001: The Superior: Xemnas

002: The Freeshooter: Xigbar

003: The Whirlwind Lancer: Xaldin

004: The Chilly Academic: Vexen

005: The Silent Hero: Lexaeus

006: The Cloaked Schemer: Zexion

007: The Luna Diviner: Saix

008: The Flurry of Dancing Flames: Axel

009: The Melodious Nocturne: Demyx

010: The Gambler of Fate: Luxord

011: The Graceful Assassin: Marluxia

012: The Savage Nymph: Larxene

013: The Key of Destiny: Roxas

"Thirteen of them?" He asked. Behind the desk, the man nodded.

"Thirteen of the strongest beings in the universe… the members of legendary Organization XIII." With a creak, the man pushed his chair back and stood, beginning to pace the large, barely lit office.

"Why them?" the other man asked.

Rubbing his temple, the large man nodded as he seemed to contemplate the other man's words. "My friend", he began. "I need the Organization. I want them. They are… essential… to my goals. And I also have a personal score…"

The man slammed his strong fist against the wall. In doing so, he shook the picture frames, and one of them fell, shattering on the mahogany table below the wall. It was an old photograph, one of two boys. At the bottom was a year, many years ago, and written was this:

Even and Crive – Leaving for Radiant Garden

They looked so happy in the picture. But the photo looked so desolate amongst the shattered glass and the reflections of dancing flames from the nearby fire.

"I want them all – alive." The man ordered, turning back to his employee. "And you are to ensure they are not harmed. The file before you explains the details of your mission. You have one year." The man grimaced, shoving his cigar into the photo on the desk, the glass not fazing him. "Do not fail me."

With a forlorn sigh, the employee nodded. Lifting his face, it came into view in the firelight. He was a young man, no older than twenty, with black hair and piercing blue eyes. Tall when he stood, the man bowed low, respectful.

"Do not fail me", the employer repeated. "Orpheus."

Orpheus stood tall again, his face blank.

"One question." Orpheus began.

The employer laughed.

"Don't worry; I won't hurt your silly little crush. How is that relationship coming on?" He asked with humor and sarcasm. Orpheus smirked.

"I happen to have a date planned for tonight, if you must know."

"Pity", the man strode over to his fireplace. "What will happen once he learns the truth?"

"He won't learn it." Orpheus declared. "I will remain an enigma."

"Good", he nodded, smirking vilely. "And remember, Orpheus – you own me." Closing his eyes and sighing, Orpheus nodded.

"I will not forget."

Orpheus strode from the room. With a grunt, the man walked back to the mahogany table. The photo was there, burning from the cigar. It was burning in half – the man watched as the boy named Crive and the boy named Even were separated by the paper being burned in half. And with a smirk, he watched the flames engulf them.


One More Vacation

"Heads up!"

The cloaked man called as he dove down, leaping over the other, smaller cloaked man. Landing with a graceful twist, the air born man sliced through the air with an enormous scythe, rendering the dark enemy before him useless. A few more were near, but they were demolished soon enough, when the man leapt forward and hack them apart as well.

"Good morning." The cloaked avenger said to the other man. Removing his cape, the man sent his scythe away.

The other man smirked kindly. "Morning, Marluxia."

The man was tall, with smooth pink hair and defiant eyes. Those eyes had been filled with laughter nowadays – it seemed like he hadn't stopped laughing since the day he had become whole again.

"And what a morning. Another fine morning in the World that Never Was!" Marluxia cried, lifting his arms to the sky. The other man removed his hood.

"You seem thrilled." The other joked, his purple hair covering one eye.

"Well", Marluxia sighed. "If you must know, it's morning."


"Yes." Marluxia grinned smugly, turning to look at his friend Zexion. "And do you know on which day this morning rises?"

"Hmm", Zexion pondered sarcastically. "Tuesday?" Marluxia laughed deeply.

"A wonderful morning rising on a brilliant Tuesday; and can you not tell me what this Tuesday is?" Zexion sighed.

"A sale at the gardening store?" Marluxia cocked his brow at Zexion. The other man just shrugged.

"You are hopeless." Marluxia sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Well, if you don't know – I'm not gonna tell you." He taunted. Zexion sighed.

"It's Tuesday." Zexion moaned exasperatedly. "The day we leave." Marluxia chirped.

