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"Hang on!"

I couldn't believe it, here I was, my existence at it's end but he still refused to see it. I suppose that was my fault though, for years I wished for this day, seeing it as the only possible relief from my hell. And during that time I refused to see the hope he was trying to give, not being able to see I didn't want hope. No, that's not right, I wanted to hope but I couldn't. So much had happened, so much had changed, it was my punishment though right?

"Don't give up!"

I vaguely heard him and the faint noise of sirens in the distance. Was it the ambulance or the police? Likely both after all I'd done. That's my fault too though; at least that's what I thought. So many people disagreed with that but I couldn't see how. Ofcourse twice as many people would be glad to see me lying here in my own blood, the knife still loose in my grip and a searing pain through my chest. I don't regret what I did though, not just now and not what I'd done before now.

"----you've got to hang on,"

I only heard the second half of what he said, my senses fading quickly and I shut my eyes, finding the light of the room too bright to handle with the throbbing pain coursing through my body. It wasn't only my sight and hearing that was failing, my body felt like it was numbing, the smell of blood growing fainter as my breathing grew shorter, but I could still taste the blood in my mouth; metallic and distinct, suffocating me.

"Please------don't leave me!"

I vaguely heard his voice plead. I must look like a fool lying here like this, balancing on the line between life and death but falling to one side already. I wanted to apologize, apologize for so much but I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see him anymore, I couldn't hear his voice begging me to hang on. What's worse was that I couldn't stop thinking, and it kept me from sinking quietly into the oblivion that awaited me.

And there you have it. This is just the prologue and there will be more! In fact I'll get the first chapter up tonight...well more like this morning now that I'm looking at the time. As a side note this is the only part of this story that is in a POV, the rest is all 3rd person. How do I know this? Simple! Because this is one of the storys which has been crafted out in my head and on paper already and is being tweaked for perfection before I submit a chapter.

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