Title: The Difference
Pairing: RikuxSora
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Warning(s): Slash, sap, strange lack of plot
Summary: The difference isn't as subtle as it might seem.

A/N: Explinations are for suckers!

"No! I won't let you! You almost died because of me!"

"No, I didn't. I almost died for you."

"There's no difference!"

"Oh yeah?" Cool hands cupped his face, turquoise eyes met blue.

"Y-yeah. Either way you'd be dead, and it would be my fault!"

"No, Sora. If I died for you, it would be my fault." He was pulled closer, drowning in the ocean of his friend's eyes. "And it would be worth it."

He blushed, and while his mind wanted to push away, his body couldn't manage it. "Riku...what...?"

The silver haired boy smiled gently and brushed his lips agianst the brunette's, then kissed a trail to the other boys ear. "Don't you get it, Sora? The difference between 'because' and 'for' is love."