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Eight years later

"Daddy!" called the oldest Hatake daughter, "Daddy tell us a bedtime story,"

"Why can't mommy tell you a story, Maia?" Kakashi asked from the doorway of the children's room.

"Because you were telling us a story last night, Daddy, and you didn't finish it," Maia said seriously. Kagome finished tucking in their youngest and shot her husband an amused glance.

"She's got you there you know,"

Kakashi sighed and resigned himself to his fate. "Alright then," he said, settling down on the foot of the bed that Maia and her younger sister, Sango, shared.

"I'll go finish up the dishes," Kagome said as she slipped out of the room, "Good night you three,"

"Night Mommy," Maia and Sango called. Tatsuha just stared after her from his crib, too young to talk yet.

"Alright, you two know the drill. Lie still and I'll tell you a story," Kakashi sighed heavily, making himself comfortable, keeping a studious eye on his children, "Where did I leave off yesterday?"

"The handsome ninja had just rescued the princess from the evil warlord-wannabes," Maia said. Sango nodded agreement.

"That far? Hmm, well alright then. Let's see. The handsome ninja decided that it would be best if he joined some of the princess's friends to fight against the people who hired the evil warlord-wannabes. The princess had many very powerful friends that loved her very much and were very upset at what had happened to her. Her friends were ready to leave with the handsome ninja but he managed to convince them to let him come as well since he loved the princess very much,"

"Enough to marry her?" Sango asked.

"Even more than that," her father nodded, "But the princess's friends did not want the ninja to come along with them because they did not think that he would be able to protect himself against the dangerous people that hired the evil warlord-wannabes. It wasn't until the ninja showed them a magic sword that the princess had given him that they agreed,"

"A magic sword? What did it do?" Maia breathed in awe.

"Hush and you'll find out," Kakashi reprimanded her gently, "When the princess's friends saw the magical sword they let the ninja come too. See, the magical sword was only to be given to the one person that the princess trusted more than life itself. It was made to protect her. And since the handsome ninja had the sword the princess's friends were honour-bound to let him come. It took them days to track down the evil person that wanted to hurt the princess so much and when they did find him the ninja was surprised. For the person they were hunting looked just like any good prince out of the tales. But he wasn't. No, this villain was as bad as they come. The princess's friends wanted to kill the villain but the ninja knew that if the princess heard about that she would be very sad. The last thing he wanted was for her to be sad. So he proposed that they try something different," he paused dramatically. "He had found out as they were traveling that the magic sword the princess had given him could do many things a normal sword could not. When the princess's friends were talking about what they would do to the villain the sword was talking to the handsome ninja. The sword told the ninja a way to deal with the villain in a way that would not make the princess sad,"

"What?" Sango breathed, eyes wide.

"I'm getting to that," Kakashi said dryly. "Anyways, when they had the villain all tied up so that he could not get away the handsome ninja asked if he could be the one to exercise judgment on him. The princess's friends did not really want to let anyone else deal with the villain but they let the ninja anyways. The handsome ninja drew his sword and did something that no one else could do,"

"What did he do, Daddy?" Sango asked, itching to sit up and crawl over into her father's arms.

"The handsome ninja and the magical sword Hogosha wiped the villain's memories clean and turned him back into a baby. He then gave the baby to the villain's brother and sister to care for and raise right since the brother and sister were good people who had no part in their brother's wrongdoing. This way the villain could not hurt the princess anymore and the princess would not be sad that someone was hurt because of her, even if they had hurt her quite a bit. Everyone was happy and the handsome ninja went back to his princess and they were married very soon after and lived happily ever after." he stood and kissed his daughters on their foreheads, "Now go to sleep you two," he brushed tender fingers through the fine baby hair that dusted Tatsuha's scalp, "You too, kid,"

"Night Daddy," Maia and Sango said as he closed the door to their room.

Kakashi flipped off the hallway light and padded silently through the dark living room to the glow that emanated from the kitchen. The radio was playing a soft tune that had Kagome swaying lightly as she dried the last of the pots used for the evening meal. He leaned against the door frame and watched as his wife of the better part of ten years danced to the music, her hips swaying in time and how her short hair brushed her shoulders. She was so beautiful, his Kagome.

He grinned when he realized that she still had not sensed him. Testing his luck he crept up behind her. It wasn't until he had his arms around her shoulders and was deftly plucking the pot and towel from her hands did she realize she wasn't alone.

"The girls asleep?" she asked, twisting her head around to smile at her husband.

"I think they're plotting what mischief they'll get into tomorrow at school," he shrugged and kissed her full on her lips, one of his hands dropping down to splay protectively over her pregnant middle, "Think we'll be able to survive?"

"Hope so," Kagome giggled a little, "What about Tatsuha?"

"Doing a fine impersonation of a very adorable log,"

"Maia's instructor at the academy visited today," she said, trying to ignore the fact that Kakashi was paying quite a bit of attention to her neck, "Apparently she's an 'unexpected' repeat of Lee-kun,"

That got Kakashi's attention, "No chakra?"

