Good morning/afternoon/evening to you. I've decided that I should make at least 1 full fanfic in my life-time, this is it. This is a Kingdom Hearts II fanfic, taking place after the initial story. This fic will, for the most part, be played out in an Alternate World (Not AU) where nobodies are sent after they have been done away with. Since nobodies are non-existing beings they cannot simply go to some afterlife with everybody else. The World That Never Will Be is the place all nobodies are sent after the darkness consumes their bodies from the real worlds.

All rights to the characters and such do not belong to me, if you're reading this you probably have some vague idea who they belong to. If I actually owned them and made the game, believe me, this would have been included in Kingdom Hearts II (actually Axel wouldn't have died in my version either.) Most of this would be part of a huge ass animated section, with those sexy graphics. Oh yeah… Those parts are sweet.

Contains- Spoilers (if you haven't played KH II), some information cut out of the American version (mostly just a 'minor' betrayal), foul language, m/m (mostly Axel/Roxas), and probably some slight OOC (since Organization member personalities weren't greatly developed)

Kingdom Hearts II (Lost Chapters):

The World That Never Will Be-

Awakening Plains

Blue skies scattered with the occasional white puff of clouds greeted Axel when he opened his eyes. These were not the only things that greeted him though, and he would have preferred just the sky for the other greeters brought him despair. The first, and worst of the three others, was that he was not waking up alone and just by the groans of pain he could tell that all of them were Organization members. The second, and far less of an annoyance, was the memories that flooded his temporarily blank mind. The last, which was fairly pleasant, compared to the first two, was that his body ached like he'd been dropped off the tallest building in The World That Never Was.

As he sat up a groan of agony forced its way out of him as well, but getting up was necessity. Glancing around, he emitted a second groan. Every member there, in a circle adorned in their black robes, save one; the one that he'd hoped against all odds would be there. Upon seeing that the blonde was not there an ache began to plague him, one in the place where his heart would have been if he had one. However, this pain was quickly put aside to deal with more urgent problems, like where he was and how he was getting away from there.

His green eyes quickly ran across the land again, not a building in sight. They were lying in a field, actually more of a vast grassland. There were scattered tree, most bearing fruit, and the occasional rock, boulder, and worn dirt patch broke the ever green terrain. To one side there was a horizon jagged with mountains, to another a pretty creepy looking forest, and to another a different set of mountains; the last opening remained clear of obstacles and was just waves of green. From what he could figure, no direction would lead him to somewhere he would want to be, at least not fast enough.

A sudden movement pulled his attention back to the group and he was instantly on his feet. Xemnas and Saix had gotten up and were poised to attack. It would seem that Axel's betrayal wasn't going to be forgotten just because they were in a foreign land.

"Hey now. Don't you guys have bigger worries than getting revenge on me? I'm not the only traitor here, right?" Axel voiced. Though his words were that of someone nervous, they came out sounding quite conceited and the smirk on his face backed it up.

"Axel." Marluxia hissed from his position on the ground before scrambling to his feet and helping Larxene up. Their movements caused Saix and Xemnas to look back at them.

"Luxord, Zexion, Vexen! You three take care of Larxene and Marluxia." Xemnas ordered and they were on their feet. A surprise came to Xemnas now, as Luxord moved to apprehend the two traitors Zexion and Vexen stood still.

"We won't." Vexen stated folding his arms across his chest, "You're unfit to be any type of leader after such a miserable failure, and against two children, a dog, and a duck I might add."

"Have you all forgotten most of you lost the battle to the very same children and animals?" Xemnas asked maliciously.

"A weak leader is the downfall to the rest of a team. Had we a strong commander, I doubt we'd have failed so miserably." Zexion seethed back defending Vexen's statement.

"That's right; I'm through dealing with you." Growled Lexaeus as he stood, moving to stand with Zexion and Vexen.

"You Nobodies are wasting your time bickering like that." Xigbar scoffed to them, "If you don't like it just go, waste your breath somewhere no one else has to hear it."

"Hey guys! Cool it, will ya! Fighting's not goin' to get us anywhere soon. If you haven't noticed we're lost." Demyx protested cowering at the dangerously thick air surrounding the group.

"Whatever. If you live long I might see you idiots later." Xigbar called, his back already retreating to one of the mountain ranges.

"Yeah, well, no one needs your shitty ass advice anyway!" Marluxia barked at him, though he knew Xigbar would not reply, "Come on Larx." He beckoned as he started off for the forest.