"Aha! Finally, you've got it." Marluxia summoned his scythe and looked the area over. "Well, this spot's clean. I guess we can end patrol now?" He asked his friend. Zexion nodded.

"Let's return. I'm eager to leave as well."

As Marluxia sauntered by Zexion, he smirked at the shorter man. "Then why'd you play ignorant?" Zexion walked with him, shrugging. He didn't say more. "Wow, man of many words." The pinked haired man smirked.

Traversing the realm of nothing, the two entered the Castle that Never Was at exactly 7:05 in the morning, just as the sun rose in the dark realm.

"Morning." Luxord yawned, still in his pajamas. Zexion nodded to him.

"Where is Saix?" Zexion asked. Luxord shrugged. Walking to the frigderator, the gambler attempted to open it.

"It won't open…" He moaned. Marluxia sighed.

"You act like your hung over every morning." He joked, walking up to Luxord. It seemed that sense he was standing JUST ahead of the fridge door, and was blocking it, it wouldn't open. Marluxia gently pushed Luxord to the side and opened the fridge. Luxord moaned when the light hit his eyes.

"Hopeless." Zexion muttered. Opening the newspaper, he began scanning it.

"I can't imagine him living on his own. He'd die of starvation." Marluxia laughed as Luxord searched the fridge thoroughly. The man sat across the Zexion.

"Hey." Marluxia said. Zexion looked over the top of the paper. The assassin pointed a finger at the paper; looking down, Zexion noticed the article and flipped the paper around;

Organization XII Lives: Zeroes turned to Heroes

I must admit that when I began this assignment, I had my doubts. I had doubts that I would find anything to put in this article, since I had been told to write about dead criminals whose only legacy was the pain they left behind.

But no more. Organization XIII, the legendary crime syndicate has reformed with all the original members; but is this a bad thing?

"The thirteen are really cool!" Young Suzy Jenkins announced happily, cuddling to a kitten in her arms.

Only five days ago, a horde of Heartless came through her home world of Twilight Town, and surely would have demolished her home if Organization XIII member's Lexaeus and Xaldin had not interfered. Little Suzy's kitten Moon was saved in the battle when number three flew up the Train Station tower to retrieve him – during the battle!

Is the Organization as bad as their legacy? Or have they reformed in truth and in heart? Are the nobodies zeroes – or heroes?

"Organization XIII is a menace to society as we know it and will be punished under all power of our law." Announced General Gabriel Vanguard of Twilight Town. Surprisingly, the beloved general is not favored in this vote.

It seems that, when it comes to Organization XIII, the great General Vanguard is outvoted in favor of little Suzy Jenkins.

Continued page E4.

"Menace to society my ass." Marluxia groaned over his cup of coffee. Zexion smiled.

"Heroes or zeroes – I like this woman's terminology." Marluxia smirked.

"Yeah, especially the part about Vanguard losing – that bastard. Last time I was in Twilight Town, the fool had me chased out of town – he wanted to arrest me." The assassin slammed his coffee cup on the table. In doing so, some coffee splashed into the air – some hitting his jacket, some splattering on the newspaper and the table, and a few drops decorating Zexion's face.

"Whoops. My bad." Marluxia grinned evilly, wiping himself off.

As he did so, Zexion grinned evilly. Taking hold of the almost empty, pretty cold coffee cup, he turned it upside down over Marluxia's head.

"Whoops. My bad." Zexion grinned. XD

"Ha ha ha, it's so funny I forgot to laugh." Marluxia rolled his eyes, inwardly laughing at himself. But he wouldn't spare his dignity so much.

"Read the article, eh?" Luxord walked over to the table, half awake. Marluxia stood and grabbed a bunch of napkins, cleaning his hair.

Zexion nodded. "I'm worried for Twilight Town." Luxord sighed in agreement.

"Ever since we got Axel back, Heartless have swarmed that place – a place that barely had Heartless before. Well, less than most worlds."

"I don't like it." Marluxia muttered menacingly.

"We'll don't kill us over it." Zexion joked.

"I might kill you for the coffee." Marluxia retorted, cleaning his hair with one hand and holding out his empty coffee cup with the other.

"Why?" Luxord asked. "The color Coffee suits you."

