Kiss of Fate

By: Esa MaRie


Ever wonder how your first kiss is going to be? Well, that's a problem for Mikan because she already got hers and Natsume will never let her change that fact. Sorry, I sucked at summaries… just read on. NxM

Chapter 1

The night was dark and solemn as the sound of nightly creatures overwhelmed the grounds of Alice Academy. A girl with long brown hair was walking alone the cursed path into the Northern Forest. Her eyes were blank as if devoid of soul. Her feet seemed to have a mind of its own, walking into a an unknown destination. She wanted to turn back but the presence of a mysterious and dangerous power was controlling her body. As she neared a cave, she could feel the hairs from her nape slowly standing up. She saw a shadow move from the cave. Her eyes grew wide as the figure of a man emerged and slowly coming towards her. Her lips began to tremble as he approached her. She looked around trying to find some other ways to escape but he was too fast. There was no escape. She felt his harsh grasp of her arm, then her eyes widened when she saw him holding a….


"Why the hell did you scream, Mikan?"

"You screwed up the whole story!"

A bunch of 16 year-old girls complained as the intensity and mood of the story was completely destroyed, butchered, slashed by one idiotic girl who didn't know the difference between a romance story with a little suspense and a horror story.

An auburn-haired girl lifted her teary eyes from the pillow that she was clutching as if her dear life depended on it. "B-but it was so scary!", she whimpered.

"What do you mean scary? It was supposed to be a romantic tale, you fool!", the cat-like girl Sumire yelled.

"Oh no! So what happened, Sumire?", Anna asked, eager to know the continuation of the story.

"Jack was holding a ring, of course, and asked Jane to marry him and they lived happily ever after. The end!", Sumire snapped.

"Not fair!", Kaede complained. "You skipped several parts of the story."

"Blame it to that idiot!", Sumire pointed to Mikan.

Groans were heard all over the room. Once Sumire is pissed off, nothing can change her mind.

The girls of Alice Academy High School 2-B were currently having a pajama party in Hotaru's room. Being a 3-star student, Hotaru's room was large enough to accommodate 15 hyper active sixteen year-olds. Giggles and laughter were heard all over the room as they tackled one topic to another. As expected of teenagers, the favorite topic will always be…

"Hey Mikan, have you ever been in love?", Nonoko asked.


"You'll never get a good answer from that idiot.", Hotaru murmured.

"Hotaru!", Mikan cried.

"Oh! I'm wondering who's gonna be the lucky guy to give me my first kiss…", Anna sighed.

The girls began squealing and giggling.

"I want my first kiss to be very romantic!"

"My first boyfriend kissed me right after I said yes to him."

"I want to experience my first kiss on top of the ferris wheel!"

"He should bring me first to a romantic candlelight dinner before I'll allow him to kiss me."

"I want to experience it at the beach, during sunset!"

"How about you, Hotaru? How do you want your first kiss to be?", Mikan asked.

Everyone stopped talking. Hotaru Imai's opinion on first kiss? Now, that would be very interesting…

Hotaru handed her a long piece of paper. Thirteen curious girls began to squeeze into Mikan trying to get a glimpse of what was written.

"Ouch! Wait, let me see first! What's this?" Mikan looked into the paper. "A diamond jewelry set, a Porsche, a mansion, $10 million yen allowance per month… What the hell is this?"

"He should be able to provide me those before I allow a guy to kiss me.", came the emotionless reply from Hotaru.

Everyone sweatdropped.

"That's so unromantic, Hotaru!", Anna commented.

"Yeah, it's not as if you're gonna marry him. We're just talking about who's going to be your first kiss.", Nonoko said.

"Aren't you a little excited to experience your first love?", Kim asked.

"I'm an inventor. I need funds. I need money. If love comes along, there should be money with it.", Hotaru grumbled as she munched into her food.

"How about you Mikan?", Kaoru asked. "I've heard that Akira Souma is courting you."

Mikan blushed.


"He's so cute!"

"Ah… well… hey, I think I'm getting hungry…", Mikan said trying to change the topic, blushing deeply as she thought of Akira. Groans were heard. Mikan knew that her friends were really curious but she doesn't want to talk about it now. Akira Souma… he just transferred to the Alice Academy a month ago and is a senior high school student, one year older than them. With dark brown hair and green eyes, he was simply gorgeous and the girls were crazy about him. He easily became one of the most popular boys in the academy, almost at Natsume Hyuuga's level, although many would still consider the latter the more handsome of the two. But most girls would prefer to pursue Akira since he's much nicer than Natsume. Natsume Hyuuga, second year-class B… the mere mention of the name is enough to spark different emotions among the students – admiration for his good looks and intellect, and fear for his power and temper. Despite the rise of Akira's popularity, Mikan was not really interested in him until one fateful day…

- Flashback -

"Oh no! I'm going to be late again!", Mikan cried as she hurried into the corridors when… BAMM! Mikan found herself sprawled against the floor.

