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Everyone looked round at the tall man but before anyone could ask who he was Melinda waved her arm and send him flying in to the wall.

"Leo get everyone out of here now!" Melinda ordered as she looked at Leo then Back to the tall man flicking her hands and trying to blow him up.

"Who the hell..." Pheobe started but couldn't finish because Leo had orbed her, Piper and Paige out of the attic.

"Chris get baby Wyatt out of here" Melinda ordered agian.

Chris ran over to baby Wyatt but he put his force fuild up sending chris backwards.

"I told you I would be coming back for you Melinda." said the tall man in a very calm voice.

"CHRIS GET OUT OF HERE OR WYATT WILL KILL YOU!" Melinda yelled to her big brother as he was getting to his feet.

"Oh i don't think so." Wyatt said waving his hand and sending chris flying into melinda. By now baby Wyatt had seen he was in danger and orbed to Piper and he's aunts who were at P3.


"Who were those two Piper?" Pheobe asked

"Well the girl was Chris' little sister and i think the guy was well... Wyatt." Piper answered trying to beleave it herself.

"WHAT? Wyatt as in him?" Paige asked pointing to baby Wyatt who had orbed in a minute a go.

"Who ever he is we have to go back and save Chris and Melinda." Leo said the the three sisters who all looked at him like he had just walked into the club naked.

"Ok i agree with Leo, we need to save Chris and, what was her name again?" Paige asked

"Melinda." Piper answered

"Oh. So we go back to the manor and save Chris and Melinda from Wyatt." Paige said taking Pheobe's hand and orbing out as Leo took Pipe's hand and orbed out to with baby Wyatt in Piper's arms.


"WYATT NO LET GO OF HIM!" Melinda screamed at Wyatt who had his arm up in the air. Chris was floating i mid air gasping for breath.

"Don't you dare order me around." Wyatt replied as he tked Melinda against a wall of the attic. Piper, Pheobe and Paige orbed in with leo and baby Wyatt.

"Wyatt please stop, he's your little brother, you can't kill him you promised mom." Melinda said not seeing Piper and everyone standing behind her.

"What?" Piper Replied with a blank face.

"Fine but i'll be back Melly." Wyatt said dropping Chris and orbing out. Melinda ran over to Chris and sat beside him.

"Are you ok Chris?" Melinda asked. She still hadn't seen everyone that was standing behind her but Chris did but didn't tell her.

"Melinda he's going after baby him." Chris said with Melinda helping him to his feet.

"Did you say Chris was Wyatt's little brother and that would make you Wyatt's little sister which means your all my kids." Piper said trying to get her brian to catch up with her mouth.

"See I knew you coming here would mean something bad would happen." Chris said to his little sister but she just looked at the floor.

"So sue me Chris i'm not the one who went back to the past leaving the rest of my family to look after themself, am I?" Melinda said back to Chris with anger on her face. "and yes Piper WE are your kids."

"OH MY GOD can you not keep your mouth shut for 2 seconds Mel!? Chris yelled at Melinda.

"HEY Chris don't yell at your little sister like that." Leo said. Everyone looked at him in shock including Chris and Melinda because they hadn't heared their dad yell at them in 8 years.

"Ok i think we should all calm down and maybe take this down stairs?" Pheobe said trying to be the peace maker before the two siblings could start to fight with each other again.

"Sorry aunt Phoebe can't we have to stop Wyatt before he messes up our timeline by doing some thing evil." said Mel as she went to the Book flipping through the pages hoping to find something to help with Wyatt.

With that baby Wyatt started to cry.

"Oh don't worry little guy I won't let anyone hurt you ever." Piper spoke for the first time after Melinda had confurmed that Chris and her were Piper's kids.



Wyatt was walking up and down a cave trying to think of a way to stop his little brother and sister from saving him because as far as Wyatt was consurened he didn't need saving. About 1 second later a demon simmered in.

"What is it?" Wyatt asked the demon.

"I have about 20 demons outside wanting to help you kill the Charmed ones sir." the demon said with a grin on his face as he bowed to Wyatt.

"Good send them in." Wyatt replied.


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