Title: Compromising Positions

Date: 09/08/2006

Author: carpenyx

Rating: PG-13 (Slash-y)

Pairings: Jayne/Mal

Spoilers: None.

Disclaimer: I do not own.

Summary (Prompt): Five times Jayne and Mal find themselves in compromising and questionable positions with each other.

Compromising Positions

Mal and Jayne were overjoyed for getting the bounty without havin' to resort to guns and fists that they embraced each other; moments later they pulled away from the unmanly hug, clearing their throats and went about their business.


It was a very compromising position when the turbulence caused Mal to be sandwiched between the wall and Jayne. "You might want to look into that," he muttered eyeing Jayne's hand that was pressed against his buttocks.

Jayne quirked a brow, glancing down at his hand and he hesitantly removed his hand from the captain's ass with a smirk.


Jayne has been itchin' for a decent fight when Mal decides to gives the good ol' drunken bum a mean left-hook. Jayne jumps at the chance to join the fight and when he's about to deliver his own punch to the bum's buddy, he gets pummeled, collapsing to the ground; moments later, Mal is lying on top of him.

Mal starts grumbling 'bout stupid folk, struggling to get back up onto his feet, all the while Jayne has a smirk on his face as he stares at him. "What're you starin' at?" he questioned, looking at Jayne.

Jayne smirked again, "It ain't nothin'."

And to Mal's surprise- feeling a little somethin' hard pressing against his thigh, it was somethin'.


It's when no one is around that Jayne finds himself staring in the Captain's direction and Mal is pacing back and forth cursing the Alliance, Badger and everything in between.

During the captain's tirade, Wash brings Serenity in for a bumpy landing and Mal loses his footing, landing on Jayne's lap. Both look into each other's eyes, holding the gaze much longer than what would be appropriate and that's when the mechanic decides to run into the mess hall going on about strawberries.


During a heated argument with Kaylee regarding Inara, Kaylee suddenly stops and gives Mal that look indicating someone is behind him. He thinks it's Inara when he whips around, cupping their face and planting a kiss on their lips, deciding to heed to Kaylee's advice and take a chance.

Kaylee widens her eyes, "oh my," she gasps.

It takes Mal a few moments to figure out that whom he is kissing isn't Inara and he opens his eyes, looking into Jayne's eyes.