Are YOU Filled With Cream?

Rating: T

Warnings: … I swore. A few times.

Genre: Humor

Word Count: 263

Disclaimer: See my profile for details.

Note: In case you didn't know, Eclair is that chick in the last two or three episodes who was "engaged" to Tamaki and looked at everyone through those weird-ass binoculours.

A/N: So I was replying LonelyWolf194's review to Numb, and was hit with INSPIRATION! (cackles and runs away)


Éclair was pretty. Éclair was graceful. Éclair was a little off her rocker. She'd even admit to being evil. But she was not evil by choice. She, like many other villains, blamed her parents.

But it really was their fault. Did you KNOW how hard it was to be named after a DESSERT? Oh, the horrors of being an adolescent with a name like THAT … she didn't even get made fun of. People would just laugh at her and walk away. (Except for those AWFUL boys and their HORRID jokes about how she was "filled with cream" and how they'd like to … ugh, she couldn't even THINK about it and not suffer a complete breakdown)

Not to MENTION the fact that the reason she was NAMED Éclair was because her father was a FAT BASTARD with an unhealthy obsession with the disgusting pastries and her mother was doped up on so much painkillers that she was unaware that she really wasn't a lime green walrus (… maybe that wasn't the painkillers, because whenever Éclair visited her, she would bark and flop away). But she digressed (within her mind).

To this day, she couldn't eat the damn things without throwing up. God the memories … as a baby, she'd been force-fed them by her FAT BASTARD FATHER.

So, when you wonder why she was so sadistic, so evil, so intent on ripping Tamaki's life apart (he seemed like such a nice boy, and was too stupid to think ANYTHING of her name) so that she could have him and control him, so determined to be the biggest bitch in the world, remember …

Her name was Éclair, and there was NO WORSE PUNISHMENT than THAT.


Erm, yes … so there?

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