Ryou: Hello everyone. Normally Angela would do her own disclaimer, but the poor thing has come down with pneumonia so I've agreed to do it for her today.

Bakura: No you didn't, you were forcibly guilted into it with tears, some coughing and the puppy eyes.

Ryou: ...Same thing. Anyway, she doesn't own Yu-Gi-Oh, Bakura, me, or anything really. No sue.



I allow beauty like gardens of exotic flowers to remain unharmed by my soiled hands because they remind me of her and her beautiful smile when I'd steal them from the Pharaoh's garden just for her.

I allow people to laugh near me even when it's annoying because I'd remember the sound of her laughter and how it never failed to make me laugh too.

I don't stab every mushy lover couple I see out of annoyance because I remember that I once loved her. I still do.

But I don't allow Perfection. If I see it, it's destroyed. I hate Perfection. Call me evil all you want, you should be thanking me. Perfection will be shattered and your heart broken and you'll be left standing in its wake screaming in emotional anguish because for the second time the only thing you love has been cruelly ripped from your grasp and torn to shreds in front of your very eyes. The pain is too much, the price too high. I'm an angel of mercy, destroying Perfection before it destroys others.

Do you want proof that Perfection is not worth it? That humans waste their petty lives chasing for all eternity a fragile dream that only ends in pain? I only have my tale to tell. And I will never tell that. Look elsewhere if you wish for proof.

She always hated Perfection. She loved me and she knew we'd found ours. And oh how she hated it. She cried over it. She knew the price of Perfection and still she loved me anyway. To the end. The bitter end.

You destroy everything Pharaoh. I hate you as much as I hate Perfection. Because of you, I'll never see her again, here or in the afterlife. I'll never hold my angel again, never see her smile. I'll never smell her, hear her, taste her. I hope you rot in the deepest level of hell. All I have left of her now is a cheap Duel Monsters card of her Ka. Yes, you wondered why the Dark NecroFear was so familiar. Now you know. I don't keep favorite cards Pharaoh, but for her, I'll make an exception.

I'm waiting Pharaoh. For you to find Perfection. Though I'd be saving you from it, it'd be a sweet, sweet revenge to be the one who rips Perfection from your fingers just as you begin to feel human again. Just as you did to me so very long ago. It'll hurt Pharaoh. You'll cry, and scream, and wish and beg for death a million times over. And I'll be glad. You bastard.

I hate Perfection. For her, it's not allowed in my perfect little world.


"The problem with Perfection is it never lasts... It shatters far too easily, and I don't ever want it to end. So I'll just close my eyes instead and pretend. It's much safer for both of us that way. We can go on for ever and ever... Just please Bakura. Don't let go just yet..."


Ryou: That's that. She'd like to mention that being sick usually does odd things to her brain. This was one of those up at five because I'm sick, can't sleep because I'm coughing, weird things. Hope you enjoy it.