"Sesshomaru-sama! I picked a flower just for you!" Rin exclaimed happily, holding up a delicate petunia. The cold demon lord spared a glance at the object in her hands, then continued walking.

"Rin, dispose of it immediately. I will not have any distractions during our quest," Sesshomaru ordered carelessly, throwing a casual cold glance to the servant toad a mile away. "However, we will leave Jaken to catch up with us later. Come."

"Hai, Sesshomaru-sama!" Rin saluted, then ran around in circles, tossing the flower in the air. Following behind obediantly were Ah and Un, the two-headed dragon allowing their current master to lead them. Rin giggled and tugged affectionately on the reigns of Ah and Un.

"Haiyaku, Rin," Sesshomaru said from a ways ahead, yet his voice still reaching the young girl's ears. The demon lord used his excelled hearing skills to listen for the pitter-patter of the girl's usual rush to catch up. How did he end up taking care of this dreaded and hated species (as how they were seen to all yokai), while he wouldn't let even a powerful human lord in his very presence? His own appearance mattered more then any filthy human or lowly mortal. Holding back the unusual urge to sneer, Sesshomaru walked on. His tolerance of this low life did not matter, for his quest to find his detested half brother's sword was in mind.

This Sesshomaru did not pity. But this Sesshomaru did not save random dead victims on a whim, either. For the time being, he would allow this unimportant one to choose him to follow. Her life did not matter, for he simply revived her to test his sword's power.

Didn't he?

To question himself was not wise, for it might bring other beings to believe that the lord did not suit his position because of strangness and unnatural behavior.

'As this Sesshomaru will tolerate your being here, your life does not rest in my hands, Rin,' Sesshomaru thought to himself, not noticing the corners of his own mouth lifting up in amusement, as the said girl grinned sweetly up at the powerful, stony, icy, cold lord.

Or so he was known to be.