(A/N: Okay first I need to thank a few of my reviewers for the idea for this sort of poem 'sequel'. Melody visits her father's grave when she turns sixteen. Sadness!)


Daddy, I Wish You Were Here

Silent Ravencroft


I never knew you

That has never stopped me before

Mother says great things about you

How you cared for her

How you loved her

She says that when you died

Part of her soul died as well

Then she told me

"I was lucky it was my demon side."

Mother says I look like you

I think I look like her

I'm sixteen now

Old enough to be a Titan

Mother doesn't want me to fight

She says I would die

Like you did

Sometimes mother cries at night

The Titans are worried for her

I always hear her calling to you

Or to me

Or to him

You know she lied

She told me

That she could only love you

But she loves him now


Does love die after sixteen years?

I don't think it should

She hasn't visited you in a while

She deserted you

Daddy I will never desert you

I think I can tell you anything

So I need to tell you

I love someone

His name is James

He's Richard's son

I think he likes me too

Just Daddy

Don't tell anyone my secrets

Mother says your never coming back

But I still wish

With all of my heart

Daddy, I Wish You Were Here