Norse Mythology VS LotR

This fanfic is about what would happen if the characters from Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok were stuck in the Lord of the Rings dimension. It should prove entertaining to fans.

Disclaimer—Due to the headache my mom gave me over the last fanfic, I have decided to nip this in the bud. In other words… I don't own any characters in the fanfic. The ones I have created will have this symbol when they first appear. Just thought I'd warn you in case you get confused.

List of Norse gods that will appear

Loki-Dark god of mischief and tricks

Heimdall-watchgod of the gates to the Realm of the Gods

Yamino- aka Midgarsomr-second son of Loki

Fenrir-First born of Loki-looks like a HUGE wolf

Thor- God of Thunder- his companions is his beloved sword Mljonir

Freya- Goddess of Love-(Possible lover of Loki's perhaps?)

Fen/ Kiri-chan- Girlfriend of Heimdall. Is younger than she appears.(A lot younger!)

Frey-Aka Mysterious thief-god of fertility and roomate of Heimdall

List of LotR characters that will appear

Gandalf-Wouldn't be an LOTR fanfic without this wizard in it!

Elves-Basically the cast from the books and a few of my own

Dwarves-Same as elves

Humans-Same as the elves and dwarves

Hobbits-Same as the rest

Ents-The walking, talking trees

Orcs-They just have to DIE

Balrog-I had to add him in here. No fun otherwise!

Saruman-He needed to be put in his place anyway

Sauron- Same as Saruman

Wargs- Overgrown wolf creatures

Dragons-Yes, there are dragons in Lord of the Rings

I hope that covers all of the characters! If I underline the name it means that that character is the one I'm comparing to LotR. That covers the first chapter. The next one is where I start comparing the Gods against the LotR and what would happen if they cross paths. Will be compared in the same order as listed Also, the reason that the Black Rider and Gollum are not featured is because both wouldn't even bother with them. That and I was too lazy to add Ring Wraiths at the last minute.