Summary: When Sam unexpectably dies during a hunt, Dean is left broken. But Dean refuses to accept the fact that his baby brother is gone, he will do everything in his power to bring Sam back, even if it means pissing off all the demons of hell. Dean has no idea what kind of evil he is about to release into this world when he brings Sam back from the dead...


"Oh my god. You're not joking about this, are you?"

Sam made a small grimace and looked at the young woman sympathetically. To be honest he was surprised how come she was about finding out all about the supernatural. Sam, himself, doesn't remember when he had realized that there was strange things in the darkness that couldn't be explained with logic, but the boogeyman that had been hiding in his wardrobe when he was nine years old just waiting for a moment to rip him apart, well... that kind of didn't make sense to Sam, but still.

Sam glanced over at his brother, Dean, who sat next to him with a slight amused expression. Typical Dean. Not that Dean was all the unsensitive type but when it came to revealing to people about the supernatural, Dean simply just loved it. Which was mostly the reason why it was always Sam who had to tell the truth, cause Dean would only have made fun of the moment. For the most time, the two brothers didn't reveal to their innocents what was really going on when they were for example cleansing out a poltergeist out of a house. They simply just used the excuse that they were bug terminators. Which worked in most cases.

However, not in this one. Their latest gig had been about a young woman, Chase Hendricks, her and her brother had been followed by a violent black dog for quite some time. Sam and Dean had sworn to tell her what was really going on as soon as the black dog was dead. And now it was so, they were forced to tell her.

Still battered and a little bruised, the three of them had taken some coffee to cool their jets. Sam gave her a small smile. "Uhm, no. I wish I was, believe me." Dean gave him a glare. "But, it's the truth. There are a lot more things in this world than black dogs. Even more dangerous things."

Chase twisted her shaking fingers and let out a small breath. "It's just..." She shook her head, struggling to find some words about how she really felt about all this, well, madness. "Hard to understand." Sam nodded in understandment. "I mean, I've always had my suspicions I guess, but all this?" Chase shook her head again. "It's just..." She looked up. "Wow."

Dean took another sip of his coffee and smirked. "Well, believe us, Chase. You'll get used to it. We sure as hell has."

Sam rolled his eyes.

Chase let out a small sound that sounded like a choked sob, but it could possibly be a choked laughter. Sam wasn't quite sure. "Well," she said and took out her wallet. "I just want you to know how grateful I am about this. But I should go, before my brother freaks out, wondering where the hell I am."

Sam nodded. "Can relate to that too."

Dean gave his brother another glare.

Chase took out a small dollar-bill and laid it down on the table as she rose. "Well, thanks again. And I wish good luck to both of you." She smiled. "I mean, with your kind of work, you oughta need it." She gave a last grateful smile before disappearing out of the door to the café.

"Well..." said Sam slowly and turned his head to look at his grinning brother. "That went quite well, right?"

"Yeah, sure," said Dean sarcastically. "You know if we're gonna compare to all the other people we've told." Sam grinned and shook his head. "Remember the gig in Louisana? That old chick with the skinwalker?"

Sam frowned and looked thoughtfully at his brother. Man, Dean knew his stuff. "What, the lady who threw a pan at you?" Sam laughed out.

"Yeah," said Dean, flashing one of his trademark smiles. "And the one who missed." Sam grinned at his brother and took another sip of his coffee. "Man, that's gotta be the worst one."

Sam put down the coffee and shook his head. "Um, no, remember John Langely in Phoenix?"

Dean smiled sheepishly. "Barely."

"The guy with the exorcism," Sam pressed on.

Dean smiled widely. "The guy who told dad about the mental hospital?" Dean couldn't help but to laugh, apparently couldn't Sam either. "Oh, yeah. That's gotta be the worst one. And he was actually serious about it too."

"Uh huh."

Dean nodded and looked into the air like he was thinking about something. "Me, you and dad. Those were the days."

The smile faded from Sam's smile. He knew that Dean was still slightly shaken up from their previous meeting with their father, it was in Chicago and he had once again told them to stop looking for him. That it would be for the best. Bullshit, that's what Sam thought about it all. These times he didn't know at all how his father functioned.

Their dad, John Winchester, had trained both Sam and Dean to fight the forces of darkness. Always had the trio been a team. Always. Until now. Sam tried to not think about it all too much, but sometimes it was impossible.

Sam sighed heavily. "We're gonna find him Dean."

Dean nodded painfully. "I know, it's just... now we know that he doesn't wanna be found, you know?" Dean looked up in Sam's saddened eyes. "I guess that hurts the most."

"Yeah," Sam nodded. "But we're gonna figure it out. Like we always do."

