Final Destiny

A mixed fanfiction

By JenovaRemnant


This is the story of Tiamatt, a human whose life is full of strange things. Her

history is entwined with those who witnessed the Meteor Incident and with those

involved in the Sorceress Wars. This particular par of her story happens long after the

defeat of Ultimecia and the reversal of Time Compression. The Earth has split up its

lifestream, allowing life to flourish not only on Earth but also on the other eight planets

of the Sol System. With the life no longer restricted to Earth, the Earth itself began the rapid evolution of some humans, thus creating the Nine Great Species. Mercury was the

home to the phoenixes. Venus supported the giant serpents. Earth remains ruled by

humans, who are the reason the Nine exist. Wolves rule Mars, the red planet. Jupiter's

skies are filled with the wings of griffins. Saturn is the planet of the dragons. Uranus, the

planet of the cheetah-like yerias. Neptune is ruled by the four-legged sea serpents. And

Pluto is the icy world of the tall, bear like geios. This is the story of the Dark Wars and of

Tiamatt's adventures. Please note, however, that the story spans over several years. Only

major events were recorded in this document.

Part One

Chapter 1: Oblivion

A gentle breeze rustled the trees that surrounded the clearing. A giant oak stood proudly

at the clearing's center, casting a shadow over the stream that ran tot he west of the oak.

A path at the southern end of the clearing led to an ancient airship, its dragonic shape clearly visible. The sun shone brightly off its red sides while the word "Ragnorok"

showed proudly. From the airship walked a young woman, clad in a white tank top and

dark blue jeans, two swords hung loosely at her side. Her long, light brown hair seemed

to flow behind her as she followed the path to the clearing. As she entered the clearing, a

large gold bird ran towards her, thrilling happily.

"Solix!" she cried, trying to keep the bird from knocking her over, "Stop it you

stupid Chocobo! You ate the last green yesterday!"

Solix, having not received a treat, slowly backed away and stood patiently as his

owner dusted the dirt off of her clothes. The woman walked over to a hidden shed and

pulled a worn saddle. As she turned around, saddle in hand, Solix walked over and sat on

the ground. She finished securing the straps and flipped the reins over his crested head

and looped them around the saddle horn.

"Wark!" Solix stood up suddenly and ran off into the woods.

"What the! You stupid bird, get back here!" she yelled.

"I've finally found you, Tiamatt!" said a voice behind her. She felt the cold, sharp

edge of a sword press against her neck as she started to reach for her own blades. "Don't

even try it." Said the voice cooly, " Now turn around!"

Tiamatt raised her hands above her head and turned around to see her attacker. A

young man, no older than twentyfour, stood staring at her with piercing dark eyes. He

wore a denim jacket with a black t-shirt underneath it, his jeans were held up by a belt

designed with an assortment of fangs. The hilt of his sword looked like a dragon in full

flight, the long steel blade of the sword trailing behind it.

"Lord Wil, what brings you to my home!" she said as she spotted the royal seal of

Mars on the back of his hand.

"It's Oblivion to you, dragon!" he replied angrily, "you shall be added to my

collection when I'm done with you! Now prepare to fight!" Oblivion took a step back,

sword still raised.

Tiamatt sighed and drew her swords. "I do not wish to fight. I merely wish to

continue living my life in solitude." he said softly.

"You make this too easy for me, Tiamatt the Great Warrior of Saturn! Why

should I believe a miserable worm like you?" Oblivion shouted as he charged at her,

blade flashing.

Tiamatt dodged the attack, taking to the air with a powerful leap and a sweep of

dragon wings as they appeared from her shoulder blades. They swept the air slowly, carrying her high into the air. She looked down t Oblivion as he recovered from the miss

and swung his sword into the air.

"Thunder!" he cried. A lightning bolt came from nowhere and struck Tiamatt's

left wing. She cried out in pain and struggled to maintain altitude. As she slowly climbed

higher, she looked down once again to see Oblivion cast another spell. Without warning,

she froze in midair. Unable to beat her wings to maintain lift, Tiamatt plummeted back to

earth, gaining speed every second.

"Thundara!" A second bolt of lightning came down and hit Tiamatt dead center.

Her wings crumbled and body withered in pain from the electric shock as she continued

to fall towards the ground.

Boom! She crashed into the ground near the oak tree, causing the resulting tremor

to silence all the forest creatures. Tiamatt tried to stand up but fell as pain coursed

through her right leg. She pulled her wings back in and looked up at Oblivion, who stood

proudly, sword in hand, preparing for the final move.

Tiamatt suddenly jumped up, knocking Oblivion to the side. He looked up to see

his prey attack a strange dark monster, her blood splattered the ground where the

monsters claws had hit. Tiamatt began her transformation into a dragon but the monster

attacked, hitting her injured leg and knocking her to the ground. The resulting roar of

pain shook the forest, causing clouds of birds to fill the sky. The monster began to

fiercely stab at the fallen dragon with its sharp claws. Tiamatt wrapped her tail around its

back leg and flung it high into the air. In a final effort, she turned and released a stream of

blue flames that engulfed the monster, which died in shrieks of pain.

"Are you all right?" she asked weakly, gasping for breath.

"Why did you save me?" questioned Oblivion.

"I did what I had to do. That is all there is to it." She said simply as she struggled

to reposition herself against the tree and returned to her human form.

"What!" oblivion's confusion showed clearly on his face. " I tried to kill you, yet

you saved my life. Why?"

"Because it was the right thing to do." She answered. With a gasp of pain,

Tiamatt passed out.

Maybe I was wrong, thought Oblivion, Maybe the prophecy was wrong. He

picked himself up off the ground and walked over to the unconscious Tiamatt.

"Ok, I'll help you." He said as he began to clean and bandage her wounds.