head Girl is exciting and all but even you aren't that much of a nerd!"

"Hey!" Lily frowned, looking especially offended as her friends laughed.

"I'm kidding," Nikki, giggled, "you know that."

"Yeah, and you're right. There is other news," Lily bounced up and down with excitement.

"Which is?" Chloe asked, nodding her head as if that would make Lily spill the news faster.

"I'll tell you as soon as soon as those two lovebirds quit swapping saliva," Lily said, pointing at Gregory and Genevieve who were still in lip lock mode. Nikki and Chloe gave each other a mischievous look.

"One, two, three," Nikki and Chloe said in unison before pushing themselves in between Gregory and Genevieve. "Wake up, San Francisco! It is now time for The Lily Corner!"

Gregory looked bewildered as he was pushed against the back of his seat and Genevieve looked ready to kill as she realized that her lips were still puckered. Nikki and Chloe laughed out loud and gave each other a high-five.

"What the heck is a San Francisco?" Gregory asked, completely clueless.

"It's a city in the States," Nikki said. "I used to live there for about two months and I always watched this show that started off like that. Quite amusing, actually."

"Shut up. It is now Lily time," Chloe said eagerly.

"Well," Lily bit her bottom before holding out her left hand to all her friends, happily presenting a gorgeous ring on her ring finger. Chloe and Nikki exchanged wide-eyed glances before letting out excited shrieks while Genevieve let her jaw drop.

"No way!" Nikki grabbed Lily's hand, dragging Lily down with it, and examined the ring.

"What's-his-face proposed?" Chloe screeched. She was jumping up and down so enthusiastically that her long platinum blonde hair, which was tied into a messy bun, came undone.

"What's-his-face has a name," Nikki rolled her eyes at her friend. "It's Nolan, duh!"

"No, it's Noah," Lily let out an exasperated groan. Her friends could be so dense sometimes.

"You beat me to the punch!" Genevieve kidded. She stuck out her tongue before giving Lily a hug. "I am so happy for you!"

"Yes, same here but does Noah have a surname?" Nikki dragged out Noah to show Lily that she was listening.

"Yes, he does. I am going to be Mrs. Noah Benson," Lily said proudly. She bit her bottom lip before she started daydreaming about her future husband when her whole train of thought came to a crash when she heard someone let slip the word Potter.

"What did you say?" Lily growled.

"Well, Nikki said," Chloe started, receiving a panicked look from Nikki as Nikki started making motions, telling Chloe to shut up, "that Lily Benson doesn't sound half as good as Lily Potter!"

"You are dead to me," Nikki muttered to Chloe. Nikki braced herself for the wrath of Lily but instead of receiving screams comparable to that of a banshee's, Lily simply said, "So much for you being maid of honor."

"Oh, that all?" Nikki sighed with a smile. Then realizing what Lily had said, she shot up and gasped, "What?"

"Well, look at that," Chloe said, looking out of the crack in the sliding door, "right on cue!"

"What?" Lily asked quizzically, cocking her head to one side. She looked to see what Chloe was looking at and saw the last person, or persons, she wanted to see right now. "Why me? I was having a perfectly good time and there he is, ready to pop my bubble!"

"Why, hello there, Evans," a suave and manly voice said.

"Shove off, Potter," Lily groaned. She turned around to face away from James Potter, the most cockiest and bigheaded playboy at Hogwarts, next to his best friend Sirius Black, of course.

"Well, we," James pointed towards his friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, all, minus Peter, of whom were extremely good looking, "just heard through the grapevine that you were named Head Girl this year and thought that the Head Boy should escort the Head Girl to the Heads' Compartment."

Lily sighed. She would do anything to get James to shut up, "Fine. Remus let's go."

Lily stood and walked out, expecting Remus to follow her but instead, Remus said, "Oh, no. I'm not Head Boy, Lily."

"Oh? Then who?" Lily asked looking back and forth between the remaining Marauders, the self-proclaimed name of the hunky three, actually four but nobody ever counted Peter. She really didn't want an answer now.

"Me," James Potter stepped out with a big smile on his face.

"You?" Lily gasped. She looked back and forth between the Marauders and her friends to see if this was a joke. Then she saw it. The Head Boy badge that was shining on James's shirt made it official. She felt as if she were going to faint at any given moment. "Was Dumbledore on crack or something when he made this decision?"

"That's what I thought," James chuckled. Lily couldn't help but notice the dimples on either side of his cheek, which looked incredibly cute. No, bad Lily! You cannot think that! Lily scolded herself in her mind.

"B-but, b-but," Lily stuttered.

"Look, Lily," James sighed. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his muggle jeans, "I really have changed over the summer and I was just wondering if we could be friends." He extended his left hand to her.

Lily stared at his hand, trying to figure him out, "Wrong hand, moron." Lily giggled.

"No, I've got the right hand," James ruffled his hair with his right hand. "I'm using my left hand because I can't wholly promise you that I won't occasionally ask you out."

"Then no deal," Lily crossed her arms.

"Please," James looked extremely sincere. Just that look made Lily feel guilty even though she had done nothing wrong. She gave in and said, "Fine." She shook his hand with his left hand.

"Hey, nice rock, Evans," James smiled. Suddenly, realizing where that ring was placed, his smile faded. "Don't tell me that that's a –"

"We're going to be late, Potter," Lily quickly walked away.

James looked back in the compartment where Lily's friends were now conversing with Sirius, Remus, and Peter. They all looked away when they saw James look at them. They obviously knew something about Lily's ring but they weren't going to tell James that easily. With a sigh of frustration, he started walking to the Heads' Compartment, intending to ask Lily all about it.


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