"Ah!" He swung again, bending his body and adjusting his aim.

"You suck at this, you know that?" Xigbar taunted.

"Hey! I'm trying!" Demyx stomped his feet in response.

"Try harder!" The cloaked being taunted. Xigbar lifted his coffee to his lips.

"You'll never win the battle if…" Xigbar moved his waist to watch as the cloaked person and Demyx moved to the right, and then the left, and so on. "You don't concentrate."

"I'm trying!" Demyx sighed.

"Imagine me as Yuffie." The cloaked person said. "You would put up your best battle if she wanted you to train her – right?"

"Actually, I would probably jump her, if you get my drift." Demyx grinned with perverseness as he joked.

"Ew." Xigbar muttered. "Didn't need to hear that, and didn't need to think of you jumping him if he were Yuffie."

The cloaked being removed his hood.

"You're simply jealous, Xigbar." Axel taunted. "If you were in Demyx's place, you know you'd want me." Xigbar shook his head.

"Youth! The impudence of youth!" Sipping his coffee, he summoned a gun with his other hand. Shooting it at Demyx's foot, the boy yelped as Xigbar began talking.

"Now, back to work! We have to leave today; do you want to do this when we get back?" Demyx shook his head.

"But I'm confused –" Demyx said. "Leon split us up so we could prepare for the big battle ahead. Why are we getting back together?"

"What? You don't want to see the others?" Axel asked. Demyx nodded.

"I do, but –"

"Today, Sora and them leave for home. We only have eight months left, so they left ahead of schedule. They had planned to help fix Radiant Garden, but Leon sent them off. Told em to take a break." Xigbar explained. With another shoot at the boy's, one at either's head, he shouted. "Back to work!"

The lab was quiet despite the breaking of the silence every so often. Only one man was in the room, working hard on his newest experiment. Nowadays, he was always at work on the project; it was very important to him.

Looking up, he felt like he was being watched. After a moment, he looked back down and got back to work. Looking his plans over, he gently picked up the vial and slowly moved it towards the beaker…


Vexen dropped the vial into the beaker resulting in a small explosion that rendered his hair and face blacked and caked with soot. Seething with anger as unending giggles met his ears, Vexen spun with a smirk to his wife.

"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that, Ariel?" He asked, trying his best not to lose it.

"You don't have to; I won't listen, anyway." She said between giggles. The man shook his head with a sigh. "Aw; don't be that way." Ariel cooed. Vexen looked away from her. With a sly grin, she took hold of his hands.

"What -?"

Ariel set his hands on her protruding stomach, about two and a half months into her pregnancy. Vexen sighed. Feeling her and the child she held within her always melted his chilly heart.

"Cheater." He responded half heartedly as she scooted into his lap.

The library was full of laughter; one person's deep laughter. In the center at the computer terminals sat Xaldin, clicking away on his computer.

"What are you doing?" Saix asked, very confused to the man's manic laughter.

"I'm winning." Xaldin cooed. "I always use to lose, and now I'm winning!"

Saix stepped up and set his hand on the back of Xaldin's chair. The man was playing poker with others online – and of all of them, he was winning.

"Xigbar told me you sucked at card games." Xaldin's look turned sour.

"I did – until I found this behind my ear." Xaldin took out of his pocket a little device, smaller than the tip of a finger. Saix smirked.

"That little toy Luxord created that gives you horrible luck. You were jinxed." Xaldin grumbled as he looked back to his game and lightened up.

"Not anymore, I'm not – this is my seventh round today and soon to be my seventh victory."

Saix shook his head, chuckling.

"Remember, we're leaving soon." Xaldin nodded. Saix stepped into the deeper part of the library, looking around.

"Somewhere around here…" He muttered, looking around in vain. Behind each shelf… was another shelf. Where was…?

"Aha." Saix smirked, looking to the window. There she was, curled up with a book beneath the window pane.

"Wake up, Mitsy."

The girl snapped awake and curled her fingers around Saix's neck.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" She growled.

"It's a term of affection; you'll get use to it, sister." It seemed Saix wasn't the only berserker in his family.

The girl was about 5'5", with a small figure and long, straight brown hair. Her eyes glimmered with the same shade as Saix's, and turning away from him she cuddled into her quilt.

