Play with Fire

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Summary: Alec and Max just love to make each other mad. But how far will they go?

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Chapter One

"It was nothing... right?"

Those were the four heartbreaking words. He knew they weren't true. They couldn't be... could they?

That kiss was just so, right. So incredibly, right.

Rachel had been the only thing that came anywhere near that kiss, even so it was different. Rachel had been his first love, Max was more like his other half.

He was sure that it was because of Logan, those four words.

It was killing him. Pretending to be friends, when you aren't. What kind of friends kissed?

Max just refused to let it faze her, he understood... well sort of.

It all started last night...

"Hey Alec?"

"Yeah whaddya want Max? I'm busy" Alec looked up from behind a stack of papers.

"You? Busy?" Max mocked. "Well I think hell just froze over!" Alec rolled his eyes and grinned. "There's the Alec I know. I knew he was buried in there someplace."

"What can I say? TC is a lot of work."

"I'd say" Max fidgeted for a few moments.

"So what is it you wanted?"

"I was wondering if you had time to come and ya know eat with me. Mole said you've been up here all day." Max blurted out.

"I do but... Maxie are you asking me on a date?"

"Oh yeah" Max snapped sarcastically. Though internally she wasn't so sure herself.

Alec tagged along with Max to the mess hall. It wasn't exactly what you could call a romantic setting. They ate, flirted a little, she punched him more than a few times and the they went for a walk.

"So Maxie? Why are walking around with me? I thought you would be with my favorite person Logan... as usual" he mumbled the last bit.

"Yeah... I don't know... I guess it just wasn't the fairytale ending we were hoping for."

Alec just nodded, it put Max on edge.

"So what's up with you?"

"What's up with me?"

"Yeah, that's what I asked."


"Bull! You are so not being yourself! Where is your cocky know-it-all comment? Why haven't you cracked one about Logan and me?"

"Do you really think I'm like that?" Alec came to an abrupt stop to face her, his tone quavering in anger.

"No, I don't" Max paused and looked at her boots. "But God it's so much easier that way" she sighed.

"What do you mean?"

Max faced him now. It was like a trap, looking into those eyes. "I mean it's easier to hate you, than this" Max pulled Alec down into a forceful, yet tender kiss. Their lips met in a perfect, tentative gesture. They parted, looking deep into each other's eyes, just for a moment, then came together again. The kiss deepened, then they stopped slightly breathless.

She pulled away from his grasp, he could only stare. Max looked away nervously, and then started to walk again. It took Alec a moment or two to absorb the moments events.

"Max?" he caught up to her, and walked beside her. "What was that?" He stepped in front of her, stopping her in her tracks.

"It was nothing... right?" he could see her struggling with herself.

He really didn't want to be another not-like-that. He just kissed another guy's girl. She was cheating on Logan. So he nodded.

"Good!" Max stammered. "Um-- I mean good right? That we-- um-- figured that out." She seemed to be trying to convince herself, more than him.

Together they walked to her place in silence. They shared a quick goodbye, and headed their separate ways.

Alec had been in his apartment since. It wasn't nothing he had futilely convinced himself. But as Max had shown time-and-time again, it was much easier to deny.

After hours of counseling with himself he decided that was it. He couldn't live without knowing if it was really how it should be.

He decided he would start now.

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