Chapter 5

Jack stayed at the bar till almost 2 a.m. Karen had gone inside for her usual drink, but that was all the business the bar had that day. Karen tried to get Jack to go home, but he got angry and stumbled over a few bottles of wine and fell to the floor.

"Come on Jack, into bed you go." Duke grumbled, rolling Jack into bed. Jack swung at Duke, but missed horribly and passed out in his crumped matress. Duke shook his head, remembering how drunk he used to get after his daughter June left. Mana would stay up late at night waiting for Duke to come home so she could clean up after he threw up all over the livingroom. Sometimes Duke would call her a bitch and throw glasses at her, she would take it, just as angry, and leave the house.

Duke looked back at Jack, hoping he would never grow up like Duke, he hated himself so much. Jack peered at the front door, his last image was of Duke slowly closing the door, and blackness overtook his humble house.

The light gleamed into his room, so bright it was unreal. He glanced at his clock, 6:35 a.m. "Oh fucking shit!" Jack moaned and rolled out of bed, slamming straight into the hard wood floor. He was covered in an obscure smell, which made him throw up on the floor numerous times.

Jack finally was able to get up, stumble into his bathroom, and jumped in the shower, clothes and all. The warm shower slowly melted away his migrane, and flushed his disgusting sense of smell. He slowly took off his dirty clothes, and stood there in the steam. The mist ate his body, every inch of it, swallowing him. He sighed, there is nothing better than the shower after a hangover... Jack was done in about 2 hours, he looked like a wrinkled man.

Jack pulled on a pair of shorts and a flowy white tee shirt. He was not in the mood to do work, so he brought the Harvest Sprites to do the work for him. He was so happy that buying all that flower could really pull off in the event of a massive hangover.

Jack ran to his mail box after eating an apple, and there was nothing, no sign of life. A spider was there though, a lonely spider, which unfortunately bit Jack. He smashed it with all his might. The bite began to swell and become tough as the minutes drew by. Fuck, first a hangover, now this stupid shit. What the fuck! Jack was in no mood to play around with anyone, not even Popuri if she were up to it.

Jack marched out of his farm, letting the tiny sprites work their best. He slammed open the Clinic door, walking in on a very intriguing conversation between the Doctor and Elli. They were secretely in love, and that is why Elli had always cared for the Doctor.

"Elli, we can't just get married. What about our carriers? What then Elli? You want to work don't you?"The doctor asked, holding onto her tiny shoulders. She was wearing yellow today, the Doctor's favorite color. Jack had never seen Elli look so pretty with her short layerd brown hair, those bright blue eyes, and she was just too cute to imagine. The doctor looked very upset, he was always strong. He had never been a weak one,especially for a girl.

"Look, I don't care, I love you James! Can't you see that? I don't care about this, the reason I took this job was because I was love struck! I LOVE YOU DAMN IT!" Elli started to cry, in tiny sobs. Jack slowly edged back to the door. He was so happy they did not hear him open that door to begin with.

"Elli, I...I don't know what to say...Can you have dinner with me tonight at the beach? We can talk then...Okay?" Elli shrugged and nodded. A tear fell from her eye, like a tiny star falling to the sea.

Jack slipped out the door, but knocked a vase down, and it shattered to pieces. Elli and the doctor looked up surprisingly, and there he was. In all his glory. The hung over, spider bitten Jack.

"I did not see you there Jack!" Elli said, sniffling a tiny bit. Jack sighed and walked foreward. The doctor had gone back to his desk in the other room.

"Elli, are you...okay?" Jack asked, placing a hand on hers.

"Y-yes, I'm fine. The doctor will, OH MY GODDESS JACK YOUR HAND!" Elli shrieked and jumped back 50 paces looking down at the huge swollen hand. Jack sighed again, little more like a yelp actually. The doctor rushed in and looked, he growled and rushed Jack inside.

"When were you bit?" He asked, grabbing a few viles of medicine.

"About 10 minutes ago, what bit me? I knew it was a spider, but fuck Doc, look at my fucking hand!" Jack screamed in horror as it started to swell his arm.

"Good, that's enough time. Here!" The doctor had a seringe and stabbed Jack in the arm. Jack yelped and jumped up, looking at the doctor angrily.

"SIT DOWN!" He screamed, Jack sat back down and took it. The doctor gave Jack two more shots and brought him to the examination table.

"Doc, what the fuck bit me?"

"Brown Recluse. Look, it'll get better, some cases cause death but I highly doubt you'll die. I got you in enough time. Just stay there. You're taking a load off for today. I'll tell someone to leave a note that you're in the hospital if someone is looking for you. Now you need sleep." The doctor gave Jack a few sedatives, and Jack slowly drifted asleep, seeing the doctor run back to Elli. He could not make out what they were saying but Elli was crying again. He hated it when women cried.