Three Months Later

Serene quiet drifted over the small, sunny island, with only the waves making any sound. It was a cool, early morning, the sun barely over the horizon. With a yawn, he stepped out into the light, blinking sleepily.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, the boy grinned, looking out from the play house over the island. With an affirmative nod, he raced down the sand covered, wooden path, heading back towards the sandy beach.

He wore black combat boots, not suited for the beach, but very much his style, with short, cargo jeans, ripped and frayed. A white tank hung loosely over his chest with the words, Ihtan dra Mekrd uv dra Cih, the name of a relatively new band. It was Al Bhed for, "Under the Light of the Sun", and the shirt had the face of the leader singer, Yuna, displayed on it.

Yawning, the red head stretched his arms over his head, and dropped them with a sigh. As he watched intently the waves, he failed to notice the presence coming up behind him.

"Morning!" Jumping a bit, the boy rolled his eyes and turned lazily to the girl behind him.

"How can you be so up in the morning?" Axel asked, looking down with an annoyed look.

"Related to Sora, remember?" Aisu reminded him, shrugging her shoulders. "Speaking of, he told me to come get you. We're about to leave"

Blinking, Axel scratched his head. "Uh… for what?" Staring at him blankly, Aisu blinked, hoping Axel would come to his senses. Seeing as he was Axel, he did not.

"You really don't remember?" Aisu complained, shaking her head. "Today is the first intergalactic meeting, to try and get all the worlds out of each other's throats. Ever since the door to light was opened, it's been chaos, what with everybody running around like chickens with their heads cut off."

"Oh yeah" Axel muttered, thinking back. "Riku did say something about a meeting at the end of the month"

"It's at Twilight Town" Aisu told him, turning to walk away. "We've got to stop by Radiant Garden first, so we're leaving early. Come on, everyone will want to say goodbye"

Rushing off across the sand, Aisu stepped up the dock and prepared her boat. Axel watched her go with a sigh, and shrugged his shoulders. Looking down to his palm, the boy concentrated. Closing his eyes, Axel clenched his fist, trying to channel anything. There was a buzzing beneath his skin, but he wasn't sure if it was working, so he tried harder. Pressing his nails into the skin of his palm, Axel groaned angrily, trying to make it work.

"Axel?" Opening his eyes, Axel looked ahead. Aisu was staring at him strangely. "Are you coming or not?"

Sighing, Axel scratched his head, and ran after his small friend. His disappointment in summoning a dark portal did not faze him for long, because though most of his power had faded in the light, Axel could still feel fire in his veins.

The two crossed the water to the main island, watching as all sorts of people raced about. Children giggled and ran around freely as mothers and fathers watched them, speaking to one another joyously.

"Today is the day"

"Good luck to our ambassador"

"I hope those people calm down"

"Have you heard of that one world? Already declared war!"

Axel did not like the whispers he was hearing as he walked behind Aisu, headed towards the train station. It was true that many worlds, once they had been freed, began to talk of working together, and of peace, but many others were also uneasy, very disturbed. Many had problems within their own borders, and were responding violently to outsiders. A few worlds had threatened war, but few had actually declared it.

Grabbing her back pack from the stoop of her house, Aisu walked back over to Axel. The boy watched her with wide eyes. "Where do you think you're going?"

"With you" She told him plainly, not leaving any room for argument.

"Hey – hey!" Axel complained, running after her. "This isn't a vacation; it's a dangerous political mission. You shouldn't come"

"I have to" Aisu grinned, mocking the boy as she raced down the sand path. "I've been named Destiny Islands' ambassador"

To say Axel's jaw dropped was an understatement. To say he stared after the girl dumbly as she sauntered away would also be a bit of an understatement. When he did recover his senses, mumbling under his breath as he raced after her, brushing the sand off of him from where he'd fallen in shock, Axel caught up and put his hand on her shoulder. Sure in his own mind of her protection around him, Axel felt better.

"What?" Aisu muttered, rolling her eyes. "You think that I have to have your approval before I go anywhere?"

"Hell yeah" Axel told her, winking. "Can't leave without me, heh?"

Axel ceased his movement and fell to the ground again as Aisu walked on, holding dearly to his inner thighs. Sauntering away smugly, Aisu ignored his further mumbles of moody women with good aim.

"All aboard!"

The two raced up the stone steps as the train gave off a hoot, preparing to leave the station. "Wait!" Aisu called, hauling her bag after her as it slipped off her shoulder. "Wait!" Axel raced up behind her, taking hold of her waist to hoist her along.

"Hey!" Surprised by the sudden change in altitude, Aisu stared at Axel dumbly as he ran up the steps with her on his shoulders. Shrugging, the girl threw her backpack at the attendant as they came close, and jumped to her feet at the station.

"Made it!" She grinned, smiling at Axel as he heaved. "Thanks"

"Heh… whatever" he smiled, giving her a saucy look. When she walked by him with no response, Axel's eyes dropped as he glared at her walking away.

"Not even a proper thank you" He muttered, brushing himself off. With a sigh, the boy nodded to the attendants and sauntered on board, looking for room on the Astro train.

"First stop, Radiant Garden, please sit in your seats, we will be leaving the Destiny Islands momentarily" As the loud speaker blared over the noise of the passengers, Axel looked for where Aisu had disappeared to.

"The ambassador's cabin is in the back, sir" One attendant told him. Nodding, Axel stepped through the door to the second room, and then past that one, until he found the private cabin in the back.

"Axel took you long enough" Aisu smiled innocently.

"No thanks to you" He grumbled, smirking. "I had a hard time navigating that crowd. Not all these people are going to the summit, are they?"

Axel directed this question to the three who were sitting with Aisu. The first, dressed in a white button up, sleeveless shirt, and a short skirt with knee high stockings, answered him. "A lot of people are concerned about what's going on right now" Kairi smiled, brushing her ponytail off her shoulder. "Most of them are at least stopping at Radiant Garden to watch the summit on television."

"Here on the island, you can only hear it on radio" Riku added beside her. He wore a black cloak over his white tank top, with blue jeans and his usual sneakers. Smiling, he nodded a good morning to Axel. The red head gave him a mock salute.

"So, how are you feeling, boy?" Axel asked, sitting down in a chair with his chest to the back, legs on either side. "Still foggy?"

Sora sighed. "I don't remember everything from the battle, but I know who I am and stuff. I just don't really remember dying, and all that."

"Not necessarily a bad thing" Axel commented, shrugging. Sora shrugged as well, his arm draped around Kairi's shoulder.

Except it means you don't remember asking Kairi to marry you, Axel thought with a sweet sigh, shaking his head.

Sora was dressed in a black tank top, with white belts across it, and his usual blue pants, though they were old and torn. His shoes had duck tape on the bottom, and Axel smiled at the memory of one of their mock battles where he'd accidentally melted part of Sora's shoe.