"Oh, no you don't." Saix grinned, pulling it away. Mitsuka moaned and curled up, trying to keep warm. Saix smirked.

Did he finally give up? Mitsuka asked herself. She popped one eye open. Saix was leaning over her, only an inch from her face. Uh oh!

Without warning, Saix attacked her, tickling his little sister without mercy. Even though the girl was laughing, she was also begging him to stop, though, when do brothers ever listen? The girl fell on the ground, but Saix followed. Mitsuka attempted to fight back in vain.

In the doorway, a man chuckled, watching. Deep red eyes followed the siblings, and he smirked.

"Saix." The man paused in torturing his sister. Mitsuka took the chance to punch him in the face. Just as the man was about to retaliate, Xemnas called again. "Saix."

"Yes, Superior?" Saix had Mitsuka in his arms against his chest, and the girl was struggling while calling him foul names. Xemnas laughed.

"We need to prepare now; its time." Saix nodded.

"Yes, Superior."

Good morning.

Lexaeus yawned and sat up in bed.

"Morning." He spoke aloud. He knew she could hear him.

You guys leaving today?

Lexaeus nodded, wiping his eyes and throwing the blankets aside. "Yeah, and once we get there and say hello, we say good bye again. But at least it's only a year."

Only a year?

"Yeah. Could be longer." He smiled. "I'm getting dressed."

Not looking.

"Ha." He got dressed and left the room.

Whoops, mom's coming, probably angry about me skipping school yesterday. Gotta go!

"See ya, Sul."

Lexaeus stepped into the kitchen just as he finished his conversation with the invisible person. Zexion looked up to him and smiled.

"Good morning." Lexaeus smiled and greeted them all. Luxord waved sleepily, almost falling out of his chair. Lexaeus laughed and ruffled ten's hair.

Axel walked in after Lexaeus, and Demyx followed.

"Hey, y'all", Axel announced as if he was some sort of celebrity. He was being sarcastic, but even so, Marluxia lifted his foot out to trip him. Axel leapt over it at the last second, glaring playfully at eleven as he examined him.

"Love the highlights." Axel commented. Demyx cracked up as Marluxia sighed.

"Thanks, Axel." Marluxia muttered. He guessed he hadn't gotten all the coffee out.

"So, my friends" Axel began as he poured himself some orange juice. "Who will be piloting the ship?"

"Not Xigbar." Luxord, Marluxia, and Zexion all said at the same time.

"Thanks so much." Xigbar teased, walking in and sitting next to Marluxia. He stole some of the paper Zexion had set on the table.

"Oh, lookie" He said. "General Asshole's at it again." Axel looked over as Lexaeus looked over his shoulder.

"At least Vanguard's pretty much the only one that still hates us." Lexaeus comforted. Axel stretched his hand out and without breaking a sweat, burned the picture of Vanguard in the paper in Xigbar's hands. Xigbar raised his coffee to toast Axel's efforts.

"I'll drive." Demyx muttered meekly. Marluxia looked at him.

"You can drive?" He asked. Demyx nodded.

"Well, then. Why don't we give him a chance? If it's okay with the Superior." Lexaeus announced.

Suddenly, the Superior's voice came over the loudspeakers.

"To the gummi hangar immediately; everyone." Xigbar cheered.

"Good morning, Radiant Garden! Here we come!" Demyx laughed.

The gate in the gummi hangar was open, as always, and a boy was sitting on its edge, dangling his legs over the side. Someone approached him from behind.

"Good morning, Roxas." Namine chirped. Roxas looked back and smiled. Namine walked up and sat next to him.

"We leave today." Roxas sighed. "Finally." Namine's smile faltered.

"Can I not change your mind about going to Twilight Town?" Roxas shook his head gently.

"Don't worry; we'll visit each other. You know, you could always come with me." Namine giggled.

"No, I'm going with Kairi and the others. The Destiny Islands sound like a fun place. Besides, it sounds like you have a bit of soul searching to do at Twilight Town."

"Yeah." Roxas cooed. "I do."

"Lovebirds!" The two looked back. Xaldin was calling them. Everyone was boarding the ship, and Xigbar leaned out from the doorway of it.

"Unless you want us to run over you, you'd better get on!" Xigbar taunted. Roxas laughed and got up. Namine followed, and the two ran onto the gummi.

