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It has been a few hours since Jayden was in the operating room. Rachael was asleep soundly in her room. The doctors checked Rachael and said that she was okay but she would wake up with one hell of a headache. Sam was holding her hand resting his head next to it. When Rachael would stir, he would immediately jolt up looking at her face. He would lay his head back down when her eyes were still closed. Meanwhile, Dean was pacing back and forth in the waiting area. He ran his hands across his face in frustration and guilt. He was fighting with his conscience. 'Dean! This is all your fault, you slept with a slut! You hurt Jayden, put her in danger…' his inner battle was interrupted…

"relatives of Jayden Paterson please" the doctor called out

Dean half-ran to the doctor. He was worried, really worried.

"I'm Dr. Blake" they shook hands and Dean introduced himself "are you the boyfriend?" he asked

'I wish' he thought "umm….uh….family friend" he said in a low voice

"oh, where are her relatives?"
Dean really have the time to give a history lesson to this guy, he just wanted to know if Jayden is okay. He sighed

"her mom died a long time ago, her dad and sister are in a hospital" he said in an annoyed tone "is Jayden okay?" he said bluntly. The doctor had a surprised look.

"she lost a lot of blood and there was some damage in her…."

Dr. Blake's words were lost in Dean's head after he heard the word "lost a lot of blood" and "damage". He looked town on the floor. The doctor noticed that Dean was phasing out.

"sir?" the doctor snapped a finger in front of Dean's face.

"oh, sorry"

"as I have said before, we have repaired the internal damage and we did a transfusion"

"so she will be okay?" he said a bit more happy

"well, she will wake up with a sore stomach after the stitches but she will be fine"
Dr. Blake saw the relief wash over Dean and he smiled at him.

"she's asleep, and you can see her" the doctor looked down on Jayden's information "she's in room 208, next to her cousins"

Dean shook Dr. Blake's hand and said thank you and headed for Jayden's room. He slowly crept inside so that Jayden won't wake up. He looked at her and guilt washed over him again, she had a heart monitor, the beeping noise was the only thing audible, and she also had an iv, she looked so helpless, weak, fragile and he caused it.

"hi Dean" said Jayden. Her voice was low and raspy, she was groggy too. Dean was surprised and quickly walked to her side.

"go back to sleep" he said softly while rubbing her cheeks with his thumbs

"can't…stomach hurts too much, damn that Kendra" she closed her eyes, hoping to get back to sleep

"shhh, easy, your safe now, she's gone" Dean pulled a chair from the corner and sat beside her holding her hand

"thank you," she gripped his hand tighter "….for saving me"

"hey, no problem"

They sat in silence for what seemed like hours, holding each others hand. Dean couldn't take it anymore, the silence was killing him, he needed to get this out in the open.

"Jayden" he said nervously

"yeah?" she sounded weak

"I love you"

Jayden didn't know how to respond to this. Well, she knew he loved him back, maybe it was the time for her to show her feelings. They sat in silence again. Dean started to get anxious, he wondered what will Jayden say or if she will even say something. She let go of his hand. Dean felt upset and hurt but that soon changed…

She placed the hand Dean was holding on and caressed his face. She looked intently to his eyes and said… "I love you too"

A smile spread across his face. He stood up and leaned over Jayden then he stared deeply into her eyes and started kissing her. Jayden's heart monitor started to beep faster as Dean was kissing her. Finally, he broke away with a smirk on his face and Jayden turned bright red. They both stared at the monitor.

"that's embarrassing" she said pointing to the monitor

"so, I make your heart do flips huh?" he raised an eyebrow

"obviously" she giggled but then stopped, she was in pain "do I make your heart go crazy?" she said with a smile

"since the day I met you" he smiled back

"the day we met, we were kids and you kept making fun of me"

"I was making fun of you because I like you"

Jayden yawned, she was really tired now. Dean saw that there was enough room for him to snuggle up next to Jayden. So he went to right side, the side without the iv, and laid next to her. Jayden snuggled onto his chest and he put his right arm around her, careful enough not to misplace anything. Few minutes later they fell peacefully asleep.