"Well, it'll come back eventually" Aisu commented, sipping her drink. The others seemed to agree.

"I can't wait to see everybody" Sora grinned, looking out the window as they took off. You could see the islands far off, and the sea, even the clouds as they disappeared and the train flew into the sky, flying across it on the green train tracks.

"It's been a few weeks since we've split up, I wonder how they're doing" Riku commented, his eyes watching the stars.

"I can't wait to see the babies!" Kairi commented.

Axel blinked. "Wait a minute" He muttered. "Not baby? Babies?"


It was a stalemate. The two were staring each other down silently, like the old gun fights of the west. One, eyes determined and dark, held a small spoon in her hand, with an apron around her waist. Grasping the spoon tightly, the girl sighed, never taking her eyes off of her opponent.

As her opponent swung happily from side to side on the hanging lamp, he cooed.

"All right" Yuffie muttered, positioning her feet. "Come on, baby, come to Yuffie, come on"

The blonde baby boy sucked on his finger happily, his hair crazy on top of his head. He was an adorable toddler, though much too old for his age. It was believed, due to his half human linage, he grew much faster than anticipated, already the size of a fourteen month old baby, when he'd only been alive for three months. As the swing swung back and forth, Yuffie watched patiently.

Leon happened to walk into his office at about that moment, a sea salt ice cream in his mouth, looking over his paperwork. His eyes became wide and sea salt drooled down his chin.

"Uh… Yuffie?"

"Quiet!" She shushed him. "He senses fear"

Leon looked at the girl with a strange glance, taking the ice cream out of his mouth. "Uh… who, Yuffie?"


Glancing from the chandelier as it creaked and Yuffie as she stood staring at it very intently, baby food dripping off the spoon onto her hands, Leon gave Yuffie a funny look.

"The baby?"

At just that moment, a blonde blur went between Leon's legs, and the man gasped, falling onto his back. Yuffie grimaced, taking her eyes off the light and the baby boy. Just then, the boy cooed as the lamp broke, and he went plummeting to the floor.

"Baby!" Yuffie screeched, looking from one to the other. Leon gasped and grabbed the blonde who'd run between his legs, just as Yuffie ran just in time to catch the boy.

As the lamp crashed and fell to the ground, Yuffie groaned, holding the baby tightly. It drooled on her shoulder, adorable and chubby.

Sighing, Leon looked at the chubby, blonde baby girl in his arms. "These twins are too much trouble" Laughing a bit, Yuffie sighed and took the spoon towards the baby's mouth. At that moment, she realized all the food had dripped off it. Sighing, she tossed the spoon angrily away.


Gasping, Yuffie chuckled nervously as Leon wiped baby splatter off his cheek, the spoon having stabbed his eye. "Sorry, Leon!"

The girl cooed and patted at his cheek, giggling at Leon's aggravated look. Sighing, Leon shook his head, cuddling the girl towards his chest.

"You are quite the troublemaker, little Vex."

Vixen, nicknamed Vex, simply smiled, giggled just as innocently as she looked. Yuffie groaned, quite tired of caring for them.

"I've been up since six!" She sighed, standing up, holding tight to the boy, who suddenly had a surprised look on his face. "Here! Your turn!"

Shocked, Leon looked from baby to baby as they sat cooing in his arms. The slam of the door woke him up. "Yuffie? Yuffie?"

The baby boy reached out for his sister, laughing. The two began to play as Leon sighed heavily, feeling very helpless as his ice cream melted in his hands.

Suddenly, Leon looked up, hearing a roar down the hall. "Leon! Squall Leonhart, get your ass out here!" Chuckling slightly, the man hoisted the boys into his arms as he stood, and attempted to open the door with his foot.

Instead, it slammed open, knocking him back onto his back. Vex cooed, thinking it was funny, but the boy bit his tongue, which surprised him. Crying, he pouted loudly.

"Damn it!" Cid complained, helping Leon to his feet. "Sorry man!" The elder man took the boy into his arms gently, smiling down at him. "Come on, its okay, it'll be okay" The baby boy smiled a little, calming down. "Come on, smile for Grandpa Cid!"

"Rin won't be quiet for anyone but you and his mother." Leon commented, looking at the baby boy Rin. Vex reached out for her brother with a smile.

"Come on, man, we've gotta leave, Sora and them are already here!"

Surprised by this news, Leon looked helplessly around his office. "I'm not ready"

Sighing tiredly, Cid plopped baby Rin back into Leon's arms.

"Hell neither am I! If we're temporarily moving into Twilight Town, I've gotta pack all my shit – in twenty minutes man! So get busy! Move it!"

Stomping out, Cid raced back to his garage, leaving a dumbfounded Leon with two hyper babies.


The speaker sounded all around Radiant Garden, which was crowded more than usual due to the summit.

"Anybody who wants to live to see the light of day had better get their asses in my garage in two minutes; we've got packing to do!" Pausing, the mike cracked as Cid leaned back to it. "That means you, Vincent!"

Groaning, the man turned over in his coffin. "I'm sleeping in" He muttered.

At the call, the members of the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee leapt up, rushing from their posts crazily, realizing their lives may well is really on the line.

Leaping from her place at the phones, Rikku leapt towards the door. Forgetting to remove the headpiece from her ear, Rikku was quickly introduced to the floor. Grumbling under her breath, Rikku removed the phone and ran, crazed, looking around to make sure Cid wasn't on her tail.

It was hard to scare a man like Cloud, but Cloud knew Cid well enough. Almost tripping over himself to get dressed, Cloud hopped towards the door as he pulled on his boot. It was smashed back into his face as Auron walked by in a booze induced stupor, slamming the door shut and out of his way.

Paine mumbled under her breath as Yuffie dug through the treasure chests in her room, attempting to decide what to bring with her, and what to leave behind. At the moment, she had six chests full of things she still wanted to bring with her.

"Hurry up, or Cid will kill us!" Paine dodged as a book flew towards her head, and then a t shirt. As Yuffie threw more junk over her shoulder looking for something, she mumbled incoherently. "What?"

Leaning up, Yuffie spoke. "I said, I'm not leaving until I'm packed!" With that, she threw a toy boat over her shoulder, and Paine had to hop to avoid getting impaled.

Cid stood stoically, arms crossed behind his back as he paced the garage. Grumbling randomly, the man awaited someone's arrival.

The first arrival was announced with many slams of metal on metal, a girlish scream and a terrible screech as something broke. Not even looking to see who it was, Cid checked a name off his list. "Mornin, Rikku!"

"M – Morning" She mumbled, rubbing her head. "Whoa!" She whispered, trying to see clearly. Somehow, there were three Cid's staring at her, and that wasn't scaring her as much as it should.