"None that anyone at the academy can see. I was thinking that we should let her continue taking classes but request that she be excused from practicing jutsu," Kagome suggested, "Either Lee-kun or I could train her in her holy heritage instead. Lee should be back from that mission that Sesshoumaru requested a priest for soon after all,"

"Sounds good to me," he turned his attention back to her neck, working up to her ear. Kagome squeaked.

"Don't you have to leave early in the morning?" she asked, trying to distract him from his pursuit.

"So what?"

"You should get some sleep,"

"Only if you're with me,"

"What about the dishes?"

"They'll be there in the morning," Kakashi steered his wife through the house towards their bedroom and said imperiously, "Come woman, I demand you pay attention to your neglected husband,"

"Neglected my fanny. What do you thing you are doing Hatake-san?" Kagome mock frowned. Kakashi kissed her anyways.

"Having my wicked way with you, of course,"

"Oh, well in that case," Kagome turned into her husband's embrace and submitted entirely to his will.

His princess. Her handsome ninja. Their happily-ever-after.

"Oh, by the way, Shippou called and said that he's bringing his family over next week,"

And all the strange in-laws that came with the princess.


AN: and there you have it. My first KakaKago romance. Sequel is on the way.
'Shippou's Romance' Preview:

'Why don't you have a girl yet, Shippou-kun?' Kagome's voice echoed through his mind in a relentless circle. He sighed and informed his secretary via the intercom that he would not be taking any calls or visitors, clientèle or otherwise. Like the good little employee she was she agreed instantly asked if he wanted his schedule cleared. In the matter of a few minutes Shippou's schedule was empty. He leaned back in his wonderfully comfortable chair and draped a hand over his eyes, allowing his human illusion to drop in the knowledge that his battle-axe of a secretary would die before she allowed anyone through his office doors.

"You're five hundred years old and counting old man," he muttered to himself, "Have you been doing something wrong for Inari-sama to have refused you a mate for so long?"

So he wasn't all that old in a youkai sense but even for youkai half a millennia was a long time to go without getting mated. His adopted mother had no idea how close to home her words had struck him. She had found her mate and was now doting on their first child, a daughter. Maia was adorable, tugging at Shippou's heart and dredging up his longing to be a father himself, something he had stamped down centuries ago.

But now he had a 'little sister' to drag back all his old desires.

With a small smile Shippou dug out his cell phone and flipped through the directory. Finding the desired number he selected it and waited for the connection to go through. It rang three times before it was picked up.

"Hello?" Boy, she sounded tired. He hoped he hadn't woken her up from a nap or something.

"Hey momma," he greeted, "I didn't wake you up, did I?"

"Shippou-kun?" Kagome suddenly seemed more awake, "No, don't worry about me. How are you doing? Do you need anything?"

Ever the caring one, he smiled to himself. "No, I'm fine. Work's keeping me busy enough, I guess. How are you doing?"

He heard Kagome sigh, "I'm fine. Tired, but that's normal. I haven't been sleeping all that well since Kakashi left on that long-term mission a week back."

She sounded worried. Not unexpected when a mated couple is separated. "Do you know when he'll be back?"

"Not for another week at the least," she tried – too hard – to sound normal. The worry leaked through anyways. He had centuries to learn how to read people by voice alone – handy when talking on the phone. He did not have to see his mother know what she was feeling.

"You're worried," he stated.

"Of course I am," At least she did not try to deny the fact. "He's out risking his life and I can't do a blessed thing about it,"

"He'll be fine," Shippou assured her, "He has a family to come home to,"

"He'd better come back. I refuse to conduct his funeral ceremony," she snorted.

"Good. Keep thinking like that. By the way, how's Maia-chan doing? My little sister doing her big brother proud?"

"Unfortunately. You know, I really think letting you babysit that one time was a mistake. She's acting too much the kitsune for the well-being of my nerves," Now Kagome laughed, "You really should see her. Kakashi's been teaching her how to throw kunai – blunted of course. She's really good! Even though she's only almost three she's already been accepted into the Academy. Oh! Shippou-kun, I have news," She sounded excited, on the edge of her seat excited.

"What is it? Good news?"

"You can't tell Kakashi. I just found out yesterday that I'm expecting another baby,"

"Really? How far along are you?" This was good news. He couldn't stop himself from grinning like a fool.

"Only about a month. It was the morning sickness that tipped me off." She laughed brightly, "Won't Kakashi be surprised when he comes home!"

"Oh hey," Shippou sat up, "That reminds me, do you have any plans for next week?"

Kagome was silent, thinking, "I don't think I have much of anything planned," she said slowly, "Why?"

"Mind if I come up for a visit?" he asked, "The office is starting to get to me,"

"Not a problem!" he could hear her smile, "I'll get your room ready. When can I expect you?"