"Good morning, sleepy head."


Sora sat up in bed, sleepy and yawning. Rubbing his eyes, he looked up to Kairi, who was leaning over the bed to him. She was already dressed and cheerful, at this time in the morning? Sora looked at his clock. Okay, so it wasn't so early anymore. 11:00 was still pretty early.

"Hmm." He grunted, rolling over.

"Get up!" Kairi pleaded, pulling on his blankets. Sora groaned and held tight to them.

"Uh." Kairi groaned. "Hey! Somebody! Sora won't wake up again!"

Footsteps came down the hall and a person appeared.

"Wake up, Sora." The boy commanded, pulling of the blankets with ease.

"Go away." Sora swatted at an invisible person. The boy laughed.

"No." He said. Kairi smirked as the boy swung Sora over his shoulder.

"Hey! Tidu!" Sora complained.

"Come on, now, you can't have Roxas and the others waiting." Tidu grinned, setting Sora down outside his room. The brunette glared at him.

"How can you be younger than me and taller than me?" He sobbed angrily. Tidu just laughed as Kairi walked out and pointed down the hall.

"Let's move, little boy."

Radiant Garden shone brightly with light and peace in the morning hours as the sun danced up to afternoon. Leon wiped his brow of sweat and stood to glare at that very sun, though that didn't do him much good.

"Hey." Someone called. Leon turned to see a sandwich thrown at him.

"Figured you were hungry." Yuffie smiled as Leon examined the sandwich as if it could be toxic. Striding over, Yuffie plopped down on the bench behind Leon, swinging her legs and humming happily as she unwrapped her sandwich.

"You're happy." Leon commented with a smirk.

Yuffie jumped up onto the back of the bench, on the thin back of it, and threw her sandwich at Leon's head where it hit with a harder sound than would be thought with a peanut butter and jelly.

"OF COURSE I'M HAPPY!" She yelled, grabbing her thermos and throwing it at his head as well. Noticing this was metal and much heavier, Leon hit the deck, cowering with his hands over his head like a sissy girl. I would never have pictured Leon as a sissy girl…

"Demyx is coming today!" Yuffie cheered, leaping up, and in doing so, pushing the bench back. In doing that, since the bench had been on the edge of the side looking over the next district, the bench crashed down, bouncing down the stairs with a bunch of clangs.

Sora, Tidu, and Kairi happened to walk out of the apartment complex Sora stayed in just as that happened. Hearing the clangs, all three turned to see the mass of metal and shattered wood hurtling towards them, and screamed before turning tail and running away.

Leon, eyebrows twitching, watched as Yuffie danced at the thought of Demyx coming, and watched as Sora, Tidu, and Kairi raced away from the bench.

"Another morning at Radiant Garden." He sighed as he reached out for his sandwich. Suddenly, Yuffie stood on his hand.


"Why?" Leon complained. "Man, Yuffie, PMS much?"

Leon died.

Okay, Leon didn't die, but Leon experienced much pain. He might have died if Sora and Kairi hadn't escaped the wraith of the bench and come to his aid, Sora helping Leon run away, and Kairi calming Yuffie down by complaining with her about "stupid men".

As this occurred, Tidu chuckled and walked away, off to enjoy whatever was left of the morning.

With a stretch of his arms, Tidu sat out in the Dark Depths, his green and blue eyes watching the castle Hallow Bastion. He was still very much a loner nowadays, even though her death had been over two months ago. It was still fresh on his mind. But he had gained many friends in losing his mother figure. Even so…

"I need a mother right now." Tidu sighed. "I miss you, Tsukikage."

Xemnas was glaring at the mirror. As the gummi ship traveled, he sat in his room, just glowering at the piece of glass in front of him. Or maybe he was glowering at the mirror image of Xehanort before him.

Yes, the body of Xen that had been given to him had not yet been replaced by his old body. He had hoped there would be a way of going back to normal, but so far, there was none. With a sigh, he rubbed his temples.

"Sir, we've arrived." Xaldin told him as he walked by the door. Xemnas smirked; he could've guessed they had arrived from the shouts and cheers coming from the other rooms. With a chuckle, he stood; but not before taking the mirror and setting it on his desk face down.


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