The next was Cloud, followed by Yuna and Paine, and eventually everyone. Cid watched them with hard eyes, glaring almost as he steamed. The last to enter was Leon, pushing a wheelchair. Everyone looked back at the sound of coos and baby giggles.

The two children were sitting in their mother's lap as she was wheeled into the room with a smile on her face. "Good morning" Ariel spoke weakly. Leon nodded to his men.

Rikku saluted Ariel and Leon very seriously. "Good morning, sir, lady, babies" Vex cooed, but Rin was staring at the girl like she was dumb.

"Everyone's here" Cid muttered, looking about. "Except…"

"Vincent said he won't get up" Tifa mumbled as she yawned and stepped into the room. "Oh, and Sora's outside, asking what's taking so long"

This broke Cid's last bit of sanity. Grasping one of the many laptops in the room, he thrust it at Auron, who was very drunk; so drunk he sort of stood there as it smashed into his face, crackling and breaking. "Quick! Pack shit!" Cid chanted, panicking as he looked about, trying to see what he could pack.

Everyone began panicking, even Yuna. "Auron?" She asked timidly, a bit shocked. The man was drooling.

Sora stared dumbly at the sight before him, as Axel's mouth dropped open. "What the hell?"

"Looks like they slept in" Riku joked, watching. "Leon told me they're moving their base for the peace talks, but it looks like their base isn't packed"

As soon as he saw them, Cid sped over, grasping Sora's arms tightly.

"Pack shit!" He screamed, thrusting a wrench into his hand. Sora fell to the floor under the weight of the item, groaning. The group sort of stood there, and Cid stumbled in his words, very red faced. "Pack! Now!"

Now as panicky as everyone else, Riku, Sora, Kairi, Aisu, and Axel raced into the room, beginning to freak out as well.

Thinking fast, Cloud carved a hole in the floor, so that they could easily access the train station that was beneath the tower they stood in. Cid thus began stuffing things into boxes and throwing them down the hole, as many others ran into other parts of the castle, grabbing clothes and other items.

"Box of heavy shit!" Cid cheered, sliding it into the hole. Someone below screamed like a sissy girl as it slammed into the ground.

"Pillows!" Yuffie cheered, tossing them down.

"Paper work!" Leon mumbled, setting the box into Cloud's hands. He passed it to Auron, who was still drunk. The man stood for a moment, the box in one of his hands, and he stumbled to the left. He tried to catch his step, but didn't and ended up falling into the hole with the box.

"Uh…" Cloud muttered. He decided he didn't know what happened to Auron.

"Clothes!" Tifa tossed the box into the hole.

"Food!" Sora tossed the box into the hole.

"Vincent's weapons!" Perhaps the largest box yet was slowly moved towards the hole, and many below began to try and run away.

"Vincent's clothes!" A very small box mainly stuffed with cloaks was tossed into the hole by Riku.

"Vincent!" Even as screams came from the coffin that had been chained shut, Cid laughed evilly and tossed the long box down into the hole.

"These people are nuts" Axel muttered, shaking his head.

To aid the group below the hole in moving all the packed items onto the train, Sora leapt down, with Riku by his side.

Cid tossed the boxes and items down to them as they were pressed for time. Aisu loaded a box and ran back, looking up to Tifa.

"When does the summit begin?" She asked, taking a box from Tifa.

"It's already begun. We sent Yuna on ahead; she's one of the lead ambassadors of the summit." Tifa grunted as she passed down some tools to Riku, and the boy walked past Aisu as they talked. "Spira is a large world, Yuna has been charged, as its religious leader, to speak for our part of the colony."

"Colony?" Sora asked, walking to the hole. Cid passed a box down to him, shouting, "Kitchen shit!"

"Each part of the universe has been named part of a colony" Aerith answered as Tifa ran back to Cloud. "Our colony consists of Gaia, Radiant Garden, Balamb Garden, and Spira. A few smaller worlds are in our colony too, and it's been named Fantaji-ketteiteki."

Sora tossed his box back and Aisu took hold of a stack of sheets. "Fantaji-ketteiteki?"

Smiling Aerith nodded. "I came up with that myself. I think it fits"

"What's it mean?" Sora asked dumbly as Aerith walked away. Aisu shook her head, smiling.

"It means, Final Fantasy" She smiled as she walked back to the train.

Cid began tossing at an increased rate. "Baby stuff!"

Riku caught it with a grunt as Cloud ran up and shouted, "Girl stuff!"

Hurrying faster, Leon tossed a box over Cid's head and walked off, and after it flew over him, Cid leapt up and threw something down at Sora. "Chicken!" He shouted.

"Chicken!?" Sora asked, totally confused. He caught the chicken dumbfounded and it pecked his eye, even as the box Cloud had thrown hit him in the face.


Finally they were on their way, headed towards Twilight Town on their own train, so full of people and things that no one else really fit. Cid sat sweating, smoking a cigarette in the back. Everyone was glad he'd calmed down, and everyone knew it would happen eventually. As angry as he could get… the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

So, the man put out his cigarette and took the kids, baby Rin and baby Vex, gladly, his heart melted at the sight of them.

"So cute" Kairi sighed, watching Rin reach up for Cid's nose. The man laughed happily, and Vex giggled in response.

"He's a good man" Ariel smiled from her spot beside Kairi, her face looking older, and weak. It was almost as if she'd been without sleep for a while, lines, and dark bags under her eyes.

"When do we get to Twilight Town?" Sora pleaded, very hyper and alert. "I have been there in forever! Not since…!" A terrible silence fell on them. Sora had almost said his name.

"It's been a while, definitely" Riku muttered, breaking the fragile soundlessness. Kairi sighed, turning her dark eyes to the far window.


"We're here!"

Leon smiled out at the train station, looking around the bright light world that was Twilight Town, in all its serenity. Leaping out, he began sauntering away quickly, looking from side to side as if searching for someone.

"Hey, leader man!" Cid called, watching him. "Where ya going?"

Smiling back, Leon waved. "I'm going to find someone"

With that, he disappeared down the train station steps, out the door, and into the light.

Twilight Town was crowded, but with the right directions, easy to navigate. The many paths under the city had been enhanced, along with extra tunnels built around a new area called Down Town. The Down Town area was the most populated area, the place the summit was being held. It was a large dome, out over the peaceful city, with the Train Station Tower in view on the horizon.

Ducking into a side path, Leon walked past a child on a skateboard, smiling at the world around him. Life was peaceful, as women shook their laundry and laid it out to dry, and police units walked about to keep the peace, as many trains pulled in with visitors from all over the worlds.

A figure stood alone in the crowd, a white hood over her head, a small cloak draped over her back. Leon smiled at the female form, and sauntered through the crowd, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Rinoa" He asked, as she turned to him.

