By: Hiki-chan

"Oh, why is that your favorite, Sasuke-kun? Is it because we get to go to the beach and you get to see us girls in bikinis?"

Sasuke mentally rolled his eyes before smirked lightly.

Sakura was on the edge, did he really want to see them in bikinis?

"You really want to know?" Sasuke asked, almost purring.

The pink-haired girl nodded animatedly. Sakura was already melting into a puddle, maybe her dream could really come true.

"No regrets?"

"None..." Was the whispered reply.

Sasuke's smirk widened before he leaned back against the tree.

"It is because the clear blue sky reminds me of his clear blue irises," Sasuke started first.

Sakura sighed, he liked her! He liked her clear blue... Wait, she didn't have- Eh?

"His?" She gasped.

Sasuke ignored her and continued, "Not only the sky, but the cool blue ocean. The beach has a golden-yellowish hue, also, the hot sun, reminding me of his sun-kiss hair."

Now, Sakura was gaping.

"Summer is the season of fun, and never ending energy," He spared the shocked girl a look, "and stamina."

In Sakura's head, while she was canceling out all the boys she knew, once the word stamina came out...

"Summer is joy, and although it does make you feel hot and irritated at times..."

Sakura's mind halted, oh my...

Sasuke now started to walk away, but after a few steps, he turned behind and smirked again, "It's worth it in the end."

With that said, Sasuke stalked off, leaving Sakura standing there in shock.

"H-H-He... likes..." Sakura blinked once before a small smile appeared on her face. "Kawaii!"


First Naruto fanfic! Please go easy on me. Reviews make me write more! XD