This really needs no introduction from me, as I'm finished with this story. It's been a long tedious effort but is finally tying off with this. I thank all readers who too the time to follow the story, and can not tell those of you who reviewed how much I truly appreciated it. This is not the end of the Mad-TopHat-Ter! Oh no! I shall be struck by another plot and invite you all to keep an eye out for whatever creation I concoct. And now, without further ado, I present to you the last part of Carpe Diem.


Cait Red Studios, Loft

East Side New York, NY

Sunday April 1 2007, 6:00 PM

'Three months…it's been three whole months,' Tala thought as he sat on the couch staring blankly out the window. It had been three whole months since that night the Governor came to the loft with the intention to kill both him and Kai. Tala sighed shakily at the memory and looked down at the floor beneath his feet.

The damage to the loft had been repaired and the 'peace' that was the East Side returned. The Governor's death had caused much a stir but some clients that Kai had worked for in the past used their influence and it was brushed off as a suicide and the whole mess quieted down. It wasn't suicide though. It wasn't and Tala wanted the world to know Kai was the one who killed the sorry bastard. That was the way it should have been but…Kai didn't want that.

Kai was the kind of person who did whatever it took in life to get where he needed to be, but never did he want the recognition for it. That was just the way he was… Tala looked back up out the window and took a shaky breath, trying not to think about the sad memory.

The loft was quiet without Kai. Even if he wasn't always talking his presence spoke for itself and said enough sometimes. Tala liked that about him. If he didn't feel good he could just come lie down by him and feel better.

"What's wrong brat?"

Tala smiled and looked up over his shoulder, seeing that Kai was leaning over the back of the couch watching him. "Nothing," he said, patting the seat beside him.

Kai stood up straight and came around the side of the couch and sat down beside him. Three months ago he'd been shot and nearly died, the doctors thought for sure he would; but being stubborn as ever he pulled through and made a full recovery back to his usual Kai self, "Nothing?"

"Just thinking," Tala told him, smiling and leaning against him contently.

"Such a dangerous habit," Kai said as he wrapped an arm around him. With the Governor dead they were free now, finally able to truly belong to each other without having to hide it or worry about the consequences. This is the way things are supposed to be, this is the way they found the most happiness, this is the way they wanted life to stay.

"Hey Kai?" Tala said, looking his eyes up to Kai's face.


Tala smirked a little and nuzzled against his neck, "Make me another picture."

Oh honestly, did you really think I'd kill Kai?

Your loving bohemian, Mad-TopHat-Ter