Define Love For Me by AllieFelton

Chapter Nine: Meet Michelle


"Mr. Potter," cut in the strict voice of Professor McGonagall, "if you would be so kind as to shut your mouth!"

"Sure can do, Professor," James smiled charmingly. Professor McGonagall let out a growling noise but James knew that inside she couldn't resist his charm. All the teachers, no matter if they wanted it or not, had a soft spot for the troublemaking Marauders, one of the great advantages of being one.

"Teacher's pet," cough Sirius, who usually sat next to James. Ignoring his friend's comment, James returned to what he was doing before he was so rudely interrupted (maybe not rude, but still), but he found that extremely difficult to do as Sirius kept trying to look over his shoulder to see what he was doing.

"Get off me, you homosexual git," James teased.

"Just want to see what you're doing, Mate," Sirius said, still trying to make his eyes find contact with James' notebook, wanting to see what James was writing.

"Mr. Black, please keep your hands to yourself," Professor McGonagall snapped, causing the whole class to erupt in an explosion of oohs!

"I'd love to," Sirius smiled back to Professor McGonagall, dramatically moving away from James.

"Thank you for that nice little production, Mr. Black," the professor rolled her eyes, showing her disapproval but letting a smile slip. Just for the fun of it, Sirius poked James once more (exaggerating quite a bit) and then slipped back into his seat, still eyeing whatever James had in front of him.

"Just writing notes," James hissed to Sirius, covering his notebook with his arm.

"James Potter writing notes?" Sirius gasped.

"Could happen," James shrugged.

"But not today."

"Mind your own business," James huffed.

Sirius nodded. He turned to face the board, where McGonagall was writing some interesting notes and calculations on how to transfigure a living animal into a temporary human being (like a reverse animagus). Not even two minutes passed when Sirius discreetly pulled out his wand, pointed it at James' book, and muttered, "Accio notebook!"

"Hey!" James yelled as the pad slipped through his arms.

"All mine," Sirius, grinned slyly. Pushing away from James, who was viciously trying to claw his way through to retrieve his notebook, Sirius quickly checked to see if Professor McGonagall was looking his way (which she wasn't because she was so absorbed in today's lesson). With a big smile, Sirius flipped open to the last page, which was obviously the one James was working on, and started reading it. After a few moments of silence, Sirius started snickering, his face turning slightly red, and before you knew it, he was full out laughing in front of the whole class.

"Mr. Black!" Professor McGonagall jeered; she walked up to Sirius' desk and, to James' horror, grabbed the notebook. "Having a note passing parade with Mr. Potter are we? You know the policy. You two will come for detention tonight at 8:30 sharp and I will have the pleasure of reading this little section aloud."

"P-P-Professor," James stuttered, wide-eyed, "you don't think that-that that's a bit rash?"

"No, I think it is perfectly suitable Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall adjusted her spectacles and brought the notebook up so that she could read it. She cleared her throat and began, "She is so beautiful, I can't stand being in the same room as her and knowing that I can't have her. Why can't she understand how I feel instead of always pushing it aside like its some diseased object? She wouldn't like being in my position, now would she? Always trying so hard to get someone to love you but knowing that it will never bloody work! And now Sirius, being the git he is, is looking over me trying to find out what I am writing. If he knew I was writing in this, let's call it uh, a, uh – man book – he'd wet himself. Why can't I just get her to love me? Why can't – Oh, that is all our darling Mr. Potter has written."

James buried his head as the entire class, which conveniently was a double Transfiguration class with Slytherin, burst into laughter. He could hear the chuckles of his most hated enemy, Severus Snape or Snivellus, and another Slytherin clone, and possibly future death eater, Lucius Malfoy.

"Ah," sniggered Bellatrix Black, a Sirius' evil and twisted cousin (how they could biologically be related was unknown), "does baby Jamsie want his wiwykins to 'understand stand his feewings?'"

"Shut up, Black!" Remus cried from across the room, obviously sympathizing with his friend.

"How dare you talk to me, you filthy half-breed," Bellatrix hissed.

"He wasn't talking about Lily," Sirius told Bellatrix, as if denying it would make everything better.

"Then whom was he talking about?" Nikki, who sat next to a red-faced Lily, asked.

"Uh, well, uh… M-M-Michelle!" Sirius stammered.

"Michelle Richmond?!" Nikki and Lily choked out at the same time. Almost automatically, everybody's heads turned to look at a scrawny Gryffindor 7th year, who was only 15 but had moved up.

