Everything I Do, I Do It For You

Chapter 1:– The Aftermath.

Hermione awoke to find her head throbbing and every muscle in her body aching. She could feel something or someone lying on top of her. She moved her neck slightly and gradually opened her eyes. The sight that greeted her was something from an old Muggle war movie; there were bodies everywhere. She pushed upwards and the body of Harry Potter rolled off her. She had to do a double take to make sure it was him; he was of course dead but she had to be certain. She reached down and felt for a pulse, and felt none. She scanned the horizon for anyone else that was familiar. She saw Ron lying about two hundred feet to her left. She stumbled over her broken wand, which was lying in the grass next to her, to get to him. It was as if time was moving slowly, far too slowly for her liking. Ron was dead too. This couldn't be happening! Not now, not ever. No one was left alive.

She saw a lot of Death Eaters, all of whom were dead. There was a big black scorch mark about seventy feet to her right, which she figured was where Voldemort had taken his last breath. She reached up to her forehead and ran her hand across it to find a deep gash above her eyes; well, that at least explained the headache. She moved in a trance-like state from body to body; Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Hagrid, Tonks, Neville, Dean, and Seamus, just to name a few. She felt weak in the knees and went to dry heave behind a bush.

She had to run, to get out of there as quickly as possible. She made a beeline toward the gates, passing more bodies on the way.

Too much death and destruction in one place.

She reached the front gates, to see them lying off their hinges, blown apart from where they had stood. This was undoubtedly the place where the Dark Lord and his followers had come into Hogwarts less than twelve hours ago, for the final battle. She Disappartated.

She found herself in Muggle London… people were giving her weird looks but she couldn't care less. She was still in her robes, her hair was a mess, and she was bleeding quite badly, but she couldn't get rid of those pictures of everyone she cared about lying around the Hogwarts grounds, dead. Tears of anger started to well up in her eyes. She was wandering aimlessly through the streets of downtown London, weaving to and fro. She couldn't take it anymore. Taking one more step, she tripped over her own feet and melted to the ground in a heap.

Severus Snape awoke to the familiar surroundings of the hospital wing in Hogwarts. His head felt like it was splitting in two. He tried to sit up but felt a hand holding him down. He looked up and saw the grave face of Dumbledore.

"Take it easy, my boy - you're going to need to take this before you can even think about moving," Dumbledore said, a look of concern etched in his face. He held up a vial for Severus to drink.

Severus took the potion and downed it in one swallow. His head felt clearer.

"What happened? Is he gone? Where's everyone?" Severus asked, though he thought he already knew the answers.

"Tom Riddle is dead; he was vanquished by Mr. Potter. Miss Granger and Mr. Ronald Weasley played a big part in it too, protecting Harry to the end," Dumbledore said with a note of sadness in his voice.

"You still haven't answered my other question, which was where everyone is?" Severus asked. Looking around and seeing no one else in the hospital wing, he looked up at Dumbledore.

"They are all dead," Dumbledore said, with a note of regret in his voice.

Severus just sat there taking it all in, a look of disbelief crossing his face.

"What do you mean, they are all dead?" Severus asked, lifting one eyebrow up.

"Well, Minerva made it out alive, and of course myself. Some of the students who were staying here over the break are still around, but everyone else is dead," Dumbledore replied, his voice heavy with sadness.

Severus looked away. He didn't want the Headmaster to see the tears that were welling up in his eyes.

'Why me? How could I, of all people, have made it out alive when everybody else is dead?' Severus thought in anguish.

The room was quiet for the longest time, both men lost in their own thoughts. Severus finally broke the silence.

"What are we going to do now, Albus?" Snape asked, his face a myriad of expressions.

"We just have to go on and put this bit of nastiness behind us. I'm not going to promise it will be easy, my boy, but we will manage, we always have," Albus said reluctantly, looking into Severus' eyes like he was reading his thoughts.

"Well I for one am not going to lie here doing nothing. I will assist you in whatever you need me to do," Severus said, getting up out of bed. He was a bit shaky on his feet but managed to stand.

"I knew you would," was Albus' reply.

He reached for some potion vials, and with that both men left the hospital wing to find Minerva and start identifying the bodies outside.

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