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River was a good pilot. Not as good as Wash, but she was still extremely talented. She maneuvered Serenity through all sorts of storms and what not. She had the skill of a pilot. But she still got Mal mad when she set it to autopilot and wandered the ship frequently. Serenity was her home and she couldn't stay in one place for too long. It was a place to explore, to see things. It was so big. River loved looking in all the nooks and crannies, finding a new place to explore everyday.

River always had a sense of wonder about her. She needed to explore, to see everything. Much as she loved serenity she also loved to get off it. And see all of the planets. Especially the ones her parent's forbade her and Simon to see years ago. They had said they were full of dirt, and riff-raff. But river loved them. And she loved the nice, genuine people that she met. It gave her a feeling that home was everywhere.

Home was a thing River had not known until Serenity. She had thought Osiris was home, yet she had never felt like it was home. The Academy was never home, but Serenity was special. It was the place where both she and Simon realized who they were. That there was more to life than being proper and attending dinner parties. He had found Kaylee and River had found friends. Now that her brother was becoming friendly with the ship's mechanic River decided to get mommy and daddy together.

Inara had always taken care of everyone on the ship in a motherly way. She had a gentle sense about her and River liked her. Mal was daddy. He always looked out for his crew and had a somewhat fatherly relationship with the rest of the crew. Mommy and daddy were perfect for each other and River was going to help them realize it. It may take some work, but she knew Mal and Inara had feelings for each other and it was her job to get them together.

She also had to be cautious with Simon and Kaylee. She knew they wanted to have sex, but she was always interrupting. River knew she wasn't the number one woman in his life anymore and she had no problems with that. She would just have to leave them alone every once in awhile. And maybe stop reading their minds at dinner. It was beginning to get disturbing.

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