Date Night – Chlarky sequel to "The 2:00 a.m. Booty Call Plot"

By Denise (kdsch123)

Chlark romance/Clois friendship

Part One – Preparations

"I'm just saying, if you want my help, Smallville…" Lois said, following Clark up the stairs toward his room. She no longer lived at the Kent farm, but still treated the farmhouse as her home. Her steps were lighter on the steps than Clarks, but they fell in an almost identical rhythm.

Clark frowned, not turning around to look at her. "I think you've helped enough, Lois, I really do. Besides, I think I know Chloe well enough to know what kind of date we should go on." Clark went over his plans again, roses delivered to Chloe at the dorm, Chinese food from their favorite place, and then the Mid-Western Monster Truck Extravaganza at the Metropolis Arena. It was a night of fun that he and Chloe could just relax and enjoy, with no pressure at all. The plan was perfect.

"Really? I hope you don't have tickets to the Monster Truck Rally tonight in that plaid shirt pocket of yours." Lois was scathing and Clark cursed her for her ability to read his mind. He turned, and the triumphant gleam in her eye made Clark shake his head.

"Uh…No…No, these are for Charlie Lester. He helped with the barn repairs…" He covered the tickets with his hand, and Lois stopped on the landing, head to the side. She grinned, and held out her hand.

"Right, because we both KNOW Chloe would hate that, so I'll make sure Charlie gets those. Give them here." Fingers on the outstretched hand wiggled, and Clark handed them over sheepishly.

There was no way out. Clark sighed and spread his arms out. "Lois…I…Okay, if I let you give me your advice, will you go away?"

"I will, cross my heart. I'll go far, far away." Her face lit up, and Clark wondered how such a pretty woman could be so big a pain in the butt. She bounced a little on the balls of her feet, making her long, honey colored pony tail bounce too.

Clark rolled his eyes. "Okay, shoot."

"One – She likes daisies. They're her favorite."

"I ordered roses…really? Daisies, okay." Clark made a mental note to get the daisies on his way to pick Chloe up. She deserved roses AND daisies after all the things they'd been through together. Clark turned and walked into his room, Lois following behind like a shadow.

"Two – Take her somewhere smart. You know, the museum, or an art show or something. Those Monster Truck Rally tickets are just bad…"

"I told you they were for Charlie Foster…" Well, they hadn't really been for Charlie Foster but the carpenter would appreciate them. Clark thought of a 'smart' place to take Chloe. The Planetarium was having a laserlight/star show tonight, and Clark nodded. That would be more Chloe's speed than the roar of heavy duty engines, the stink of diesel fumes and clothes ruining mud splatter. "I think I have an idea.."

"Good. Three – ditch the plaid. Don't you have anything in a solid color, Smallville? That's not a t-shirt, I mean." Lois was rifling through Clark's closet, haphazardly pulling shirts out, holding one at a time up against his chest and tossing the rejects on the bed.

Clark took the latest shirt, a red henley from Lois with a frown. "I think I can find something." She released the hanger, but was looking at his hair thoughtfully, the unruly black curls making her hands flex at her sides.

"And how are you wearing your hair?" Lois took a step closer, reaching up to arrange Clark's hair.

"Uh, Personal space violation, Lois…" Clark stepped back once, twice, and stumbled against his tall dresser, pushing the bureau three inches with a deafening crunch. Not one to be deterred, Lois plunged her hands into Clark's hair, ignoring his discomfort at her nearness. She smelled surprisingly nice, Clark thought, like baby lotion and a soft fragrance he almost couldn't place. Lily of the valley, it was soft and faint, and seemed to contrast with Lois' and her take-charge personality. He found himself wondering if the scent had been a gift from Oliver Queen. Lois was very closed mouth about their relationship – even Chloe only knew the barest of details.

"Shut up, you big baby." Lois' tongue peeked out from the corner of her mouth as she eyed her handiwork. "There. Much better. Don't you ever comb your hair?" Lois patted his cheek indulgently, ignoring his protests. Clark shook his head and looked in his mirror. His hair did look more organized, at least, and he turned back to Lois, who'd mercifully taken three steps back and had begun sorting through the few pairs of shoes he owned for the 'right' ones. Maybe Lois was on to something after all.

"Next?" Clark asked, and Lois nodded, not at all dissuaded from her search.

"Right. Four – Dinner. Chloe likes comfort food. All the stuff your mom makes and Uncle Gabe can't make to save his life. I know this great place on Morton and Westside…" Lois produced a pair of boots that Clark kept for occasions like this from the back of the closet and dropped them at his feet with a thud. "What?"

"I was thinking Chinese…" Clark told her, almost apologetically, and Lois groaned.

"Be original, Smallville. Think about it…they eat Chinese all the time at the Planet. They're the only places that deliver other than Domino's after ten."

"Okay, homestyle, check. Anything else?" Clark looked down at the pile of shirts on the bed, the shoes in an untidy heap at the bottom of his closet and suddenly wished that Lois Lane would just disappear so he could think.

"Yeah….Five – You hurt her, Smallville, you're over. I will personally end you." Lois folded her arms over her chest and glared at him threateningly.

"Lois, thank you for the tips…I think I have all this covered." Clark replied hastily, amused at Lois' threats. She nodded dubiously but began to back out of Clark's room.

"Okay…shame to finally have a date with Chloe and blow it because you were over-confident…" Lois warned, and Clark nodded, waving her out.

"Daisies, Dinner, no plaid, smart place for the activity. Check, check, check. Got it. Bye, Lois…" She waved and left the room, pulling the door shut behind her. The door popped back open, and Lois' face reappeared around it.

"Oh, and Smallville?" Lois said, her left eyebrow raised over one amber eye.

"Yes..?" Clark turned impatiently, and as Lois' grin widened, he braced himself for the one last thing.

"You so owe me a new dress." The demand was made sweetly for Lois, but Clark had no problem finding words for his answer to her. Her smile was infectious though, a trait she and Chloe shared, and Clark had to smile back.

"Dream on. Next time, you'll think twice about prank phone calls. "His reply was swift, and followed by his gently pushing the door shut. Lois' mocking laugh echoed through the upstairs hall and Clark suddenly got the feeling that he hadn't heard the last of the dress.

"Just don't screw it up, Smallville..." Lois called up to him from the bottom of the stairs. "Have fun….."