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There Piper was flipping the pages of the book of shadows for the 15th time this week looking for someone that would dare turn Wyatt evil. Wyatt himself was sat in the corner of the attic playing with his toys, when with no warning the wall at the far end of the attic began to glow blue as a young girl no more than 18 came flying though.

"oh! That hurt." the long brown hair girl said as she laded on the ground in front of Piper.

"Who the hell are you?" Piper asked with a look of shock on her face.

"I'm …Melinda…I'm from the….future." Melinda answered.

"what" Piper asked as Chris orbed in.

"Melinda?" Chris questioned as he help her to her feet. "What are you doing here?"

"Chris it's not safe for me in the future any more, Wyatt, he's killed everyone." Melinda answered holding her stomach.

"err, Chris if you don't mind me asking but who the hell is this?" Piper snapped at Chris hoping this time to get an answer.

"This is Melinda my little sister from the future." said Chris as he guided Melinda to the sofa. "Are you ok?" he asked her.

"I'm fine as long as Wyatt doesn't try to kill me again, which I don't think he'll be able to now I'm in the past." she said as she looked at baby Wyatt still playing with his toys.

"wait, did you say Wyatt?" asked Piper but before she could get an answer Leo orbed in.

"Piper I'm so sorry but I can't take Wyatt I have to follow Chris I think he's up to something again." Leo said not seeing Chris and Melinda on the Sofa.

"Leo we have bigger problems than Chris right now." piper said pointing to the people sitting on the sofa.

"so Leo doesn't trust you in any time then." Melinda said to Chris with a smile on her face.

Leo turn around at that "oh Chris….I meant a different Chris not you…. Someone else, um who is she?"

"Ok people for one I don't like people pointing at me I think that it is one of the rudest things that a person can do and my name is Melinda, I'm from the future." Melinda snapped at everyone In the room.

"Oh sorry." Leo said

Piper ignoring Leo "Did you say that Wyatt was trying to kill you?" shock with written all over her face as she looked at Melinda.

"yer, he's umm evil in the future and because Chris is trying to stop him, he's been coming after me trying to find Chris." Melinda now looking at Chris, "which I have to say he's found out. Chris he knows

you're here in the past."

"WHAT?" Chris yelled at Melinda.

"I'm so sorry Christopher he found me and cast a spell to hear my thoughts and I was thinking about you being in the past and not being able to help me and well with the spell, he found out and is coming for both of us now." Melinda replied with her sorry face on.

"Wait Wyatt's coming here?" Leo question.

"Melinda how could you be so stupid?" asked Chris.

"Oh I'm sorry Chris it's not like I have everything to take care of in the future too you know." Melinda snapped back.

"Oh great we're screwed!" Chris implied.

"no we're not we can find a way to stop Chris."

"Mel no we can't he's way to powerful." Chris said as he stood up from the sofa.

"Leo go and get my sisters please." Piper ordered. Leo orbed out and was back with Phoebe and Paige in a second, but before anyone could say a word the back wall started to glow blue again and a tall blonde man came though.

"Well is this one big happy Family I see before me?" the tall man asked looking around the room.