Dean smiled. "Whatever, Fancis." Sam groaned in annoyance at the so-called nickname. "We should get back to the motel room and hit the road." Dean stood up and grabbed his leather jacket. "This town is kinda freaking me out." He draged the jacket over his shoulders and pulled the collar upwards. Sam never really got the point of that.

"Yeah, okay," agreed Sam. "Let's move."


"So, today was a pretty interesting day."

Dean smirked. Sam just rolled his eyes as he went, "You know, you shouldn't make fun of people who can't understand the truth."

Dean didn't stop smirk. "Still, you gotta admit that it's quite entertaining."

Sam just shook his head as he opened the drawer. They were back in the motel room, getting their stuff so they could get out of the so-called ghostly town as Dean called it. "Well, maybe a little." Dean looked satisfied at that answer. "But it's not all that funny. I mean, we were raised into this world. We were kids when we found out. Everyone didn't get that possibility."

"Yeah, maybe." Dean shrugged. "But still," he pointed out.

Sam sniggered as he thrust his clothes into his bag. "So..." Sam looked over at his brother who was sitting infront of the laptop, instead of bothering to back down his stuff. "Any new creepiness for us to solve?"

Dean looked thoughtful as his eyes searched the screen on the computer. "Well... there's this thing down in Arizona. A little kid's dad was killed and the kid is sure that it was the monster clown under his bed." Sam frowned and grimaced. "Yeah, creepy. Though, I dunno if it's our kind of gig, though."

"I hate clowns," said Sam quietly.

Dean looked up at his brother. "What was that?"

Sam swallowed. "Oh, um, nothing. Keep going."

Dean turned his attention back to the laptop, searching for something else. "Oh, yeah. Here's another one. A clerk in a shop in Salt Lake City said that a man walked into his shop and his eyes were yellow." Dean frowned. Sam moved his hand to his temple, a small throbbing ache was starting to appear. Oh no. Not now. "Okay, that's just wrong. The guy maybe had yellow eyes. Contact linces, hello?" Sam gave out a quite whimper that Dean didn't hear and doubled over slightly.


Dean nodded, not taking his eyes off the computer. "I know. Freaks these days you know? Can't tell reality from imagination." Dean scanned the computer some more, as Sam held onto the drawer for support as the pain in his head kept increasing. "Oh, here's something." He's gonna fall. He's gonna fall."

"Dean!" yelled Sam desperately.

Dean looked up, slightly annoyed. "What?" All the annoyance disappeared as he saw the screwed up face of pain on his baby brother. "Sam?"

Sam looked up, still holding his hand on the drawer and looked at his brother with fear in his eyes. "Help.." was the last thing he muttered out before falling front.

"Sam!" Dean lunged forward and grabbed his brother before he collapsed and gently lowered him to the ground, as Sam began shaking and blinking. "Sam? What's wrong? Talk to me, what is it?"

Sam's eyes began rolling. "Vision..." That was the last thing he remembered before being pulled into the vision.


"I can't believe this is happening."

Sam snapped his eyes open, breathing heavily. The pain was gone, much to his relief. Though the pain had been replaced by another strange feeling. It felt like he was floating.

"How did things turned this screwed-up?"

Sam looked around. They were in a house. Oh god. Dean was infront of him, sitting on a chair by a table, opposite him sat... Sam. Himself! Oh no, he was seeing himself and Dean in a vision. That can't be good.

The Sam in the vision shook his head and sniffed a little. "Dean... we gotta do this."

Sam frowned, do what? Dean shook his eyes violently and Sam was shocked to realize that Dean looked like he was about to cry. "No, Sam. I'm not doing it, dammit. How can you even think about it?"

"Look at what's happening to the world." Sam watched as a small tear rolled down the Sam in the vision's check. That was the last thing he saw in the vision has he was pulled back into reality...


"Sam, come on! Open your eyes! Dammit, Sam!"

Sam groaned in pain and looked up into Dean's worried and paniced hazel eyes. Everything was spinning. Dean was holding him, which was good, cause Sam probably would've fallen. Oh. He was already on the floor. Great.

"Sam, hey, you with me?"

Sam blinked a few times, trying to get the small pain away. "Yeah... I think so."


Sam felt as Dean pulled him from the floor and up on something soft. This is nice. All soft and... softy. God, he wasn't making any sense. He opened his eyes and realized that Dean was no where in sight. "Dean!"

Dean came rushing out from the bathroom holding a small box of Tylenol. "Hey, it's alright, Sammy. I was just getting some pills for you."

"Oh," said Sam thickly and took the Tylenols. "Thanks. And it's Sam."

Dean sniggered slightly and studied his brother with concern and slight fear as he took the Tylenols. "So, was it a vision?" Sam nodded as he started to rub his temples. "What did you see?"