"Good riddance." Saix murmured to Xemnas. The lead Nobody nodded in agreement, "We should see if we can find someone to tell us where we are."

"A wise decision, let's go." Said Xemnas curtly as he headed to the opposite range of mountains, "Those of you who aren't stupid enough to follow irrational men should come with us, no doubt the fools will get themselves killed."

With that Xemnas, along with Xaldin, Saix, and Luxord began their own journey to find answers to the many questions all of them had woken up to.

Axel did not move to follow anyone; he didn't trust the likes of any of them. For the argument, he'd found a nice seat on top a large boulder. He'd sat by watching idly, waiting to see who would go where. If he took a path, it wasn't going to be following or even headed the same direction as someone like Xemnas or Vexen.

Vexen stood watching for a while too, probably deciding where they would go. His trio consisted of himself, Lexaeus, and Zexion. The three of the earliest members seemed to naturally flock together. Xemnas's group was so because those who followed him were devoutly loyal, and Marluxia and Larxene, their minds just worked alike.

"Come on, let's get out of here." Vexen said with a heavy breath, turning and walking towards the open green land. The going that way seemed like it would be steady and low risk, you could see all around.

Demyx, horrified at the split up, stood in bewilderment. It seemed he did not know who to follow or what to do. He was probably a strong believer in strength in numbers, and at the separation his sense of security had been shattered. That's why he didn't get missions very often, and that's why no one really cared for him. He was far too needy of a Nobody to possibly get along with.

"It's been fun, but I think it's time to go." Axel said with a light smile playing on his face and he jumped down from his rock, "Good luck, kid." He offered to Demyx before going about his way, which was towards the mountains that Xigbar had chosen. It seemed the most reasonable way to go since only one other person was headed that way. He had a good mind to go light the forest on fire before he went but decided against it; he figured he'd need the energy and wasting it on Marluxia and his whore would be a shame.

"Um, hey! Wait up!" Demyx called to Axel. The pyro paused and glanced over his shoulder.

'Aw, shit.' The red head thought heatedly before speaking, "What do you want?" He asked watching Demyx run up to him, stopping two feet from his back.

"Could I… Maybe go with you?"

'I knew it.' "Why don't you go follow someone else? I can't be slowed down by a weakling like you." Axel sneered, he didn't want the water boy following him. There was a reason fire and water didn't mix and it was the same reason they didn't mix. One force surely had to dominate over the other; water to extinguish out the flame or fire to evaporate the water. Axel couldn't stand Demyx, the punk was annoying as hell, and Demyx couldn't stand Axel because Axel was kind of a control freak sometimes. Honestly, how could someone sit and listen to the musician play on that damn sitar for hours un-end without yelling at him?

"I won't slow you down! I promise I'll keep up." Demyx assured him putting a fist to his chest in salute.

"Why does it have to be me? I'm sure there's someone you like better than me and someone who likes you a lot more than I do." Axel stated trying to deter the young water mage.

"Well Marluxia and Larxene are traitors, what if they tied me up and left me in the woods?"

Axel gave Demyx a hard look, how stupid could he be? Sure everyone knew he was weak but Axel didn't realize he was stupid too, "Demyx… What if I tied you up and left you to bake in the sun?"

"You wouldn't."

'He's right; he'd scream too much and give me a damn headache. Far too much trouble than it's worth.' "How do you know?" Axel inquired with the raise of his brow. The other boy just shrugged. Sighing Axel turned around, the conversation wasn't ending soon enough and looking over his shoulder was hurting his neck, "Why don't you run along with Zexion or Xemnas?"

"Zexion, Vexen, and Lexaeus don't like me-"

"I don't like you." Axel reminded him.

"But you wouldn't just beat me up for the fun of it, those three would." Demyx assured. Axel knew he wouldn't do that, it was exhausting enough to argue with the brat, chasing him around the field scorching his ass would be just plain stupid. Demyx continued, "And Xemnas treats me like a slave. I'd probably end up doing everything and then he yell at me for doing it wrong and-"

"All right! Fucking hellfire! You can come, just shut up and stay quiet!" Axel snapped angrily before turning on a dime and marching off in the relative direction of the mountains leaving a light trail of singed grass behind him. Luckily, the more he walked the more he cooled down, and he stopped mindlessly burning the ground and wasting his energy.

It would have made more sense to open a dark portal and go 'home', but it was obvious to all of them that they could not. There had been a distinct bond between them and the darkness, and upon waking up they'd all found that bond had been shattered. They no longer had communication with Dusks or any other Nobody they used to be able to command. This was a new world they were in, and in it there was a completely different set of rules they had to follow.