Pulling the hood down, Rinoa revealed her deep eyes and the terrible scar on her cheek. Leon smiled at the sight of her, sighing slightly. "What?" Rinoa smirked arrogantly. "You didn't think I'd come?"

Rolling his eyes, Leon shook his head with a small smirk. "I knew you'd come. Just wasn't sure I'd find you"

His arm draped down hers, until they took each other's hands. "I would've found you sooner or later" He whispered, brushing his forehead against her hair as they began to walk. Disappearing into the crowd, the two happily wandered towards the summit, not really caring if they reached it at all.


"Well, we're here"

Balloons floated in the sky as inspirational music played along the streets of the city. Lifting his arms above his head, Sora grinned, happily dropping his bags at his feet.

"Hey, those have got to get to the summit, pick em up" Cloud told him, kicking the back of Sora's shoe lightly. Sora stuck out his tongue.

"I don't want to go to some stuffy meeting, I'm sure Leon'll tell me all about it later! Can't I just go… run around?"

Riku rolled his eyes as he walked up and patted Sora's head. "After the meeting, we'll go to the parade. Everyone will be there we'll see Hayner and them then"

"I don't wanna" Sora groaned, even as Kairi laughed at him.

They all walked down the steps of the station, leaving Sora standing at the top, arms crossed, pouting. Laughing at him, Tifa looked up and waved him down. "Don't get left behind!" She chimed, watching him from the corner of his eye. Huffing and puffing, Sora groaned loudly, pulling his back pack off the floor and haphazardly onto his shoulder.

"Man… I don't wanna!"

As he realized his friends were disappearing into the crowd, Sora groaned and ran after them. "Wait for me!"


The summit was a large dome, built for sports and speeches, large enough for hundreds in the stands, plus thousands behind the walls, talking to people from across the stars, people of many different kinds and races.

The Al Bhed of Spira, with their technical know how and kind demeanor, were easily appreciated within the social circles, and this was new for them; they were very use to betrayal and pain when it came to acceptance.

All around, races of variant looks and powers intertwined, some willingly and eagerly, others forcedly and nervous. It was a massive honor to attend the meeting, to listen to those from different worlds who would speak.

Yuna sat behind the curtain, at the balcony where she would speak. A small bedroom, designed in the very style of her home Spira, was there, and she sat before the small mirror, taking in her look. She was dressed beautifully, truly like the High Summoner of Spira. Smiling a bit, Yuna turned the mirror so she could not see herself.

"What?" The woman walking in chuckled. "Not satisfied?"

Smiling up, Yuna shook her head. "Its fine, Lulu" The woman was dressed in very much Lolita fashion, with many belts, and black, dark colors. Dark make up covered her face as she sauntered over to the curtain, pulling it back an inch.

"They're ready for you to begin the summit" Lulu whispered as Yuna began brushing through her hair. Sighing, she set the brush aside.

"It feels like four years ago… almost all over again" She smiled slightly. Chuckling, Lulu leaned against the wall with a faraway look. "Walking out onto the balcony with the four of you, having left Auron and … Tidus behind"

"They were never left behind, nor forgotten" Lulu reminded her in her very motherly, strong tone of voice. "They choose to leave us, if only because they had to"

Nodding, Yuna stood, closing her eyes. With a sigh, she nodded, and clenched her fists. "You can do this" She whispered, smiling slightly. Lulu walked up behind her, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Ready?" She asked. With a curt sigh, Yuna stepped towards the balcony, where two warriors pulled back the curtain for her to speak.

Chosen as the first speaker of the summit, all attention was on Yuna as she sauntered out onto the balcony, down the steps towards her pedestal. All was silenced as she stepped out, everyone taking in her awe inspiring beauty.

"Good afternoon" Yuna spoke clearly into the microphone, placing her hands on the pedestal politely. "My name Is Braska Yunalesca, the High Summoner from the world Spira"

"I come before you with a request. I do not beg for peace or mercy, or for bargains. I have had too much experience with all of them to know that they do not last."

"I ask you to listen. I have a story I must tell."

All was captivated, with hundreds from hundreds of worlds hanging on to the beautiful woman's every word. Any world you can imagine? It was there. And each one sat silent before her, truly listening to her words.

"The people of this story changed the worlds as we know it, eventually leading to the peace we have now; no, this is not an uneventful time. But it is peace. If you doubt me, I will tell you of war; of war, and of sacrifice. And of death."

A small tear fell down the angelic woman's pale cheek, and her green blue eyes glanced up at the sky. Birds flew, cawing above, their wings stretching towards the sea green sky.

"Once I step down from this pedestal, you need not listen to me ever again. But please, I beg you" Tears fell freely from the young leader's eyes. "Do not dismiss their sacrifice, which they gave for all of you"

Down in the crowd stood a tall blonde human, who was smoking a cigar. The vampire beside her smiled serenely. "Alucard?" The woman asked.

"My master?" Alucard mumbled very quietly.

"You are free to go" Sir Integra whispered, slipping the cigar into an ashtray beside her seat. Smiling a bit, with his fangs very easily seen, Alucard sat beside her. She watched him, a bit surprised.

"I think I will stay… master" he whispered, smiling to the ground.

Looking down from the sky, Yuna's eyes fell downward, and she clutched the stone tightly. Her eyes became very determined.

"Cloud Strife, of the world Gaia"

A blonde with strong, vivid green eyes, his sword just and true, his heart wavering in all directions like the wind. His eyes unreadable, his mind… far away. In the Clouds.


Sora groaned shaking his head. "I can't believe I lost them!" He complained, kicking a rock. Rolling across the ground, it hit a nearby fence.

Behind it, giggles and laughter came, and the sound of running of feet. Sora watched some older aged teenagers run by, seemingly rushing home from school.

"Hurry up, slow poke!" One cat called.

"Don't call me that!"

"Come on, Sora!"

Sora blinked. Had he heard that right? Shaking his head, the boy turned to walk away, having caught a glimpse of Axel waving in the crowd. But, when he turned, another blur ran by on the other side of the fence. The boy was a blonde, about his height. Sora's head spun back around. What was so familiar? And why his name?

"Sora! Hurry up!"

This time, Sora turned, and he saw Axel calling his name. The red head looked confused. Sora looked from the now silent gate, and then Axel. Without a doubt, Sora dropped his bag and began to scale the gate.


"Squall Leonhart, born of the world Radiant Garden, raised on Balamb Garden"

Brown hair, curved and waving like water, with dark eyes staring deep into the soul. A sword that is not a sword, a gun that is not.

Never faltering in his determination and his dedication, though he perhaps didn't always know where to go.


"Sora?" Axel muttered, rolling his eyes. Slinging his back pack off his shoulders, Axel threw it at Cloud, and ran off without a word.

"What's with him?" Riku asked.

