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Sam walks down the hall way and stops at the top of the stairs. She sees Danny and watches him staring at her every step down, she walks down dramatically slow and smiles at Danny. She turns to him at the bottom of the stares and he just stares at her with a vacant expression and she smiles at this "Hey Danny. You like the dress?" Sam spins around quickly so that the dress will fly up teasingly high and that fall back down. Danny nods, mostly because that is the only thing he can do but also that he is scared that any thing that he says will end up coming out as one of the many perverted comments that are going through his head as he looks at her.

They walk off into the kitchen and then they meet up with someone who is supposed to be Sam's great aunt twice removed but she still can't help but thinking that she has never met this woman in her life. The conversation with her was very interesting…not. The woman droned on and on about every single boring topic, for what seemed like hours.

Finally Danny made up and excuse "Actually Sam and I were just on our way to the bathroom." The woman looked skeptical considering the fact that it seemed strange that they would be going to the bathroom together but still…it worked so she was not complaining.

So…Danny grabs her arm and pulls her through the kitchen, down the hallway and towards the bathroom at a running pace, laughing the whole way. Danny drags her into the bathroom with him and throws her into the wall. Panting and laughing, he leans over her and puts his hands on either side of her shoulders on the wall. Leaning towards him, completely out of instinct she leans in and kisses him. It was innocent enough until he kissed back. About two seconds into it Danny was pushing himself against her, pushing her into the wall. They broke for air a few seconds later.

Sam asks while out of breath. "What are we doing?"

Danny states disappointedly. "I don't know Sam. I just…wanted to and I did, I'm sorry."

He looked cute when he felt guilty she noted to herself. "Don't be sorry I liked it and I started it anyways."

Danny nods and puts his forehead against hers. "I know, it felt right though didn't it?" Danny asks nervously.

Sam smiles and replies. "Which part? The being shoved against a wall just so that you can be as close as humanly possible to me part was less enjoyable than the kiss but…" Sam smiles at his disapproving look. Then she leans in and kisses him again. "It was perfect…but we need to get back to the party before my parents realize that I'm in here. Their accusations will put a permanent blush on your cheeks you know." Danny smiles and nods. They walk hand-in-hand back out to the party to begin their new relationship.


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