"So...you want to restart Garden" Nightfire asked slowly, making sure he heard Tiamatt right.

The Cetra nodded. "Yes. This is a good way to help rebuild the trust between worlds as well as train those to help us track down all the Remnants."

"You're gonna run it right?" Marth asked.

Tiamatt nodded again. "I will be running most of the primary operations while Excious helps."

"Excious? We thought you would choose Hiro." Jo said in shock.

"Yeah, well, having Excious as the second in command of Garden was my idea." Hiro admitted with a laugh. "But I'll still help where I can. I just don't want to be stuck in an office all day."

Tiamatt laughed as she spread a large blueprint out over the table they all surrounded. The plans showed a large building, the size of a small city, with a large metal ring that spun below it. A large landing strip was located to one side while what looked almost like a park circled the entire building. The inside of the building was split into several different centers including the Training Center that would be stocked with wild monsters, the Cafeteria, the Infirmry, the Dorms, the Garage, the Quad, and the Library. The second floor held the class rooms while the third held the main office and control stations for the hovering building. There were two lower levels below the main level. The first being a gym and an area where everyone could practice basic weapons skills and spar against each other. The level below was basically a reinforced version of the main floor, complete with dorms and an infirmry for emergencies. Over all, it looked much like Balamb Garden when it was still in use.

"Wow..." was all Nightfire, Marth, and Jo could say as Tiamatt explained the layout of what would be Terra Garden.

Tiamatt laughed and rolled the plans back up. "Construction has already begun and will be complete in a year. Then Garden will be open for enrollment. I'm currently looking for instructors and if you guys are interested then just tell me though I understand if you don't since you've got your own worlds to worry about."

"Are you sure you're up for this Tia?" Hiro asked.

"After what I've been through, this should be nothing." Tiamatt answered causing the three planetary rulers to each exchange amused glances. "What?"

"Nothing Tia, its just..." Jo started.

"Running something like a planet or Garden for that matter is harder then you think." Marth finished with a sigh.

Tiamatt just gave the wolf, serpent, and phoenix a defiant glare. "Hmph, so you don't think I can do this. Is that what you three are getting at?"

"No, of course not!" Nightfire shot back, eyes wide. "We know you can. We're just saying its not as easy as you make it sound."

"I guess I'll find out, won't I?" Tiamatt asked with a smirk as she tucked the blueprint under her arm. "Now, as much as I would like to talk more with you on the plan, I have to meet Excious to discuss a few things with him."

Hiro nodded. "Alright. You go ahead. I want to visit with these guys some more." Tiamatt nodded before heading for the door. "See you later!" The Cetra smiled at them and waved before she left.Once she was gone the three men turned towards each other and sighed.

"She seems...happier almost." Jo commented. Nightfire, Marth, and Hiro nodded in agreement.

"I think she is, now that Jenova is gone." Hiro admitted. "Tia's dealt with her for so long. It has to be a relief to finally be free. I know I was."

Marth gave the blonde a curious look. "What do you mean?"

"Nothing. Don't worry about it." Hiro said quietly. The others continued to give him curious looks before shrugging. "At least Tia is acting like herself again." Nightfire,


Tiamatt eyes were bright as she looked at the finally completed structure. It had taken a full year to complete but now it was ready to be opened. Already, she was scanning through student applications along with those for the few teaching positions that were still open. Excious was facing a similiar situation and even Hiro was helping with the apps as they seemed to pour in. Most of the applications were for normal education though just as many kept the military aspect of Garden alive.

Tiamatt silently thanked Marth, Nightfire, Jo, and even Granis as they helped clear her name and whatever image those of the Sol System had gained of her during her time under Jenova's control. Without them, she was sure people would be discourges from coming to Terra Garden but luckily, it seemed everyone wanted a chance to even just meet her after her past was revealed to the planets. But there were those who also just wanted to come simply to better themselves.

"One more week, then Garden will offically open its doors." Tiamatt said quietly to herself, looking up at the giant structure.


"Thirty years, can you believe it Hiro?" Tiamatt asked excitedly as she watched some of the student bring out the preparations for the annual Garden Festival.

Hiro laughed from beside her as Excious stood on her otherside. "You get excited every year when its festival time."

Excious chuckled at that. "He's right, Tiamatt."

The Cetra rolled her eyes before spotting Marth, Nightfire, and Jo. "Marth! Nightfire! Jo!" The three rulers waved at her and made their way over to where she stood with Hiro and Excious.

"Its been a while." Hiro smiled. "You guys know you're welcome anytime!"

"Yeah, we know. We've just been busy." Marth explained. Nightfire and Jo nodded in agreement.

"You think after fifty years, my people would have recovered from the short time my brother reigned but I'm still trying to work things out." Nightfire admitted with a sigh. "By the way, have you heard any news on him since his escape?"

