Title: Unplugged (3 of 3)
Warnings/Disclaimers: No spoilers, FMA does not belong to me, no profit was in the creation of this story.
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Jean Havoc/ Roy Mustang
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jean didn't really have to knock on Roy's door, he had a small, indistinguishable key on his key ring, but as Second Lieutenant Havoc , it wasn't proper to acknowledge that he had a key within his possession. He was picking up Mustang as his chauffeur, not his date.

Jean didn't really have to knock on Roy's door, he had a small, indistinguishable key on his key ring, but as Second Lieutenant Havoc , it wasn't proper to acknowledge that he had a key within his possession. He was picking up Mustang as his chauffeur, not his date, and so he knocked. Usually Mustang was already out of his house, however after the last few nights, Havoc understood if the Colonel's schedule ran a minute or so later than usual. In so long, or course, that Lieutenant Hawkeye didn't find them too tardy. She would discipline the Colonel more harshly than Havoc, but he felt more compelled by his respect for Riza's strong character than her wrath.

"You didn't need to come to the door Lieutenant," Roy greeted. His ungloved hands were still buttoning the collar of his white shirt. Havoc smiled slightly, and though Roy didn't return it, he didn't feel too awkward, and kept smiling, Roy arched an eyebrow. "We're already running late, Jean."

"Not my fault, sir," Havoc replied, though perhaps he could take some of the blame seeing as he did keep Roy up at night, past the Colonel's bedtime. Roy looked like he was about to point that out, but Havoc did have a reason for getting out of the car. "I misplaced my wallet the other… day."

Roy's hand fell away from his throat and nodded. He stepped aside, gesturing from Havoc to enter his domain, which Havoc did, happy to do so. It was quite disappointing that they had such little time that morning. Havoc reminded himself not to think about it as he headed for Roy's study.

Where are my pants?"

"I think they're still on my desk…"

"Would you like a cup of coffee Lieutenant?" Roy called from behind him. Havoc smiled to himself again. Roy sounded like he wanted to forget that they didn't have time to fool around before work that morning too.

"No thank you sir, we're already running late," Havoc said. Actually, he would have liked a cup of coffee. Off ice coffee frequently scorched off his taste buds and Roy snootily bought expensive coffee. He pushed the door open and glanced around, forcibly suppressing the pleasant memories of the previous night. After all that had happened on Roy's desk though, Havoc could never look at it without a sudden lapse in proper thought process. They really had to do it again sometime.

Roy's hands surprised him when they snaked around his waist. "It suddenly occurred to me that it takes a while to change a flat tire. If the tire on the car…blew out, say, and you had to put on the spare-"

"I don't want to change any tires this morning," Havoc snorted, despite Roy laying kisses on his neck. "If you want to change the tire, be my guest."

"Come on Jean-"

"No," Havoc said firmly. Although he could have been happy with a little something before a day of endless paperwork, he did not want to kneel on the pavement under the sun to change a tire that hadn't needed to be changed. "There's my wallet."

Havoc kissed Roy quickly and pulled out of the Colonel's embrace. His wallet had landed on the floor, probably why he hadn't missed it when he was leaving to retrieve his spare uniform from his apartment. Something caught his eye as he bent down to pick it up. The telephone was unplugged. Havoc slipped his wallet, which had lost all its importance, into his pocket then reached forward and plugged the phone back into the wall. He heard Roy's boot hit the floor loudly as he shifted nervously. Havoc didn't have to be the smartest person in the world to figure out why the phone was unplugged.

"So," Havoc said, "this is why I couldn't get a hold of you this morning."

"Mmm," Roy grunted. "Jean…about the other night…" He paused, and Havoc knew that Roy wanted him to stand up and turn around, but Havoc couldn't quite manage it. They hadn't mentioned the night where Roy chased Havoc down the street, and it had been six days ago. Havoc began to believe that they would never speak of it again. The late calls had stopped, now Havoc knew why, and, in addition, Roy became more affectionate, which Havoc had taken to mean more than an awkward conversation. Which Roy was starting.

"Why…" Havoc began, cleared his throat. "Why do you do this?" He finally convinced his legs to move. "Why don't you just ask him not to call so late?" He turned and slid his hands into his pockets to keep from showing how they trembled. Havoc was surprised when he met Roy's gaze and the Colonel looked away.

"What do you want me to say?" Roy asked quietly. "I did that for you."

"I know, Roy," Jean replied. He didn't want to insist that Roy drop his friends, especially not someone Roy cared so much about as Maes Hughes. In fact, Havoc was beginning to worry. Hughes was a married man, after all. Havoc watched Roy cross the room to his desk and shuffle some papers that had to return to the office. "Tell me why, please?"

Roy stiffened but spoke. "You know I'm sorry, Jean. I… asked him to call later, before I found that you… mean something to me. Hughes and I used to drink past midnight together. Sometimes… those conversations were the only thing that put me to sleep."

"Is that still how it is?" Havoc asked. "You need him to sleep?"

"No," Roy said. Havoc saw the struggle on his face and he saw Roy triumph as they finally met each other's eyes. "I can sleep with you here."

And for all that Havoc believed that he wasn't quickest at figuring things out, he understood Roy's confession immediately. Roy wasn't stoic but he had the same fears that Havoc had about this relationship of theirs. Roy was still reserved over the whole thing, and so Havoc hadn't pushed it, not until then, but it was worth it. Getting his first I love you from Roy was definitely worth it. He still didn't know what Roy would do about those late night calls, if Roy would do something besides unplug the phone, but they were already running late.