Title: Three Kisses

Rating: G, PG at most

Timeline: Sometime in the future/ Non-Canon

Disclaimer: I don't own it, I'm not making any money from it, and any similiarity to any other story not my own is coincidence.

Author's Notes: Spoilers for "The Return" and inspired by general spoilers for Season 3.

Three Kisses

Their first kiss was nothing life altering; the stars didn't stand still, there were no fireworks, and the heavens didn't tremble. John had merely brushed his lips briefly against the warm skin of Elizabeth's forehead. It had been a friendly gesture; a kiss hello after his return from his court martial hearings for disobeying Landry's orders when they had fought to get the city back from the Replicators.

The second kiss was unexpected, brought on by the giddy euphoria of having survived the attempted bombing of the city. It had been passionate, and hungry, and over all too quickly. Afterwards, John and Elizabeth had agreed that it had meant nothing; a natural reaction to the heat of the moment, and something that would never be repeated.

Their third kiss was tender and quiet, a simple goodbye to possibility as John and Elizabeth danced at her wedding. And it was life altering…