Memory came to you,
Tangled in the Aspen wind
Blowing through the Great Divide
Riding on forgotten roads,
Past fading autumn fields.

Dreaming in the dark, you followed,
Back to a certain house with
Myriad windows tall and wide-
Within she awaited you,
Midnight falling into day.

Just at sunrise, she let you in
As outside the lace curtains
Hummingbirds danced to Mexico,
Mingling with Monarchs
And the distant cries of geese.

October maples smoldered red that night,
Two dark scars upon her back
She never let you touch,
Blossomed out against the moon-
Wings you'd never guessed at.

Laughing, she leapt skyward,
Leaving you surprised,
Then from the darkness
She swept you up-
There was no time to scream.

Upon the wind she carried you,
Wings booming like a sail,
High above the clouds
Your shadow dark upon their backs,
The jet stream in your hair.

She released you into the wind,
Teaching you how to ride the storm,
In freefall she seduced you,
Wings delicate as your foreskin
Cradling you as you fell.

The harvest moon rolled away,
The horizon bleeding pink,
Wings now turning silken limp,
She brought you back-
Unseen before the dawn.

You carried her smallness into the house,
Turning to close the door.
With a rustle, she slipped away-
Into the room she never shared,
A floor you'd never walked.

Uninvited, you slept upon her couch
The house silent all around you;
Stormclouds gathered overhead.
Past twilight you wandered room by room,
The kitchen clock ticked slowly.

A door creaked open as you passed.
You walked within, boots hard-
Ringing through the shadows.
In the bed you'd never shared,
She lay still and quiet.

November sleet hissed against the windows,
Her black-gold wings stir at your touch-
Inviting you to join her.
"Enjoy my house until the spring."
Comes silently from her lips.

Boots off, you lie down beside her
As the first snow falls on All Saint's,
Laughing to yourself-
Her velvet wings enfold you;
Not all fairy tales are lies.