Play With Fire

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Chapter Six

"Hey Max, how did it go?" Max had been purposely avoiding this. She wasn't sure if she could face him after last night. OC and Sketchy were pissed when they finally found them, so Alec and Max sent them home in the limo. They were almost hollering about the mission and they didn't want to blow their cover, it was necessary.

That wasn't what Max felt guilty about though. After they had left Max and Alec went for the black-market drugs.


Alec slammed Max into the nearest wall attacking her lips. Max moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. Satisfied by her response he slid his tongue down her neck. Max subconsciously pulled at his dress coat.

The steady paced security guard finally passed the R-rated scene. Clearly taking his own sweet time. When she was sure that he was gone, Max shoved Alec away into the other wall of the hallway.

"What the hell was that?" she yelped still a bit a taken back. She wasn't so much surprised by him, more by her own response. Swiftly she pulled her costume back in place and straightened her hat.

"That was me saving our asses, you did see that sign back there didn't you? Well let me refresh your memory this area is restricted. I had to do something" he hollered back equally annoyed. "Besides that it isn't like you didn't like it" he mumbled.

"Whatever, let's just get the drugs and get out of here" she hissed. The last thing they needed to do was alert the guard.

She felt awful about betraying Logan. To top it off she pushed Alec away by yelling at him. She had indeed enjoyed it, and she had been throwing on-off signals all week.

"Max?" Logan watched as Max zoned out and ignored his previous question. She'd been doing that a lot lately.

"It went well we got the Tryptophan and didn't blow our cover" she half-lied.

"Good, good... Ready to go then?" he seemed somewhat distracted.

"Uh yeah... just gotta bring down the bags..."

"All taken care of" came a voice from behind. Max didn't have to turn around to know it was him. She had felt Alec enter the room when she tuned back in.

But she couldn't face him... not yet.

"Well I'll just go tell Cin were leaving then" Max walked passed Alec without looking away from the seemingly interesting red patterned carpet.


Max rested her sneakers on the dash. She had a green hoodie pulled over her head and was listening to the i-pod that Sketch gave her as a 'good-bye present'. She stared out the window absently watching the trees fly past.

Through the duration of the trip nobody said much. Logan had tried to make small talk but his words were falling flat on the floor. Isn't that how most icebreakers during awkwardness are?

The moment they stop at the tunnels Alec grabbed his bag, and left. Max was tempted to follow after him, but she decided that she had better finish this first.


"Yeah? What is it Max?" Logan said while grabbing the bags with his laptop and various other computer parts.

"This isn't working" she stated.

"What isn't working?" Logan played dumb, he knew very well what she was talking about.



Alec stopped at his apartment long enough to drop his bag off then headed to TC headquarters. Immediately retiring to his office.

His mind began to race over previous events. He still didn't understand why Max was so upset. To his understanding he was just doing what she asked. She did tell him to cover, and with seconds left it seemed like a good plan.

Irritated he tapped his pen on the notepad he had been writing on.

He had told her he liked her, and she just brushed it off like nothing. Then she still had the indecency to tease him? Alec couldn't get the logic in that. As if something had read his mind he heard her coming.

"Max! Your back, I need you to..."

"Not now Dix. Could someone tell me where the hell Alec is?" She sounded pissed, Alec braced himself.

"I think he went in his office, but Max this is important."

"I know but so is my business, so deal with it" she growled.

Her footfalls were getting lighter as she reached the door to his office. She paused before opening the door handle. Then burst into the room. Would she ever learn to knock? he thought.


"Alec... I"

"Look it doesn't matter" he insisted, really he just wanted her to go away. He didn't think he could handle this yet. Even the cold shoulder is better than 'talking it out'.

"Yeah, it does..."

"It does?" he repeated as if just comprehending.

"Could we talk someplace else. I don't think here is the right place... You know with the people who are supposed to working" she tugged the door open to find Mole, Dix and various other transgenics oddly close to the door.


Alec and Max left the office and decided the next best place would be his apartment.

"Well what did you want Max?"

"I just wanted to apologize."

"For what?" he pried.

"For playing impossible to get... I... Logan left, he's going to Puerto Rico or some bullshit..." she stuttered.

"He left? or you told him to leave?"

She paused. "Both."

The two stood in silence for what seemed like an eternity, across the room from each other.

"Well then... what does that mean?" Alec finally bit off.

"I was hoping you could tell me..." again they sat in silence before Max headed toward the door. Alec blocked her escape.

"I think we outta talk this through" Max pulled him down for a lingering kiss. He wrapped his arms around her waist, accommodating her warmth, kissing her back with equal passion.

"Me too" she whispered.

The End