Rating: K

Warnings: SPOILERS! Inspired by the final episode of Ouran High School Host Club (They better have a second season, damn them!), so yeah. Spoilers.

Genre: GOD MORE ROMANCE. Can I write nothing else? And Drama

Word Count: 326 (Hey! My B-day!)

Disclaimer: See my profile for details.

A/N: 26 episodes and THEY DON'T EVEN KISS! And then all those KyouHaru hints … gah (both loved and hated the final episode).


Haruhi felt numb.

She'd felt numb since Tamaki's announcement. She got number when her debt was resolved. She got even number when Kyouya pushed her into the carriage.

But then they crashed. Really, how reckless of Hikaru, she thought mildly as Kaoru ran toward his fallen brother. He shouldn't have been going so fast.

She watched the look on Hikaru's face as he clutched his brother and asked if Tono would REALLY let them down, and suddenly her mind was flooded with images and sounds and feelings, images of Tamaki, of the host club, the feel of Kyouya's fingers tightening on her shoulders and the sound of his voice as he told her to get him back, and she could hear Hikaru explaining how, without Tono, he and Kaoru would still be alone, and how serious Honey looked as he beat the guards so they could get past, and Mori as he did the same, of lying to her father and acting cheerful and normal (of being reminded of Mom's funeral) (of her father's words to her) even though she KNEW Tamaki was ...

Was …

Calmly (suddenly), but resolutely, she pulled off the wig of long hair that she was wearing and shook out her own shaggy mop. She threw off the frilly dress and settled into the "driver's" seat of the carriage in a plain white slip. She raised the reins …

And as they cracked down, she felt something inside her snap.

And then she wasn't numb anymore, and the wind was a sharp slap against her, and the pain of loss nearly overwhelmed her, but she just tightened her grip on the reins and cracked them down once more.

And if that IDIOT thought that he was going to get away with doing this to her, to them

Then he was in for the surprise of his life, because Haruhi was coming, and nothing was going to make her stop.



(is ranting) AND WHERE THE HELL WAS RENGE DURING ALL OF THIS? She shoulda jumped out and kicked Tamaki's ass for daring to SUGGEST that the Host Club end! And then she should've kicked Éclair's ass for being the cause! (continues ranting)

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