My Feelings Towards Fox

By Krystal

He's brave, Fox McCloud is,

We first met when he saved me on Sauria from General Scales.

Once he saved me, I fell in love immediately

I went on the Great Fox, home of the Starfox, and thanked him for helping.

He put me on the team, and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I love him!

I always have,

He's a very brave and kind leader.

I care for him. I care for him very much.

But does he care for me?

Should I ask him?

I can't

He might not treat me the same again, and keep away from me.

Falco and I don't get along very well, I hate him!

He never accepted me like Fox did.

Fox, though, breaks up our arguments, and I'm thankful, too.

Why can't he accept me?

I'd be friends with Falco if he did accept me,

But he doesn't so, no.

If there's one person I hate besides Falco, it's Panther Caruso.

Panther is a part of the Star Wolf, a band of pathetic thugs.

Panther's always flirting with me every time we meet.

It really gets on my nerves.

It's not just that he's annoying; his heart is as black as space just like the other members.

Unlike Fox, Panther doesn't care about anyone besides himself.

I really hate that jerk!

I don't deserve a self-centered person like him!

As much as I love to admit it, Fox really takes care of me.

He's always there to comfort me.

Whenever I get my feelings hurt, I just want to be inconsolable and alone.

Fox gives me the ability to be alone, that's one thing I like about him, and not Panther.

Whenever I want to be alone, Fox leaves me alone, Panther, I don't know, but I'm sure that he won't

But after I lighten up, Fox comes in and cheers me up.

He's the only one who does.

Sometimes, I like to give him a little kiss on the cheek as my thanks.

It really cracks me up seeing him get nervous like that.

Also, he helps me when I need it.

Not help me as in, helps me fix my staff when it's broken,

Help me as in, rescues me when I need it.

I get in trouble often, and it results in my capture.

Unfortunately, I'm the "damsel in distress"

But it's all worth it, Fox and his two best friends, Link and Kirby, always rescues me.

After they get me back to the Great Fox, I usually give Fox a hug,

Maybe a kiss on the cheek, too, depending on how desperately I needed him.

Speaking of kiss, I've never really kissed Fox on the mouth before.

I don't think he's getting nervous on me at all,

I think I might give him a real kiss when I actually tell him my feelings.

But, to think about it,

It would be wonderful if we did have a real kiss.

I respect Fox as a leader, of course it's in his blood from what I've heard.

James McCloud, his father, founded and led the Starfox before Fox did.

Fox's mother died of child's birth, I feel sorry for him.

But, Fox's father took care of him, Link, and Kirby,

They all lived together on the country side of Corneria, from what I've heard.

Then, when Fox was 11, James went against Andross and died.

It must have hurt Fox so much to realize that he is an orphan.

He reformed the team 3 years later and defeated Andross.

Of course 2 years later, he found me and I became a part of the team.

So, when it comes to the past, we're kind of the same,

Parents dead, traveling lives, and adventures,

But mine died when I was 5 along with my planet.

I just feel sorry for Fox's parents.

I love Fox so much!

I love him so very much!

But when will I tell him how I feel?

I don't know,

But I will try…