"Your strategy to catch my attention is really unique, Polkadots.", Natsume grinned as he stared down at Mikan.

Mikan looked down and gasped as she noticed that her skirt had flipped up exposing her lacy polkadots panties. "YOU PERVERT!", Mikan screamed as she quickly stood up and lunged at Natsume.

Natsume side-stepped and dodged Mikan's attack.

Mikan felt herself falling into space and began to expect another embarrassing scene in front of Natsume when she felt her body crashed against someone and a pair of strong arms caught her to stop her from falling.

"Hey, are you alright?"

Mikan was still in shock and it took her several seconds to realize that she was actually in a boy's embrace.

"KYAHHH!", Mikan screamed as she pushed him away, her face bright red. She lifted her eyes and met the gentle green eyes looking at her with concern. She glanced around and saw several students looking at her with amused expressions until her eyes met a pair of angry crimson eyes. Mikan suddenly felt fear with the way Natsume was looking at her that she backed away and ran to her classroom without saying thank you to the other boy who saved her.

After class, Mikan heard a little commotion from her female classmates.

"Oh my, it's Akira Souma!", one of her female classmates whispered.

"What is he doing here?", her companion whispered back.

"He's cute!"

"It looks like he's waiting for someone."

Mikan continued to pack her things. 'Akira Souma', she thought. That name was beginning to become popular these days. She heard that he was a new student and a handsome one too. She glanced at her left and was surprised to see Natsume looking intently at her. Then he smirked. Mikan narrowed her eyes and snubbed him, then headed for the door. She stopped in surprise when she saw the guy who saved her leaning against the pillar as if waiting for someone. He smiled when he saw her, his handsome face seemed to have brightened, then walked towards her, totally indifferent of the gazes of the people surrounding them.

"Hi!", he greeted with a smile.

"H-hi!", Mikan stammered as she greeted back.

"Mikan Sakura, right?", he asked.

Mikan's eyes widened. "H-how did you know my name?"

"I have my own sources.", he replied with an amused look. "You owe me a thank you this morning."

"Eh….ah….I…", Mikan was blushing as she scrambled for words to say.

"By the way, I'm Akira Souma.", he extended his hand to her as he introduced himself, which of course Mikan accepted. Akira stared at their linked hands then lifted his gaze to her golden orbs. "Can I invite you for a snack, Sakura-chan?"

And that was the start. They became fast friends, although many are doubting that Akira's intention is only friendship. And Mikan couldn't help but be flattered. Akira is a great guy. He's sweet, charming, and thoughtful. And he makes her laugh. He's not courting her, but what if…

"Earth to Mikan! Earth to Mikan!", Sumire yelled.

"Huh?", Mikan stared at Sumire with a bewildered look.

"Mikan was daydreaming!", Karen teased.

"Idiot, it's already night.", another girl countered and laughter was heard all over the room.

"So Mikan, how do you want your first kiss to be?", Nonoko asked.

Mikan blushed again. "Well… of course, I want it to be special and romantic. And it has to be the boy that I truly love." Mikan closed her eyes and tried to imagine a scene with Akira. "Night time would be more romantic I think. We could sit under a tree and gaze into the stars holding each other hands."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! That's so nice!", Anna sighed.

"Hmph!", Sumire snapped. "For me, it doesn't matter where or when, as long as…." Her eyes suddenly sparkled. "As long as it's Natsume-kun! Oh my Natsume!" Sumire closed her eyes and held her blushing cheeks.

The other girls began to talk animatedly about how cool and cute Natsume is.

"Idiots.", Hotaru whispered but stopped when she saw Mikan's stunned expression. "Mikan?"

Natsume? Natsume? The name began to register into Mikan's mind and a scene from a long time ago flashed into her memory.

She and Natsume were sitting on one of the branches of the Sakura Tree. She got angry with Natsume and began calling him names. All of a sudden, Natsume grabbed the front of her dress and pulled her towards him and kissed her long and hard.

She pushed him after she almost couldn't breathe. "So that was a kiss, eh?", he commented after. He then jumped from the tree and left her shocked and blushing from what had happened.

M-my f-first k-kiss! Mikan's mind was screaming in frustration. M-y first kiss was with that bastard Natsume!


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