"Yeah," Sirius said dumbly.

"Black, I'm going to murder you," James growled, hitting Sirius over the head with his hand.

"You should be thanking me for saving your sorry hide," Sirius grumbled, crinkling his nose.

"Saving my sorry hide? Now everyone thinks I'm into her," James nodded in Michelle's direction. Michelle, who had turned a bright red and now was toying with her tawny blonde hair, quickly concealed her face from everyone's view by obscuring it into her Transfigurations textbook.

"Mr. Black, Mr. Potter," Professor McGonagall said harshly. "My office tonight at 8:30 for a five-hour detention!"

"But I have quidditch practice!" James squeaked.

"Well you should have thought about your quidditch practice before you interrupted my class," Professor McGonagall said sharply. With that said, she returned to her lesson. James stared daggers at Sirius and attempted to hide his face from the staring eyes of the class. Oh, what he was going to do to Sirius when Transfigurations was over.

o – o – o – o – o

"What else was I supposed to do?" Sirius whined. Sirius, Remus, and James were standing out in the corridor on their way to lunch. James had taken to punching Sirius constantly since the end of Transfigurations as he didn't know what else to do with his frustration.

"Stay quiet? Shut your yap?" James suggested.

"Besides that," Sirius coughed guiltily. He started walking away from Remus and James when James pulled him back.

"Black, I'd hex you into oblivion if I weren't standing next to a prefect," James nodded towards Remus.

"And if you weren't Head Boy, if you have forgotten," Remus reminded him. James shrugged.

"Since when has little Jamesy cared about the rules?" Sirius laughed. He immediately stopped his chuckling when James whipped out his wand. "Um, right. I'm going to go to the Great Hall now. See you later!"

Sirius dashed down the corridor as fast as he could (ensuring the fact that James would not be able to catch him). Letting out yet another moan of anger, James punched the nearest wall (which was made of solid rock) with his fist. He didn't even so much as wince when the mineral cut into his skin.

Remus looked over James' shoulder and quickly said, "I'd better go get some lunch too."

James frowned as his friend left him alone but quickly understood why when he turned around to see Michelle Richmond standing there awkwardly. Michelle, shaking like a leaf, gathered up the courage to say, "Hello."

"Hi," James stated. The two stood there for a moment before they started talking at the same time. James trying to explain his actions and Michelle questioning him about what had happened before. Finding it funny, they both started laughing.

"I'm sorry about Sirius," James rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "He can be rather stupid."

"Its alright," Michelle reassured him. Not wanting to be in silence again, Michelle quickly said, "I should go. Bye."

"No, wait!" James jumped up before Michelle could leave. Michelle stopped, quite startled. "I should at least walk you to lunch for all the trouble Sirius has caused.

"Oh, no," Michelle said nervously, her insides fluttering as the handsome Gryffindor talked to her. "I'll be fine walking by myself."

"I don't think so," James said. In a daring move, James walked to the side of Michelle and extended his arm. After staring at it for a while, Michelle quickly got what she was supposed to do, blushed, and graciously took it.

o – o – o – o – o

Lily bit into her grilled cheese sandwich when she felt a nudge to her side. She turned around to see Chloe nodding towards the entrance of the Great Hall mouthing, "Whore alert." Without even turning around Lily knew that Chloe was talking about Genevieve and continued eating, not wanting a full confrontation at that moment. Suddenly Lily felt another poke to her side, this time from Nikki, and sighed.

"What?" Lily asked.

"Look over there," Nikki pointed to the entrance, past Genevieve.

Lily turned around and what she saw made her freeze. Walking into the Great Hall, arms linked together, was James and Michelle, laughing at each other's jokes.

"So he really did like her?" Chloe gasped.

"Oh wow, Lily –" Nikki said.

Lily put up her hand to stop her friend. With a smile, she said, "Don't worry about it. I'm fine."


Author's Note: Well, this chapter is really just a whole bunch of randomness jumbled together to sort of tie the last chapter and the chapter to come together. I'm sorry if you didn't like it! Oh, and my 100th reviewer was MiKaYGiRl: Thank you! And since she didn't respond to my reply about that little contest thing, I added the name. To MiKaYGiRl: I looked at your profile and took your name (where Michelle Richmond came from) because you were my 100th reviewer. I hope you don't mind because you didn't really answer back so I'll change Michelle's name if you want me to:) To everyone else: Thank you for the reviews and I'll try to get into an updating rhythm!

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