Sam frowned. "Um... us." Dean stared at his brother intently. "We were in this kitchen, talking. I think you were kind of upset on him." Dean nodded and made a gesture for him to continue. "We both looked kind of miserably and upset, like something really tragic was gonna happen. We were sad." Sam shook his head. "I'm sorry. It's all kind of blurry."

"Hey, it's alright," said Dean comfortingly and rubbed Sam's back. "It's alright."


Sam zipped shut his bag and put it in the backseat of the Impala. He sighed as he took a glance on the watch on his wrist. Where the hell was Dean? He was just supposed to take a damn leak. Now that couldn't take that long could it? Well... if you were Dean it might. Sam grinned. He closed the car door and looked around. The small town of Heinside in Idaho. Dean was actually right. If you look closer this town looks kind of ghostly and creepy. The brothers had decided to take that gig down in Arizona after all, which wasn't something Sam looked forward to exactly.

Sam's mind kept wander back to the vision he had just had. It was so weird, but still kinda clear. It was definitely about Sam and Dean. Cause they were both in the vision. But the things they were talking about... it made absolutely no sense. Sam groaned in frustration. Where the heck was Dean?

Sam let his eyes wander over to a greyish old house just opposite the motel. Sam frowned. It was something about the house. Kinda cliché, but Sam was having a major deja vu about that house right now. Sam looked over at the motel again. Dean was gonna take at least another hour. He had time to do some investigating. Now stay put Sammy, and try not to kill anyone. Those words still rang inside Sam's head. Whatever. What's the worst that could happen?

Sam threw Dean's words out of his head and walked around the Impala, heading straight towards the mystical house. He walked across the road feeling slightly like a man possessed. Snap out of it Sam. Sam walked up the dusty stairs leading towards the porch and gently knocked on the door.

"Hello?" he said out loud. "Anyone home?"

Sam threw a glance over his shoulder. Dean still wasn't there. He gently pushed the door inwards, it creaked and opened. Stepping into the house, Sam felt slightly like he was stepping into the 19th century. The house was old, not doubt about that. And empty. The house was completely empty. That's kind of weird, thought Sam has he carefully walked over the wooden floor into the foyer.

He gently slid over to the bookcase standing nearby, there was a photo there. A small but visible. A family. One woman, a man and a little girl. Sam smiled a little. He shouldn't be here. It just felt so wrong. Then how come he felt so drawn to the place? As Sam entered the living room he didn't even notice the curtain cord slowly slidding against him like a snake across the floor.

Picking up a small doll from the floor, Sam didn't see the cord rising from the floor and attacking him. Sam gasped as the cord wrapped itself around his neck. Sam groaned and the doll fell to the floor. Sam started to choke gasping for air. He tried to grab the cord that was around his throat, but it wasn't letting go. A poltergeist. Of course. How could he be so stupid?

Sam fell to his knees as the cord just kept tightening its grip. Dean. Dean! Oh god. He was gonna die. He just knew it. This time it was different, Dean wasn't gonna make it in time...


After checking out from the motel, Dean walked out of the reception and over towards his baby (aka. The Impala, but Dean prefered to refer it to his baby, cause it simply just was), he looked around but didn't find a sign of Sam.

"Sam?" Dean checked inside the car. What the hell? Sam hadn't had another vision did he? Damn that Francis. Dean groaned trying not worry too much as he looked around. There couldn't possibly be somewhere Sam had gone in a small town like this. Dean's eyes stop wander as his attention went to the house opposite the street.

He didn't know why, but he felt an urge to walk over there. Which he did, since he's Dean and all. With firm steps Dean walked across the road and up to the front door, which to Dean's big surprise was open. "Sam?" He walked into the foyer and the sight before him broke his heart into a million pieces. Sam was lying a few feet away, looking deathly pale and his lips violet-blue. A cord was around his throat. "No..." Oh, god, no, Dean mentally screamed as he rushed over to his fallen brother.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled as he fell to his knees next to his brother. He lifted his limp brother into his arms and started to unleash the cord from his baby brother's neck. He threw the cord away and let Sam's lifeless body fall into his arms completely. Dean shakingly felt for Sam's pulse. There was none. "God, no." Dean let out a sob as he leaned over to listen to Sam's breathes. There was none.

He was gone. Sam was dead.


Alrighty! I'm so excited about this story. Me personally like the whole idea. You know with Sam dying. But don't get the wrong idea about this story. It won't be all Dean-centric. Sam will come back very soon (hence the title of this story); though you wont believe the consequences neither will Dean. Anyway, please review! It's just so easy, just a small one, heh. See ya guys!