"Where do you think Roxas is?" Asked Demyx, despite his earlier instructions to keep quiet.

"Someplace peaceful." Axel murmured quietly watching the ground as he walked over it. He had, in fact, just been thinking about where Roxas was before Demyx asked. He'd come to the conclusion that Roxas didn't die or disappear like they had to get here and was in one of the other worlds right now. He hadn't decided whether Roxas was happy there or if he missed the Organization yet; he was leaning towards the scenario that despite being sad Axel was gone forever he was now living happily somewhere very beautiful. The place he had in mind was the place where he'd taken Kairi from. Axel, himself, did not like the ocean but from how Roxas acted he was sure that he would have loved to see that beach. It was warm there, and it had a cheery, heartwarming atmosphere. That was somewhere that he felt Roxas deserved, definitely not the plain crappy field he was currently stuck in right now. The more he walked through it, the more Axel hated it. What kind of person would dream of living out in the middle of nowhere like this?

"So where do you think we are?" Asked Demyx tearing Axel from his thoughts of hatred for the grassland.

"What the hell kind of dumb ass question is that? I don't think I've ever been asked a stupider question!" Axel scolded, already angry from being stuck somewhere Roxas was not, "I woke up here the same as you, got it memorized?"

"Yeah, I know, but I thought maybe you'd have some sort of guess." Said the musician sadly.

"Well I don't. I don't know where we are, I don't know why we're here, I don't know where we're going, and I don't know how we're going to get away from wherever it is we are. All I know it that this is the way we have to go, and this way is going to give us some answers," He paused turning around to face Demyx as he walked on, "Got that memorized?"

"How do you know this way is going to lead us to some answers?"

"I just know." Axel hissed before turning around to walk straight. Once his back was turned on the other boy, he placed his gloved hand over his chest. The hallow feeling of being a Nobody had long since disappeared from it, the very first day he'd met Roxas it the empty space had been filled; at first it had been packed with curiosity, then it had shifted to a feeling of happiness, then it had turned to despair. The despair of separation was dissipating now. If he could describe it he would say that it was turning into determination; the desire to see Roxas again and to diligently follow any course that may lead to him.

His legs stopped moving. He stood still for a moment before tipping his head. The sun was beating down hot, his clothes absorbing the heat. He didn't mind the heat; it was something that energized him. For Demyx, he imagined, it was hell. Turning slightly, he frowned at the punk who was hunched over and looking pretty miserable.

Demyx had his hand on his thighs to support himself, and sweat was trickling down his face and neck. For being so green, you wouldn't have thought it was so hot. Axel would have guessed it was somewhere in the mid to high nineties, so under the thick black robes, it could easily be a hundred. With how the musician panted, the other boy knew all too well about it.

Raising a brow, Axel let his hand drop and he turned, "What are you? Stupid? If you're hot take of the trench coat, idiot. We're not at Naught's Castle anymore, got it memorized?" He asked putting a finger to his temple in his quirky gesture that normally followed the line, "Xemnas can't punish you for not wearing that ugly thing here." He told Demyx who for a moment just stared at Axel dumbly before smiling.

"You won't mind?" He ventured, double checking before acting.

"No. Why would I? It doesn't look good on you anyway; it makes you look smaller than you already are." Axel said looking down at the younger member.

"What about you?"

"Hey, I'm tall and slimming. It only compliments my outstanding figure, besides I like it hot." Commented Axel, having something of an egotistical moment.

"Cool." Voiced Demyx absent-mindedly, obviously not caring what Axel had just said. Unzipping the long coat he quickly removed the article of clothing, tossing it to the ground. Then he slipped off his gloves and threw them to the pile. Underneath the trench coat most the members wore a long sleeved black shirt and an undershirt. Demyx wore a short sleeved dark blue shirt, which he promptly removed to reveal the black tank beneath it.

"Better?" Inquired Axel patiently waiting for his companion to finish up.

"Much better." Demyx confirmed with a nod before picking up his clothes and draping them over one arm.

"Come on, let's go. We need to cover as much ground as we can before nightfall." Axel beckoned with the wave of his hand as he turned and walked along.

"Right!" Demyx agreed running up to catch up with Axel and walking beside him, "This is the right way, Axel. I can just feel it."

Surprised the pyro looked down at Demyx. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it, if he spoke now Demyx probably wouldn't shut up again for a while. So he left it at that, he'd ask about it later when he thought he could handle some more talk from the water boy.

'He's a strange, kid.'

Save Game: To be continued…