"Sora ran off" Cloud muttered, also confused.

The two watched with wide eyes as Axel quickly scaled the gate, turning to run uphill after Sora.


"Jecht Tidus… a dear friend of mine, from the world Spira"

His blue eyes were always dreaming, reaching towards a goal, and his face always bore a smile, even in battle. Just like his namesake, Tidus shone down on all of us with light, almost as bright as the light of the sun, but never as blinding. He could show us the way.


Sora wasn't quite sure what he was doing. His feet seemed to know better than he, so he trusted them, racing across the cobblestones and back streets of Twilight Town. Every once in a while, he'd catch a glimpse of white clothing, or blonde hair.

"Sora!" Axel was calling after him, but Sora couldn't afford to slow down, somehow. "Wait up!"

Gasping for breath, Sora leapt over a cart, and down into the city streets. He could see the blonde haired boy disappearing into the crowd, and as he cursed, Sora tried to push after him. But he was disappearing quickly.

"Come on Sora!" It was not he that was being called, but the other Sora. Who was that boy?


"… Xehanort. A man without a true name. A human found almost dead on the edge of Radiant Garden."

"Of these four, two are supposed dead, one having disappeared for over four years now. I remember the day he left us… it was much like this. Only hours after his disappearance, I stepped out before my people to speak.

I begged them do not forget the people dead and gone, or the dreams faded away. Of you, I plead the same. Do not forget these people who've died to save us all. Don't let their dreams of peace and prosperity die!"

With one last quick glance around the stadium, Yuna opened her eyes again, and spoke.

"Think of me what you will, a heathen, a half breed, a fool; but listen to me. This story is important and I will only say it now.

I will not rip my heart out twice."


Sighing sweetly, Aisu collapsed onto the hotel bed with her bag, happy to be resting. As she ran by the girl's room, Rikku slid to a halt.

"Yuna's speaking!" Rikku grinned happily. Her grin faded a bit. "Oh, and Sora's gone! Bye!"

As she ran off, Aisu sat up in surprise. "Sora?" She asked.

Standing, the girl stepped out to the window, where she could see Yuna standing, tall and strong.

"No doubt you've already started telling them everything" Aisu whispered. The girl turned to walk away, but she found her hand wouldn't leave the glass door. Her eyes flickered back. With a sigh, she took hold of the door handles, and cracked them open.

"These four stories wind into one, four intricate tales that have become legends in our parts of the universe. My friends and I have come to call them the Final Fantasies."

As Yuna spoke, Aisu leaned against the glass door, a tear falling down her cheek.

"Do them justice, okay?" Aisu asked, smiling a bit. "I'm sure they're smiling down on you, holding your hand."


Sora sighed heavily as he lost the boy in the crowd, desperate to find him. There was no sight of him, and with a sigh, Sora realized he was far from the summit and very lost. Rubbing the back of his head, the boy tried to find anyone he knew.

"Sora!" Axel called behind him, looking at the boy with strange eyes. He was carrying Sora's back pack, and passed it to the boy. "What was that?"

Sora looked out over the crowd his eyes scanning the far horizon. "Just a … memory I suppose" He closed his eyes, watching the image of the blonde boy running away slowly, fading into the crowd. With all his heart, he'd hoped it had been… but it was only a memory. Sighing, Sora shook his head, wondering what'd got into him.

Concerned, Axel placed a hand on Sora's shoulder. "Don't worry – it'll be fine. Now come on – summit's already under way"

Sora nodded, turning with Axel to go.

Don't go!

Gasping, Sora almost bit his own tongue; he recognized the voice! It seemed like forever since he'd heard her anywhere but his dreams. Mouth dry, the boy whispered.


A vision of her in strange clothes appeared in his mind; a string tied shirt, with a small jean skirt, and knee high socks, a bit like what normal Twilight Town teenagers would wear. But Namine could not be a normal Twilight Town teen; she was dead.

Sora! This way!

Suddenly a flash of a vision appeared in his head, and gawking, Sora was sure he'd seen Namine standing in the crowd, waving at him in those strange clothes. She turned and began running down the pathway, disappearing from sight just like the blonde boy had.

"Wait" Sora whispered dryly, holding to Axel's arm. "Maybe it wasn't a memory"


Sighing as she leaned into him, Rinoa snuggled up to Leon as they sat on the edge of the balcony, listening to Yuna speak. The story began with the downfall of Radiant Garden, a story deeply involved in the man's past.

"Hold my hand" Rinoa whispered, slipping her palm into his. "They're only memories"

Chuckling, Leon removed his hand and wrapped it around her waist, giving her temple a kiss.

"I realized that… better late than never"


Gasping for breath, Sora felt something within as Axel chased him. A change. As his foot danced over the puddles of water, splashing the warm ground, he felt the reality of all the months past fall in on him. What would happen to everything? His reality, his world?

Everything must fade away and everything must change. But as he ran, Sora clung to the hope that nothing is forgotten, but always remembered. Steering right, Sora caught another glimpse of a blonde teenage girl looking over her shoulder at him, a light smile on her lips.

Just follow your feet, Sora. They usually know the way better than you do.

"I know" Sora muttered. "I'll just watch my feet. If I don't, I may just trip up along the way"

Breaking away from the alley and the crowds, Sora slid to a halt, glancing around. Rushing up behind him, Axel tried to slide to a halt, but slipped, landing hard on his back. Grimacing, the man stood, brushing himself off.

Sora ignored it. His eyes danced around the Sand lot, trying to see the blonde boy, or the girl who looked so much like Namine. How far was it that he could hear someone laughing, and yelling, someone calling out his name to someone else?


Hours passed quickly at the summit as questions were asked and answered, as Yuna lectured, spending the first day of the summit explaining the heartless, and the nobodies, and Ansem the Wise. Cloud heard his name appear, heard his story and the story of his god forsaken world begin to be told. Beside him, Tifa took his hand.

"It was many a hard thing you did back then" She whispered, clutching it tight. Cloud smiled a serene way towards her, shrugging his shoulders as he tried to look only at the ground.

"My decisions killed many people. But I've washed my hands of the blood. I'll keep following my own two feet"

Smiling, Tifa nodded. "I think Zack would like it that way"


Disappointed, Sora stumbled into the hotel hours later, grumbling under his breath. Axel watched him go, concerned and confused. Leon walked up behind him, having only returned from the summit, preparing to return to it momentarily.

"What's with him?" Leon asked. Axel shrugged.

"Just… I don't know. He's been running after shadows all day"

Aisu looked at her brother strangely when he collapsed face first on to his bed and did not say a word. Clutching her knees, she rocked, watching him slowly fall asleep. It was early – five thirty, and the summit would continue for four more hours. Aisu could hear the clapping, the speaking, and Yuna's words outside.

