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Warning: Some explicit language.

"I love you and I always will" Kevin said softly to Jayden as he was being pinned to the wall before his throat was slit by the demon, yes, thee demon. Jayden just stared in horror as her boyfriend for 3 years was gushing blood from his throat. The demon was getting close to her but she couldn't move. But suddenly….

"Jayden drop!" ordered by a man

Jayden was startled and did what the man ordered. The man aimed the gun at the demon but it disappeared before he had the chance to shoot it.

"he'll be back, common!"

"no! I won't leave him here!" said Jayden while staring at his boyfriend's lifeless body.

"we have to go!" yelled the man but Jayden was very hesitant.

"honey, look, I'm sorry about your boyfriend and I swear we will hunt this son of a bitch down and kill him for what he did to your mom and your boyfriend!" and with those words, Jayden's dad grabbed her hand and they ran to the van before the demon came back.

On their way home, Jayden was staring out the window crying her eyes out. When they were getting close to their home, she spotted a black classic car & a truck. She wiped her tears away and she began to worry.

"dad, who are they? and whose taking care of Darleen!" she began to panic.

"calm down, they are family friends, remember Sam? Sam Winchester?"

"umm, yeah, little Sammy, doesn't he have a snobby older brother? Den wasn't it?"

"Sammys not little anymore and its DEAN honey, and he's here too and…" he was cut off by her daughter

"oh great! DEAN always ordered us around when we were young, I mean geeesh, hes only two years older than me and he acts like hes god!" Jayden started laughing.

Somehow the sight of her daughter laughing made him light up inside. He knew that for that moment Jayden was forgetting what just happened. He wished that he could pause time and let it stop right then and there so that Jayden's laughter would be endless. But he very well knew that the laughter will soon be replaced with tears.

All of a sudden, Jayden's laughter stopped and there was a complete and utter silence.

"dad," she began to cry, "Sam's girlfriend, the same thing killed her, that thing that slit Kevin's throat, it's the same"

"how did you know that and how did you know about Sam's girlfriend"

she had a hard time answering the question but then she finally said it…

"the demon told me"

After a few moments of silence, Jayden wiped away her tears and then she followed her father to the door.

"was I late? Is she ok? Did you save her? Where is she?" Sam questioned

"slow your roll Sammy" said Dean

"Jason, where is she?" said John in a concerned voice

"I'm here Mr. Winchester" she slowly walked into the living room where she saw John, Dean & Sam

"I told you, call me Uncle John or John" he told her

Jason went to the kitchen to start dinner. Sam was glad to see his childhood friend is well and he hugged her.

"sorry Jay" Sam whispered in her ear

"I'm sorry too Sammy" she replied

Dean was staring at Jayden in total shock. He couldn't believe that the girl he used to tease and order around grew up to be, in his own words, hot. He was still staring at her strangely.

"Dean, what? I don't bite"

"I wish" he thought to himself.

"Jay! Jay!" a little girl screamed out of no where

"Darleen! Hows my favorite little sister?"

"I am your only little sister and I'm happy that your back, wheres Kevin?" she said in a cheery voice

Jayden tried to hold back her tears…

"he's at home honey" with tears starting to fall down her cheeks

"dinners ready" said Jason and she took Darleen to the kitchen

"umm, dad, thanks for making dinner but I don't feel too hungry" Jayden said with tears falling down her face…

"its ok, I understand, if you get hungry later the food will be in the fridge"

Dean & Sam looked at Jayden as she went upstairs to her room. Both hoping that one of them could comfort her but they knew that Jayden needed her privacy, especially now.

When Jayden finished changing her clothes she slumped herself in her bed and cried. She kept thinking about the words that Kevin said and she cried even harder. The pain in her heart was growing. She couldn't stop it. But finally her mind drifts off as she quietly sleeps.

few hours had passed

All of a sudden Jayden jolted right up her bed gasping for air. She realized she had a nightmare but that nightmare happened before. She dreamt about the events with the demon, Kevin and her. The image of Kevin's throat gushing out blood. She went to go downstairs to grab something to drink. She saw Sam & Dean asleep in their living room.

She went into the kitchen and took a glass of water but her tears then again began to trickle as the thought of the dream she DID happen. The lights turned on and Jayden jumped…

"holy shit!" she said

"wow, easy it's me"

She turned around only to find Dean behind her with nothing on but his boxers. She admired his toned body (I mean who wouldn't) Dean saw tears in her eyes and went to hug her. As he did so, Jayden continued crying on Dean's naked chest.

"it's ok I'm here for you" Dean assured her.

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