Excious nodded. "Yes actually. We've heard that he's now allied with the Remnants. We've also been trying to track down Dsanios."

"That guy was a creep." Tiamatt muttered, causing the others to laugh. "But the sooner we find him, the better since he is apparently the leader of the Remnants." Everyone nodded in agreement. "We currently have SeeD scattered through out the worlds searching for any sign of the Remnants. Hopefully we'll find him soon."

"Tiamatt, I believe the preparations for the festival are almost complete. Should we go check?" Excious noted.

"Yeah, better make sure everything is where its supposed to be. We don't want a repeat of last year." The Cetra sighed, causing the group to laugh when they remember how the poor organization skills of that year's festival committee had resulted into somewhat of a domino effect after someone accidently bumbed a table and sent food and drink crashing to the floor and later lead to more accidents.

Taking a step towards the quad, the Cetra suddenly gasped in pain and grabbed her shoulder, teeth clenched in pain.

"Tiamatt!" Hiro cried, grabbing her shoulder to hold her steady as she stumbled from the intense waves of pain originating from her upper arm and lower neck. However, the touch sent another powerful wave of pain coursing through the area, causing Tiamatt to black out from its intensity. Spotting something on her neck, Hiro's eyes widened as Dr. Lecia was called. "It can't be..."

"Hiro, we need to take her to the infirmry!" Excious ordered. The blonde looked up at Garden's second and command and nodded, quickly running to the luckily nearby infirmry.

Tiamatt was soon resting in a bed, Hiro sitting beside her, staring at the strange scab like wound on her lower neck.

"Why didn't you tell me, Tia?" Hiro asked though his sister was still unconscious. Lecia looked at him sadly as she bandaged what she could. "How bad is it?"

"Its spread across her upper arms, on to her shoulder and starting to spread across her back, chest, and neck." Lecia answered, not missing the worried look on the blonde haired man's face. "Hiro, prehaps you should take her home. I think that might be best."

Hiro nodded slowly as Lecia finished wrapping Tiamatt's arm and shoulder before standing up and carefully picking her up. "Please tell Excious and the others whats going on." Lecia nodded as Hiro left, holding his sister carefully, trying not to agitate the scab/ wounds that were already causing her so much pain.


Tiamatt groaned slightly before gasping as pain flared in her shoulder again but it soon faded and she opened her eyes to see her brother standing over her, looking concerned. "Hiro? What's wrong?"

"I should be asking you that. How long have you known that you had Geostigma?" Hiro retorted, hurt showing in his eyes.

Tiamatt looked away. "...about 10 months..."

"WHAT?! Tiamatt, why didn't you tell me?!" Hiro shouted. Tiamatt continued to look away as tears started to well up in her eyes. "I could've helped you Tia."

"No you couldn't Hiro. I know you're a Seraph but even with your abilities, somethings can't be stopped." the Cetra replied, finally facing him again. "Besides, you've helped me enough. You don't need to worry about me."

Hiro glared at her in anger. "You're my sister! I always worry about you!"

"Hiro..." Tiamatt said quietly, the tears now falling freely. "I'm sorry but, I'm ready. I feel like I've done what I needed to do here."

"Don't say that Tia!" Hiro yelled, not wanting to believe what she was saying. "I need you here!"

Tiamatt sighed and sat up to hug her brother who was now crying as well. "Hiro, you're grown up now. You have been for a long time. You don't truly need me here. You only want me to stay. Just think of it as me moving way." Hiro let out a loud sob and hugged Tiamatt tighter. "But I'm not gone yet. I have every intention of doing whatever I can before I go and includes spending as much time with you as I can." Hiro only continued to cry, never losening his grip on his sister.


Tiamatt's funeral was small, only her close friends allowed as was her request.

The day of her death was a strange one. All the worlds seemed oddly calm despite the varied emotions spread throughout Sol System by its people. There was no burial, her body having dissolved into free Lifestream shortly after the Geostigma finally claimed her only a month after telling Hiro of her condition and only two weeks after having fallen into a coma. Despite the private funeral, all of Garden mourned her death.

In the end, all that remained was a simple headstone that sat in a small area outside of Garden where Tiamatt and Hiro were commonly seen sparring or simply talking. Now, Hiro came to place the Oblivon Blade near the empty grave. He laid it gently on the ground, looking at it sadly before standing back up.

"I thought you might want that." He said quietly. "I know how much it means to you." He lightly ran his hand over the edge of the headstone before turning around and starting to walk off.

"I promise we'll see each other again brother."

Hiro spun around instantly at the voice only to find no one else in the area. His eyes fell back on the headstone and he couldn't help but smirk as he noticed the Oblivion Blade was gone. "I'll hold you to your promise, Tia."

...I can't believe I wrote this...I hope you all enjoyed the story...