"Good night Sora" She whispered, and with that, she turned out the light, closed the door, and walked into the hall.

In the room, Sora lay still, not really hearing anything. He did not see it as a small white creature appeared faintly, bobbing beside him in the air, only to fade away a moment later.


Night had fallen when Yuna began the tragic retelling of her own story, and that of Jecht Tidus. Rikku listened in the stands, her eyes faraway.

"It's been a while since I've heard this tale" She grinned, looking to her Al Bhed cousin, a man named Rin. He smiled to her, his long blonde hair flowing in the wind.

"I don't think we'll ever hear it this way, ever again"

Yuna spoke on, her voice never failing, even as her eyes failed to keep back emotions.


It was later, perhaps only an hour, when Sora awoke again. Groaning, the boy turned onto his back, confused, and tired.

"What is going on?" He wondered.

He could hear Yuna speaking about him outside, most likely talking about the keyblade, and the battles that had occurred only so long ago. Images flashed through his mind.


"What? Not gonna go after her?" Roxas began walking away.

"No; not yet. It would simply make goodbye harder. But when she comes back…" Roxas grinned. "I won't let her go, never again."


"I'm not tall enough. We need another person." Sora sighed. Both boys looked to Kairi and Namine. Both were wearing skirts.

"Your boy, not mine." Namine insisted. With a blush, Kairi sighed, and stepped up to the boys.

"Can you see it?" Riku asked.

"I sure can." Sora joked, grinning with a blush. Namine threw a rock at his head.


"Not Truth or Dare. There are no girls; it wouldn't be fun." Saix demanded. Demyx had a sly grin on his face.

"Actually, Marluxia might disagree." The flower power boy caught the pun and leapt up.

"What was that, Blondie?" He growled. To Saix's and Sora's surprise, Demyx didn't back down.

"I said you just might disagree." Marluxia's eyes were on fire.



Laughing quietly, Sora remembered the peaceful times, but the battles were clearly defined in his mind as well. Sora wiped the sleep from his eyes, yawned a little as he stepped out onto the balcony. Yuna's voice was still crystal clear, and strong; Sora listened to it happily, part of him nervous that he and his friends were having their story told, and another part proud.

Yuna was speaking of the recent battles against the Gate to Midnight that had closed up only hours after the disappearance of … them. Sora bit his lip. He couldn't bring himself to even think of saying their names.

Sighing, the boy stepped away from the balcony, walking out into the hall. It was almost empty; there was a man down the hall, unconscious with a bottle in his hands. His ID card was missing. Sora rolled his eyes.

Out in the main hall, from which hundreds of different people came into the summit and then left for Twilight Town. Sora walked through quickly trying to avoid being seen. He tried, but Aerith watched him leave quickly and nervously as he glanced around.

"Sora?" She asked curiously. Where was he going?

Even outside at the bottom of the summit, Sora could hear Yuna's voice over everything, booming from the speakers. Was he trying to avoid hearing her, to avoid remembering? Brushing the hair from his eyes, Sora gave a deep sigh and collapsed against a bench. As night fell, the lamps came on, and the streets became more crowded with people anticipating the parade.

I wish to now, in closing, name those we've lost in these long, extensive battles. I'd like to clear the names of some of the greatest people I've ever met.

He knew who Yuna spoke of. Sora leapt up and ran away. As he ran towards the tram area and shopping places, familiar eyes fell on him.


Glancing up, Sora looked around for someone. It began to rain, so the boy had to wipe the hair out from his eyes. Standing in front of him was a tall girl with an umbrella, smiling kindly. Chuckling, Sora waved glad to see a friendly face.

"Mitsuka" Sora muttered. "I forgot, you moved to Twilight Town"

Laughing a little, Mitsuka waved. "It's been a while"


"Have you been listening to Yuna speak?" Shyly, Sora shook his head, looking to the ground. "Her words are beautiful; she's captivated a universe. I never knew you all went through so much."

Red in the face, Sora scratched his head, embarrassed to see that Mitsuka's eyes shone with tears. She placed a hand on his head, caressing his hair. Sora looked up at her in surprise.

"Be strong" She whispered, blinking back a tear. "This too, shall pass"

With that, the girl turned, waved, and disappeared into the rain.


Smoking beneath the balcony, Cid let a puff of smoke float out of his mouth. The laughter of children came from the other room as the door opened and a booming voice called for him.

"Cid! Old man, get out here!" A deep voice laughed. Cid laughed in return.


"Hey, Marlene, Denzel" Smiling down at them, Cid put out his cigarette and bent down to hug the girl, as Denzel grinned up at him.

"Hey, Uncle Cid" Denzel grinned. Cid ruffled the boy's hair and stood, looking to their guardian. Barret stood there, grinning sheepishly.

"Hey, man! What up?" he asked, pulling Cid into a tight hug. The man laughed, and protested, worrying something about a bad back.

"This been one hell of a week" Barret told his friend, collapsing into a chair as Marlene and Denzel ran eagerly from the room, looking for Cloud. "Midgar's been in an uproar ever since this world business. They don't like otherworldly shit, not after Jenova. And the fact Shinra supports all this shit ain't helping, neither."

"For once I agree with Shinra, though" Cid commented, lighting up again. "We need to get this all back together again"

"Yeah" Barret nodded, quieting. "So our kids can have a chance."

Leaning back on the railing, Cid sighed heavily, smoke spiraling into the air. It distorted his few of the stars, but as it faded, Cid smiled. He could still point out the bluish green light of Gaia. It seemed so far away.

"How long ago was it I was only dreaming of flying in the stars?" Cid asked his close friend. Barret laughed.

"Too long, man. We're gettin' old"


In a world faraway from them, it was early morning. Light flickered over the reflection pool, warming the flowers and gardens. As the monorail flew by overhead, people began packing the entrances, eager to enter.

As she sat on the monorail, one woman, wearing a trench coat sat silently looking out the window. Watching the sight of the lake and the huge circular monument beside them, the hooded woman smiled. A child beside her stood on the seat, her mother holding her as she pointed at all the people below.

Please enjoy your visit to Epcot at Walt Disney World! The speakers told them as the monorail halted and people began to get off.

The hooded girl strode off quickly, rushing down the ramps to get towards the gate. Running down, she looked left, right, before running ahead to the gate. Showing the guard a life time pass, she entered, still seemingly on edge, searching.

Beginning to walk, she passed the monuments of stone engraved with names and pictures. Soon enough, she walked beneath the white monument of Epcot, and strode into the park that teemed with life.

With a serene smile, the girl finally calmed at the sight that was before her. A man in blue jeans and a Nightmare before Christmas shirt sat on a bench across from her through the crowd. He was looking around, his hands on the back of the bench, whistling a little song as his foot bounced.

