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Summary: A Christmas story about Danny, Sam and a huge party…nothing but fun right? Right…or at least, fun for me. I know it's a weird time for a Christmas story but I just wanted to write it.


At the Nasty Burger Sam and Danny are sitting at a table, alone.

"Danny!" Sam screams. She had been in the middle of a conversation about Christmas when-of course- Paulina walked by. As soon as he saw he had stopped mid-sentence and began to drool. "God…could you ever not do that?" Sam says, annoyed. He doesn't even hear her, that's what makes her say what she says next. "Do you think that for once you could look at me like that?"

Murphy's Law decided that Danny should hear that-or at least that's what Sam blamed it on- Murphy's Law. It had always screwed her. Even when she was little, she would be eating toast and accidentally drop it on her mother's new rug and it would always land jelly-face down. It was some cruel kind of irony she decided that had made Danny turn around at the exact second that she had said that.

Naturally, Clueless One didn't understand what had said. "What are you talking about? I wouldn't look at you like that I was looking at her like a-" Danny was interrupted by Sam's angered reply

"-Goddess? Yes Danny every one knows that that is how you were looking at her. Honestly Danny…" Sam trails off, upset and embarrassed at the same time.

"No Sam, that's not what I was going to say. I was going to say that I was looking at her like a slab of meat. Also, I do look at you like that just in a passionate way not just a gross way." Sam looks pleased so Danny continues. "Sam you are ten times more beautiful than Paulina and way smarter. You're also my best friend so I know you in a way that I wouldn't ever even want to know Paulina.

Sam smiles and blushes. "Well thank you Mr. Fenton. Can we finish our conversation though?" Danny nods. "Good. So…this Christmas, even though I don't celebrate it, my parents are throwing a huge party. She said that I can invite who ever I want."

Danny states teasingly. "So naturally that means that you'll be inviting Dash and Kwan, Star and Valerie, of course you can't forget Paulina and-"

Sam hit Danny playfully on his arm. "Shut up…so are you going to go or not?"

"Duh…so are you going to invite Tucker?" Danny asks.

"Why should I bother we both know that he won't be around…he always goes on a family vacation on Christmas." Sam cringes at the idea of a family vacation.

"True…so it's just the two of us then." Danny smiles at the idea of spending Christmas with Sam all alone.

"Yup…so see ya later?" Sam asks, desperate to leave before the blushing started.

"I guess so…" Danny says whining about being left alone.

"Danny…" Sam says threateningly as Danny gives her the puppy-dog pout.

"Fine. I'll call you later." Danny says, giving up and letting her leave.

Sam walks away and heads home. Little does she know, her mother is waiting for her there.


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