How I know you

A poem by: Samantha Manson.

I respect you because you're my hero, but I also watch out for you because I care about what happens to you.

I yell at you because you make dumb mistakes, and I lose my temper, and that is my mistake.

I ask you to do things for me because I like your attention, but I also know that I may not always get your attention.

I don't think about you sometimes because…no wait, never mind, I always think about you.

I annoy you sometimes because I do things you don't comprehend. But you always forgive me, even if YOU'RE the one who needs forgiving.

I talk with you because you are pleasant to be around (most of the time). The memories we make together is like the oxygen to my lungs.

I've kissed you because at the time, your actions showed that you cared about me, and we both needed help. We were stupid.

I hug you because I need to know you're safe…and if anything should happen, I want you to die in my arms.

I am sometimes skeptical of other people because I fear they might take my place, and you'll forget about me.

I keep your secret because it's because of me you have it, I'm part of you, whether you like it or not.

I call you clueless because I'm being immature about the situation.

I feel a lot of different emotions every day. Happiness when we are talking, worry when you're fighting, sad when you ignore me and relief when you are alright. I always show these emotions, whether it be through yelling at you or hugging you. I always show them. And I show them for different reasons. But mostly because I love you.