I'm Dedicating the Chapter to my Best friend Roku, because when we play DDR, this is what he calls us!


Note: (HEY! Go check out the song I listen to while writing this! It's called Dancing Beat by Kouki Miyata! Listen to it while reading too...the energy of the song and the energy of the chapter mix...I even got up and danced for inspiration!)

Angels Naruto Show!

Dumb Dancing Retards! (DDR)

-'Dancin' Beat' from Sukisho plays in the background as a girl in a white tank top and blue jean shorts slides in through the left stage entrance. She spins around on purple-socked feet, microphone in hand and singing at the top of her lungs-

Angel: -singing- imasugu yuuki dashite, Let's Jump! -Jumps-

Director: -buries his face in his hands and starts to cry-

Itachi: -stands next to director, he chuckles, arms folded over his front- Live wire isn't she?

Director: Kill me now!

Itachi: -waves him away- No can do. She's the boss and she wants you to stay.

Angel: -still singing- Everyday every night, dance with me!

-Audience starts to dance, clapping hands and dancing in their places. Then, from out of nowhere comes Rock Lee in all his spandex glory, he pulls up beside Angel and starts singing and dancing as well-

Director: MY EYES! -runs away crying-

Angel: -Spins around again, then bows to her audience- Welcome back everyone! As you can see, my first guest of the day will be Rock Lee!

Rock Lee: Hello My Youthful Society!

Audience: HELLO LEE!

Angel: I decided to throw my Directors script out the window(Literally), and do something a little bit different! -smiles as Itachi walks onto the stage-

Itachi: you always do something different.

Angel: -grabs him by the arm- And this grumpy person would be my new assistant, Itachi Uchiha!

-Fangirls go crazy-

Rock Lee: -grins- It seems as though your popularity has not diminished one bit Uchiha-san!

Itachi: -snorts and crosses his arms again- Of course not.

Angel: Of course not! -Turns to the audience again- Today, we have Rock Lee and the Akatsuki! I even got Leader-sama to join us!

Angel and Rock Lee: -high fives, spins in a circle and puts their thumbs up and out- YOSH!

Itachi: -slaps his forehead-

Angel: And nooooooow...-waves her hand out the the right stage entrance, the music once again starting to play- THE AKATSUKI!

-Groans come from behind the stage and a trail of men in black coats with clouds and silly straw hats step out onto the stage. One hat gets thrown off and a bouncy blonde bounds ahead of the others to start dancing with Angel and Lee-

Sasori: DEDIARA!

Deidara: -is ignoring him- No can do Danna-sama!

Kazuku: -shakes his head- Don't even bother.

-Kisame walks out, shedding off his hat and begins to do the 'Disco'.-

Angel: That's the spirit! -does the disco with him-

Leader-sama: -walks up to Itachi and lets out a sigh, watching as the rest of his crew jump in to dance, well...except for Sasori and Kazuku...- So this is your new job?

Itachi: -nods-

Leader-sama: -appears bored, but looks up at him- Wasn't this supposed to be a talk show?

Itachi -Dots appear over his head, then he falters- Oh yea...

Angel: -still dancing- Come on everybody, if you're playing the song at home, get out of your chair and DANCE!

Rock Lee: -does the Cleopatra- YES YOUTHFUL ONES! DANCE! -breaks out the DDR machine-

Kazuku: DDR? You're all CRAZY!

-Everyone laughs- WE KNOW!

-He growls and storms off stage, leaving Sasori to round up the dancing people. He trips on a cloak on the way to the machine and lets out a frustrated sound-

Angel: Oh come on Sasori-chan! -grabs his hands and helps him up- Lets dance, dance, dance! -hops away to do the Cleopatra with Lee on the DDR-

Sasori: -scowls-

Leader-sama: -pats Itachi's shoulder- Great job. I'm glad you found something that brings out your personality. -then disappears-

Itachi: -nods- why thank...hold on..was that an insult?

Deidara: Danna! Come dan...-blinks-

Sasori: -does the robot-

Hidan: -giggles and does the same thing-

Kisame: -walks up to Itachi, breathing heavily- Wow, some party.

Itachi: -rolls eyes- This isn't a party. It's a talk show.

Kisame: -tilts his head at Angel and the rest of Akatsuki in the middle of the stage- Really...? Well, she's got some serious 'talking' issues.

Itachi: Actually, she never shuts up...-he sighs- but I guess a little dancing never...-he looks back at the audience, who's dancing in the chairs, on the lights and every flat surface they can find- Hurt...

-Everyone grabs Itachi's hand and drags him to the middle of the stage, he groans as Angel puts him on the Machine with colored arrows-

Itachi: -grumbles- DDR?

Angel: -smiles while doing the wave beside him- Dance Dance Revolution!

Itachi: -snorts and glares off at his former group as they do the worm- more like Dumb Dancing Retards.

Meanwhile in the back of the studio...

The director is crying his eyes out and ripping all the scripts up, because this whole thing was pointless! He should have just let her do her own thing!


(or is it...? o.O)



How to explain this...


I finally parted ways with sanity?

Blessed be,