Chuckling, the woman sauntered over, removing her hood. Brown hair fell down her back, to below her shoulders. The man looked up as she approached, smiling.

"Hey" He greeted, waving. He moved so she could sit, but she did not, at first. "How've you been?"

"All right" She muttered, looking out over the water. "I've looked around, haven't found anything"

"I didn't really think we'd be able to" the man shrugged, sighing contently. "It was too good to be true"

The girl stared blankly at her friend, disappointed she hadn't been able to find a way for him to send his last regards to their friends on the outside. Sighing, the girl plopped down beside him, hands in her pockets.

"So, Vicky, how's life?" Victoria glared at her ally, even as Orpheus stuck his tongue out at her.

"I live with Tsuki and Hinode on the east side of town. Bought life time passes" She muttered, pulling hers out of her pocket to show him.

Orpheus smirked, shaking his head. "Heh, that sounds like you. I don't ever really come here. I've got a job"

"Where?" Victoria crossed her legs, watching the birds fly.

"Here and there, random things, anything that pays. You?"

"Going to school" Victoria sighed. "I've been writing a lot"

"Really?" Orpheus sat up, suddenly interested. "I remember, you would always scribble down stories as a kid. How's that going?"

Smiling down to the earth below, she shrugged. "I've got some readers, write stuff only, working on a novel. Got a penname"

"Let's hear it" Orpheus cheered, looking at her like an innocent little boy, very curious. Laughing, Victoria shook her head, hand covering her mouth.

"Such a dork" She mumbled under her breath with a chuckle. Looking up at him, she smiled. "Sulhadahne"

"… Sulhadahne, huh?" Orpheus chuckled. "Weirdo. That doesn't even mean anything"

"That you know of" She smiled, standing. Orpheus followed after her as she began walking towards the world pavilion.

"Where're you headed?"

"To Japan" She called, smirking with her hands back in her trench coat. "I've heard they've got some cool merchandise, anime, and … video game stuff."

Orpheus laughed as Victoria sauntered away without him. Putting his hand in his pocket, he felt the small round bottle he'd placed there earlier. Smiling, he pulled it out. There was a small letter inside.

Sighing, Orpheus pulled the letter from the bottle. "Looks like you'll never get to your recipient." With that, he tugged on the letter, and it fell open. Soon enough, the wind stole it, slipping it through his fingers. Smiling, Orpheus did not go after it.

With a heartfelt sigh, the man smiled and watched the letter go, then looked back to Victoria as she disappeared into the crowd. "Hey! Meanie! Wait for me!"


"Sora? Sora!"

Mumbling under his breath, the boy sat up, rubbing his eyes. "Huh?"

"What's going on with you?" Kairi laughed, shaking her head. "Running around crazy, falling asleep on the floor"

Sora looked to see he was not in bed but on the floor. He'd returned to the summit late night, after it was long over.

"Why didn't you go to the parade?" Kairi leaned over him, concerned. "Hayner and the others all missed you"

"I know" Sora sighed, rubbing his temple. "I'll see them tonight, I promise."

Confused and concerned, Kairi stood, nodding. "Are you okay, Sora?"

"Yeah" He smiled, standing. "I'll be fine"

Unsure of what to say or do, Kairi nodded, desperately hoping Sora's words were true.

"Hey guys?" Aisu asked as she walked past the open door. "Have you seen Axel? He's gone"

Sora and Kairi looked surprised. "Axel?"


Sea salt ice cream dripped down his chin, and he wiped it away. Axel took a big bite of the bar, freezing his brain. Leaping out of his skin, Axel cursed, clutching his head.

He heard laughter, and looked up. Axel blinked very confused. There was a little white thing bobbing next to his head. It looked like a floating nobody head, but cute, with little floating arms and big eyes. Freaked out, Axel tried to touch it. It shocked him.

"What the hell?" The nobody thing laughed at him. Axel blinked, very confused. "All the nobodies are dead, you can't be one of us" He told it, sounding almost as if he were telling it wasn't a nobody, and it couldn't be. The creature giggled at him.

Blinking, Axel opened his eyes, and the thing was gone. Very distraught and freaked out, Axel tossed his ice cream bar at the nearest trash can. "Damn it" he complained. "Can't even eat ice cream in peace anymore"

Don't worry Axel, she was just curious. She likes you.

Axel almost leapt out of his skin, looking back and forth around him as his hands clasped the fence desperately. "Namine?!"


The boy jumped again, turning. Sora stood behind him, looking at the red head quizzically. "What's wrong, Axel?"

"I – uh…" Stumbling, the man shrugged. "I'm not sure"

"Well, everyone's wanted back at the hotel, Yuna's back, and the other speakers are about to step up" Sora told him, sounding very tired with it. As important as it was, Axel was tired with it, too.

Suddenly, someone rushed right by them, brushing Axel. The man jumped and turned to complain, when he saw what the person looked like. He was blonde, and lean, a lot like… another person ran by, another blonde, a girl who was Kairi's height.

"Come on Sora, you're slow again!"

A third ran by on the other side of the pathway, away from Axel and Sora. The two turned in shock to watch him as he ran after the two who looked so much like Namine and Demyx.

The blonde boy was dressed in a black school uniform, a back pack at his side, and textbooks under his arm. Grinning, the boy's pale blue eyes looked across the crowd, meeting Sora's if only for an instant. His hair blew softly in the wind, a creamy, sand like color. The boy seemed to smile at Sora, almost like, how are you? Then the boy raced off after his friends as they laughed, all headed home.

Sora was breathing hard. Axel looked from Sora, to the path the blonde had disappeared down, to Sora. "Sora?!" He asked. "Was that…?"

"One way to find out" Sora told him, and with that, he sprinted down the path.

He could hear them laughing and calling ahead, almost mocking him as he ran. Grimacing, Sora pushed himself faster, desperate not to lose them.

"Ha-ha, you tripped!"

"You're such a dork, Edym!"

Edym, Sora thought.



Tears were flowing down Sora's cheeks as he grinned widely, hoping beyond all hopes as he leapt over a fallen trash can.

"Come on Sora!" The people ahead called their friend. Sora felt, deep down, they were calling him to them. "I'm coming" He whispered, almost crying. Axel was right behind him.

"Did you hear…?" He asked his voice very dry and breaking.

"Yeah" Sora grinned. "Demyx"

Rushing through the hole in the station wall, the two headed out into the forest, following the eager three. The mansion was in the distance. Hadn't it been destroyed? Yes, and rebuilt by the Door to Light.

Sora and Axel slid to a halt, Axel almost tripping over the smaller boy. Glancing around crazily, he looked in surprise, his eyes wide.


