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Authors Note: I decided that since I had nothing better to do that I should write a fic that I would not normally write. Normal is Bella/Edward. This isn't.

All of the kids were out today, and the house was silent. There were just the sounds from outside. Two arms slipped around my waist and I was held against my loves body. Perfectly formed to fit in my arms. It was like she was made to be in my arms; held and loved. I breathed in the scent of her and held it in. Perfection. Edward thought that Bella smelled like Freesia. Well I thought that Esme smelled of love and uniquely like her. There was no way to describe her accurately.

I turned around in her embrace and held her close. She rested her head against my chest, where my heart was. Even if there was no sound emitting from it, I am sure that it was just as comforting. Leading her to the sofa, I sat down, with her next to me. Wrapping my arm around her shoulders I rested my head against her hair. Silence.

There was a slight pitter patter against the roof, signaling that it had started raining. It was comforting.

"Love you." It broke the silence, but that was okay. We had forever for silence.

"Forever." We didn't need a lot of words. They weren't needed. Just being here with each other was enough. I kissed her on the head. I remembered the day that I saved her life. She had been in so much pain, and there was no reason that she could fathom for her to stay on this earth. I had been hesitant, but in the end my need for companionship won out.

Everything was going to be fine and that was what mattered. No matter what may come in the future we could face it. We had each other, and we had the kids, and now we had Bella. What can't you face when you have the powers of truth, trust, and undying love? As far as I could tell, there was nothing.

A car pulled into the lot and we both heard the heartbeat. It was Bella and Edward. Separating, I gave her a sweet kiss, and then we walked to the door preparing to greet our kids. Those few moments that we got to be together. The moments of silence. They were worth fighting for.

Opening the door I smiled. The silence was broken, but we had eternity.

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