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A Hope A Dream

Chapter 2 - Epilogue

Danny awoke with a weight on his chest; nothing too heavy just a comfortable warm heat on his chest. Opening his eyes Danny was met with a mess of black hair that smelled like lilacs. Smiling as he pulled the weight tighter against him and sighed contently as that familiar smell invaded his thoughts and lulled him back into a peace full dreamy sleep.

A few hours later Danny's eyes fluttered open again this time the heat messing and panic suddenly rising in his chest panic taking over all rational thought. Danny transformed mid jump from bed and hovered several inches about the floor scanning his bedroom for any sign that earlier hadn't been a dream. Seeing nothing to indicate anything out of the ordinary Danny shot through the wall and into the living room coming face to face with a very sleepily look Sam trying to get his stove to work. Transforming back Danny dropped to the ground with little grace and rushed over to wrap Sam in a hug and confirm that she wasn't just a hopeful delusion.

"Damn thing," Sam thought to herself as she again tried to get the stove top to light so she could boil some water for tea. Just as she was reaching for the igniter again she was grabbed from behind and wrapped in a warm hug that sent chills down her spine and cause those familiar butterflies to resurface in the pit of her stomach. Calming her emotions Sam turned around and hugged Danny back pushing him away from her for just a moment looking into those deep blue eyes and seeing the worry that was evident washed away by overwhelming relief. "Ah Danny, are you OK?"

Danny just smiled and continued to stare into those beautiful amethyst eyes. Danny leaned down and captured her lips in a gentle kiss allowing his love for her to be conveyed through the kiss. Her tongue gently traced the outline of his lips asking entrance into his mouth. He answered by parting his lips and using his tongue to map every aspect of her mouth delighting in the taste that was only Sam.

They parted after a moment and Sam leaned into Danny's chest. Danny wrapped his hands around her waist and placed his head in the crock of her neck smelling that lilac scent he loved so much. "I was afraid that you were only a dream," Danny confided lifting his head and looking again into those eyes that he could get lost in for the rest of his life.

Sam laughed at Danny's confession and couldn't help but let it out audibly. Danny pulled away from her and eyed her quizzically feeling slightly hurt by her reaction. Sam saw the hurt feeling flash in his eyes and immediately regretting her little outburst of laugher. "Danny, I'm sorry, but you have no idea how long I have wanted to know that you left that way," Sam said closing the distance that Danny had made and once again kissing him.

Danny smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist as her hands made their way around his neck. "I'm glad that you want to be here as much as I want you to be," Danny mumbled into the kiss trying his best not to interrupt it but wanting to get his point across. Sam smiled back and deepened the kiss letting him know that she understood what he had said.

After the kiss Sam finally broke spoke up point over at the stove and shooting Danny an accusatory glare, "why won't this thing work?" Danny just laughed and walked over turning on the gas and allowing the tip of his finger to glow a bright green he shot a small ecto-blast at the stove and it lit in a bright green flash. Sam shot him a death glare as she places the kettle on the lit stove and stood with her arms folded over her chest.

Danny smiled and ran his hand through his messy black hair and chuckled to no one in particular. "Well, the igniter went out and because of this," he held up his finger and once again allowed it to grow a bright green, "I didn't bother to get it fixed." Shrugging his shoulders Danny took a seat at his dining room table and smiled at a frustrated Sam.

"Well, Mr. Fenton if you expect me to move in here and be the future Mrs. Fenton then I want that shove fixed today," Sam said slinking over and sitting in Danny's lap wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him lightly on the check. Sam absentmindedly played with the small sliver band on her left hand.

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