200 words, anime-verse.


Good Eats


Lead Crow finds herself wasting time watching cooking shows lately, and she's not sure why. In fact, she finds herself not just watching them, but writing down the ingredients and instructions, and then trying her hand at making the dish. She isn't sure why she's continued to do so after the first few colossal failures, one of which set off the smoke alarm and had Tin Nyanko running around, screaming and jangling and knocking things over until Crow kicked her out of the kitchen.

Siren wouldn't have panicked in such a way; she'd have put one hand to her cheek and made a little, "Oh my," noise, and she'd have been generally frustrating as always. But not frustrating the way Nyanko is, Siren is—was—never frustrating in that way.

Crow isn't really sure why she's dilly-dallying around like this, squandering time in the kitchen when she should be looking for Star Seeds. If she doesn't find them, she'll meet Siren's fate. Still, knowing this, she's spending far too much time at the stove and trying not to think too hard on it.

The truth is, these days, the only thing she's sure of is that pasta isn't supposed to crunch like that.


(la fin)

(je suis si triste et ça me fait avoir faim.)