Angel's Naruto Show!

Fangirls and the girls on their team.

-snap your fingers starts playing as the opening of the show starts-

-slowly fades to a small stage where a girl with waist lenghth red hair,tucked in a camo hat, sits in a comfy black chair. She is dressed in camo capri's and a white tank top-

Angel: -shuffles her papers in her lap and looks at the camera- Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my show!

-motions to the seven chairs beside hers- Today we'll be talking to the seven hottest guys of Naruto on what they think about fangirls.

-glares at the camera- Where the hell are they Drake!

-man behind camera shrugs-


-voices from backstage- SHUT UP WOMAN! WE'RE COMING!

-Neji, Naruto, Sasuke, Kiba, Shikamaru, Kakashi and Gaara walk out onto the stage and sits-

Angel: Ah! -narrowes her eyes- It's about time. What were you doing back there?

Shikamaru: -points at Kiba- He was whining about his dog not being able to come in.

Kiba: -growls- It's not fair!

Neji: Dogs aren't allowed.

Naruto: But they should!

Sasuke: Shut up Dobe.

Gaara: ... .

Kakashi: -is reading his book- (suprise suprise)

Angel: -sighs- Stop arguing. Security! Get Akamaru and bring him in here!

-Akamaru bounces into Kibas lap-

Angel: Okay, lets get this started. -looks down at her papers- I'm going to ask each one of you the same questions for the first part. Sasuke, you're first.

Sasuke: Hn.

Angel: what do you think of fangirls?

Sasuke: -galres- I hate them. Their annoying.

Angel: how did I know that was what he was going to say? Moving on...Kiba.

Kiba: -pets Akamaru in thought- I have a fan club?

Angel: You wouldn't be here if you didn't.

Kiba: Oh...well...I don't really care. It be nice to have a girl...but not someone who hangs on me all the time.

Shikamaru: She's not asking you what kind of you you like.

Angel: Shut up Shika. You're next.

Shikamaru: They're troublesome.

Angel: -runs a hand down her face- why do I do this to myself? Gaara.

Gaara: -stares at her-

Angel: -sighs- Kakashi?

Kakashi: -is reading-

Angel: I have a lighter and I know how to use it.

Kakashi: -looks up- I don't like them. Tsunade's the only one for me.

Angel: Uh-huh...Okay...Neji.

Neji: I agree with Uchiha. They're annoying. They constantly have pictures of us on their computers...and insist on puting us guys together.

Angel: -Quickly hides her computer and changes the background from Neji to stars- Eh-heh...okay.

Neji: -narrowed his eyes- hiding it is pointless.

Angel: -squeals- No! Don't take my pictures!

Neji: Who are they of?

Kiba: -snickers- They're of you!


Neji: N-nani!(1)

Angel: Moving on! Naruto you're last!

Naruto: -looks up- What was the qeuestion again?

Angel: -slaps her forhead- Dear God...what do you think of fangirls?

Naruto: -scratches the back of his head in thought- uhhh...they're okay I guess...will they help me train?

cuz I'm the nexy Hokage! Belive it!

Angel: -hangs her head in exhuastion- Comercial! Please Dear God Put up the damn comercial!


(comercial break)

(At Sakura's house)

Hinata: P-poor Angel-san...

Tenten: yeah...good lord she must have a headache.

Sakura: I can't believe she has pictures of Neji!

Ino: What fangirl dosen't?

-they all sweatdrop- True...

Sakura: I bet TenTen has alot of them...

Tenten: W-what! No fair! I've seen your collection on both Neji and Sasuke!

Sakura: -covers Tentens mouth-

Hinata: Y-you have p-pictures of Neji-niisan?

Ino: -smirks- you must show!



-London bridge plays as the show fades back in-

-slowy fades-

Angel: Welcome back to the show! Sorry about the comercial...I needed a serious asprin.

Shikamaru: So troublesome.

Angel: I'm troublesome? You guys have got to be the most clueless people I know!

Naruto: -is singing ' i'm a little teapot-

Angel: Never mind. Okay...Now...Gaara. Who's you're top two favorite girls in the show?

Gaara: -shrugs- What's the pink haired girls name?

All together: Sakura.

Gaara: Her and and Temari.

Angel: -scribbles it down on notepad- okay...Kiba.

Kiba: Hinata and Sakura.

Angel: -nods and scribbles again- Kakashi.

Kakashi: -looks up- Sakura and Tsunade. The two strongest women in Konaha.

All the boys: -grummbles to themselves- you got that right.

Angel: -laughs nervously- what did they do to them? is..Naruto.

Naruto: Oh!Oh! Sakura and Hinata!

Angel: Okay! -scribbles it down- Shikamaru.

Shikamaru: Ino and Temari.

Angel: -raises and eyebrow- okay...-writes it down- Sasuke?

Sasuke: I don't really care.

Angel: -narrows her eyes- answer the question.

Sasuke: Why should I?

Angel: -cackles evily and pulls out a stack of papers- okay..I'll just scan all them pictures of you and neji and you and Naruto all over the audience...I may even give them to the girls...

Sasuke: Fine. Sakura...uh...are their any others?

Angel: That's fine. -writes it down- Neji?

Neji: -Closes his eyes and rubs his temples- Sakura and Tenten.

Angel: Okay! Lets tally up the results...

and the winner is...

In a tie for 3rd- Ino, Tsunade, and Tenten.

in a tie for 2nd- Hinata and Temari

and in 1st place, by a shocking 6 votes- Sakura!

-Everyone claps-

Shikamaru: -sighs- can we go now woman?

Angel: That's it for our show time we'll have the girls!

Naruto: -gasps and points at Angel- Your're a girl!


-Naruto's thrid season ending plays with credits-