I was so happy, you were laughing

With a smile that melts everything away

"Sora, you see what I see?" Axel asked with laughter in his voice. Sora could barely nod as he took it in. The mansion was much lived in, with all sorts of things spread around. There was a clothesline spread along one side of the pathway, from statue to statue, and someone had hung boxer shorts on a flag pole they'd simply leaned against the garden wall.

From one of the open windows above, many voices could be heard. A person walked by the window, his dark hair flowing behind him, even though it was tied up, the strands flew most everywhere. "Is it just me, or does that hair look like…?" Axel grinned.

"Xaldin" Sora grinned.

Spring is still far away, inside the cold earth

Waiting for the time to sprout

Stepping into the pavilion, Sora looked in awe at everything; the vines hanging loosely over the broken pedestals, the cracks in the walls. It was such a beautiful place, mysterious and dark.

"It can't really be them, can it?" Axel asked his eyes to the ground. He wanted it desperately to be them.

For instance, even if today is painful

And yesterday's wounds remain

I want to believe that I can free my heart and go on

The pathway was longer than before, and the house larger. Sora watched the three kids running up the path ahead of them, heading towards the door. It began to open as the three stepped up the stairs.

Sora covered his eyes as the hall light blinded him, and looked back when the person at the door looked to him. He could feel eyes on him, and Axel, as they both stood like deer in headlights.

"Sora?" Axel whispered into the boy's ear.

The person at the door looked just like him. White hair, pulled back in a ponytail, red eyes dark and strong. He wore a suit, dark, tight fitting, beautiful, handsome. Intimidating, fatherly, mysterious, he was… just like him. Axel almost fell to his knees.

"Xemnas?" Axel whispered dryly, stepping ahead of Sora. The brown haired boy watched the Xemnas look a like's eyes grow wide. The sound of a thump broke the silence as the blonde boy dropped his bag in shock.

I cannot be reborn,

But I can change as I go on, so

Let's stay together always

"… Axel?" he asked, stepping away from the stairs. The taller blonde looked from Axel to the boy and back again, squinting his eyes. It was almost as if they were trying to remember.

The blonde girl smiled broadly and leapt into the mansion. "Rould! Dilan!" as she raced up the stairs two by two, she called through the mansion. Dilan heard her in the kitchen as he drank his coffee; Rould was still asleep, and rolled over with a moan when he heard Namine call his name.

"Everyone! He's here! I told you he'd come! I told you!"

Bouncing up the stairs, Namine leaned her head into the lab. "Even!" The man shrieked, dropping his delicate vile as it sprayed all sorts of things on him. "He's here!" Gasping in delight, Namine raced along the hall, heading down towards the main hall again.


The man ran up to the girl, grinning down at her. "I've heard we have visitors"

Namine grinned, gasping for breath.

"Lea's here!"

Smile only at me and touch me with those fingers

This simple desire is everlasting

I want things to be simple

Let's finally get across this sea of mournful sorrow

"Lea?" Sora wondered as the tallest blonde whispered that name. Axel blinked, looking down.

"That was my name" He wondered. "A while ago"

The short blonde grinned widely. "Lea!" Axel looked up to see the boy leaping at him, even as others headed out the door to see what was happening. They all looked like them; the close friends Sora had missed so.

"Lea!" A woman with blonde hair, wearing a short skirt and Lolita like clothing ran out. Sora's jaw dropped.

"Larxene?" he wondered. A pinked haired man on the steps looked at Sora strangely, almost like, do I know you?

"Her name's Lerean" The man told Sora, biting his lip. Why did he feel so… sad?

For instance, even if today is painful

Someday it will become a warm memory

If you leave everything up to your heart

Backing away, Sora watched as they all slowly moved from the steps towards Axel, realization and happiness dawning on their faces. A man who looked a lot like Xigbar ran out and dragged the boy into a headlock, as the one who looked just Xemnas smiled.

Sora backed away. Smiling serenely, sadly, happily. Namine watched him, her head tilted in confusion.

Sora backed away. As they all laughed and rejoiced, he backed away, out of sight.

I understand the meaning of our living here

It is to know the joy of having been born

Let's stay together always

Pushing through the happy, joyous crowd, Namine looked concerned, headed out into the forest after Sora. "Sora? Sora!"

The blonde named Sora watched her go. Why was she calling his name? And why…? Looking ahead, he saw her following the brown haired boy as he left the forest. For some reason, he looked very relieved, and yet very sad.

"Hey" Looking up, the blonde saw Lea standing in front of him. "The name's Axel. And I think there's someone you need to meet"

For instance, even if today is painful

Someday it will become a warm memory

If you leave everything up to your heart

Sora sighed and strode out of the wood, back into the crowded, cramped city. He felt stifled, dark, and yet so relieved, so refreshed. Letting his arms out of his pockets, Sora gave a deep sigh.


Looking back, Sora gasped in surprise as the blonde girl leapt and wrapped her arms around him, tightly, refusing to let go. The boy gasped, looking very surprised.

"I missed you" She whispered, crying a little. Sora looked shocked, and bit his lip. Slowly, he placed his arms around her.


Axel came out of the forest, followed by a long line of people. As the crowd looked at them all, Axel glanced around, and smiled.

"Come on, guys" he told them, placing a hand on the blonde boy's shoulder. "I have people I need you guys to see" Grinning, he looked to the sky. "I know you'll love them"

Sora glanced nervously at the blonde boy. The blonde blinked, confused.

"… Sora?"

"Yeah" Sora nodded, letting Namine go. The girl smiled up at him, taking his hand. She pulled him towards the blonde, who looked very nervous. Placing Sora's hand in the blonde's hand, she stepped away.

"Welcome back" Sora whispered. The blonde looked up, eyes light. He seemed to be remembering something.

"Its… good to be back" He whispered.

"So, what should I call you?" Sora asked with a grin. The boy smiled.

"You can call me Roxas"


Edym leapt through the crowd, leaping on the small brown haired boy. Grinning and laughing, the others followed him, as Roxas, Namine, and Axel backed away, watching with laughter.

Stepping out of a nearby store, Kairi gasped at the sight. Riku stood beside her, smiling knowingly.

"Makes sense" He smiled. "For everything must return to light" Kairi looked up at him, her eyes wide. Glancing back down, she gasped and dropped her bags, running towards the group.

"Namine! Roxas!" She called, laughing and crying, arms wide. Namine spun around and gasped, as Kairi wrapped her arms around her happily. Riku laughed, picking up the red head's bags. Slipping his hand into his pocket, he pulled out his cell phone.

"Leon?" he asked, looking around. "Yeah, it's me. Hey, I think we're gonna need some more food when we get back. Yeah, Sora picked up some strays off the street."

"But don't worry; I think you'll like em."

I was so happy, you were laughing with a smile that melts everything away

Spring is still far away inside the cold earth waiting for the time to sprout

I cannot be reborn

But I can change as I go on, so

Let's stay together, always


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